What is a KEF EGG?

Billed as a “ultimate all rounder”, a KEF EGG is a wireless desktop orator complement for PCs, TVs and Bluetooth devices. With a built-in amp and DAC, it’s a plug-and-play resolution that leaves minimal confusion in a wake. But a categorical clear indicate is a iconic egg-shaped design, that harks behind to prior KEF 5.1 systems such as a glorious KHT2005.

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KEF EGG – Design and Connections

These beautiful speakers are ornate in a silky Pure White matte finish. If that’s not your bag afterwards they’re also accessible in dual other colours: Gloss Black and Frosted Blue.


The alluring curves and appealing cloth grille are pristine eye candy, while a compress enclosures take adult minimal space on a desktop. The tilted branch joining a categorical physique to a stout bottom is a poetic touch.

Build peculiarity is impressive. The pithy speakers mount organisation when placed on a tabletop, with rubber pads on a bottom providing glorious grip. You won’t hear us subterfuge over that £350 cost tab any time soon.

The right orator houses a wiring and amplification, flitting a signals to a left orator by a cable. That means all a connectors are found on a right orator base, including a mini-USB pier for laptops and a 3.5mm outlay for those who wish to supplement an outmost subwoofer.

On a side, meanwhile, is a total optical/analogue 3.5mm input, dark underneath a rubber cover. It lets we bond your TV and use a EGG as a soundbar alternative, or offshoot adult non-Bluetooth unstable devices.


We’re certain there’s a good reason because this was distant from a other sockets, though it’s a tiny awkward and hull a cultured when we have a wire extending out of a side.

Four buttons on tip of a bottom control volume, submit preference and power, and click decisively when pressed. There’s also a tiny LED that glows blue for Bluetooth, yellow for USB, purple for visual and immature for a analogue input.

KEF EGG – Features

With some bid we can lift off a orator grilles and expose KEF’s eminent UniQ motorist array, that sees a 19mm aluminium architecture tweeter placed in a center of a 115mm aluminium mid/bass driver.


A “tangerine” waveguide in front of a tweeter helps dilate a drivers’ dispersion, permitting we to suffer a same sound peculiarity wherever we sit. The tweeter is vented to keep high vigour from building adult behind it.


The EGG complement boasts Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX support, while a USB tie supports hi-res audio adult to 96kHz/24-bit.

KEF EGG – Operation

Up-close control is good and easy: usually press a submit pivotal to toggle by a 4 inputs. You also get a glorious tiny remote with winding edges and a minimal array of buttons.


These embody track-skip keys and postponement buttons – that sadly didn’t work with a iPod nano 7G. Still, it’s good to see KEF putting some bid into a remote, rather than opting for an off-the-peg credit label zapper.

Bluetooth pairing is hassle-free, further a USB connection, that involves selecting a KEF as a outlay device in your PC/MAC’s sound settings.

KEF EGG – Performance

Well balanced, clear and easy on a ear, a KEF is a pleasant performer. It tickles out copiousness of top-end detail, while a plain mid-range and drum jelly all together.

What’s many considerable is how a UniQ drivers plan song as a seamless, cohesive whole. It’s ideally balanced, never permitting one magnitude rope to repress another – each component is postulated a space and time to make itself heard. That’s covenant to a KEF’s considerable transparency.


And distinct some systems that need a sold listening angle to sound their best (naming no names Eclipse TD-M1), a KEF’s soundfield is some-more forgiving.

The sound stays focused and unchanging from any position. You can happily pierce your conduct while sitting during a desk, or ramble turn a room, though any change in tonal balance.

Its wide, atmospheric soundfield is populated by ethereal detail, full-bodied voices and natural-sounding instruments. The turn of clarity is stunning, laying unclothed a outspoken nuances and perplexing percussion in Nia Andrews’ “From Here”.


Play “Electrified” by Sam Wills and a KEF’s satirical top-end creates a syncopated stroke good and snappy, while a frozen synth bassline adds head-nodding momentum. It’s a lively, enchanting performance.

Rigged adult to a TV, a complement blasts out cinema with identical gusto. Deep drum brings additional play and gravitas to movement scenes, while a strong mid-range and satirical three-way helps to plan discourse and effects clearly.

You shouldn’t pattern large neighbour-bothering drum notes, though there’s some-more than adequate abyss and punch to satisfy. Overall, there unequivocally isn’t anything disastrous to contend about a KEF EGG complement – it’s simply a enormous listen.


Should we buy a KEF EGG?

If you’re in a marketplace for a stylish, versatile and great-sounding desktop system, afterwards a KEF EGG deserves a place in your basket.

Its particular pattern is a outrageous partial of a appeal, though it isn’t usually a flattering face – KEF’s tried-and-trusted UniQ drivers broach an immersive, good offset sound that maintains a peculiarity from any position, giving we copiousness of chain flexibility.

There’s bags of detail, superb outspoken facsimile and plain drum to boot. It’s also easy to use and offers a decent operation of connections, notwithstanding putting a visual submit in a uncanny place. When a usually critical complain concerns socketry placement, we know you’re onto a winner.


KEF conjures adult a enormous desktop complement with a distinguished design, plenty connectivity and seamless, immersive sound from any source. Stick one in your basket.

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