Kenwood Scene SJM480 Kettle Review

What is a Kenwood Scene SJM480 Kettle?

The brushed immaculate steel Kenwood Scene SJM480 is not a prettiest, yet this is a vast and plain kettle retailing during around £40. Aside from a good build peculiarity it also comes with an considerable 1.7 litre ability creation it ideal for incomparable households and it can be interconnected with a relating 2-slot or 4-slot toaster.

Kenwood Scene SJM480 Kettle: Design and build quality

The Kenwood Scene kettle has an understated magnificence with some neat pattern features. The symbol that flips a lid feels plain and is integrated into a tip of a hoop where it sits flush withdrawal a lines clean. The H2O sign is orderly dark behind a hard, grey cosmetic hoop so it doesn’t spoil a steel physique and a 360 grade bottom is strong and means we can uniformly pierce it into a ideal position, possibly you’re left or right handed.

While a whole physique is done of brushed steel, a declaim is done of discriminating immaculate steel that we consider creates a whole kettle improved looking. One teenager critique is that a transparent cosmetic switch doesn’t feel utterly as plain as a rest of a Kenwood Scene. It moves left and right as good as adult and down nonetheless it does demeanour flattering when a kettle is on as it is illuminated with a tiny white LED light. On a flip side when we open a soothing hold cosmetic lid you’ll also notice that a hinges are well. Lids are a many common disaster on a kettle, after a heating component going, yet a Kenwood Scene’s should mount a exam of time.

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Kenwood Scene Kettle

Kenwood have not scrimped on a inside of a kettle either. Look inside and you’re greeted with pristine steel, a discriminating component is secluded that also means a Scene is also easier to descale than other cheaper kettles. A replaceable steel filigree attempts to keep some of a bigger pieces of limescale out of your crater of tea and it is sincerely easy to fill a Kenwood around a spout. 

The cosmetic bottom is plain and comes with stout rubber feet and a cord government complement that means we can tuck a additional cord out of sight. 

Kenwood Scene SJM480 Kettle: Performance

With a ability of 1.7 litres a Kenwood Scene kettle is on a vast side and will happily make adult to 6 mugs of tea from a singular boil. It’s not a fastest though. One litre takes 2 mins and 22 seconds to boil and a H2O comes out during a heat of 85 Celsius after a 30 second wait. That’s a tiny reduction than tea purists would like yet is in line with many kettles we’ve tested. 

As with all immaculate steel kettles we should be wakeful that a Kenwood Scene SJM480 gets unequivocally prohibited on a outward and should be kept good out of strech of children. 

Kenwood Scene SJM480 Kettle: Verdict

We unequivocally like a build peculiarity of a Kenwood Scene kettle as good as a vast H2O capacity. It’s built to final that means it’s not a best looking kettle we’ve ever seen yet tiny touches like a discriminating steel declaim and LED energy switch give it some charm. There are cheaper kettles out there yet they’re not this good made.

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