Kenwood Turin SJM550 Kettle Review

What is a Kenwood Turin SJM550 Kettle?

One of a many reward kettles that Kenwood has in a range, a Turin looks good – all discriminating steel and aloft soothing hold plastic. So many peculiarity comes during a price, however – £59.99 to be precise. For a serve £44.99 we can span it with a relating two-slice toaster. 

Kenwood Turin SJM550 Kettle: Design and build quality

The Kenwood Turin is so discriminating that it reflects all around it. Surprisingly, for such a discriminating kettle it doesn’t get remarkable or unwashed easily. Indeed it’s clearly cool to greasy fingers (don’t exam this while it’s on!). 

Build peculiarity is excellent, as you’d design for a kettle this expensive.  The lid pops open with gratifying force when we press a recover button, that is delicately dark in a handle. The lid hinges are thick and solid, suggesting it should final a good prolonged time. 

The hoop is done of soothing hold cosmetic that is both strong and provides some-more hold than we get from steel or a tough cosmetic we find on many kettles. A H2O turn indicator is cunningly secluded behind a hoop withdrawal a discriminating steel purify aside from a Kenwood logo. The indicator measures in both cups and litres creation it easy to boil usually a H2O we need.  

The Kenwood Turin keeps adult a considerable build peculiarity with a tiny cosmetic switch that has a tiny bluish-white light that stays on while a kettle is on a boil. Unlike many kettles we’ve tested a on/off switch is really plain and doesn’t pierce about during all.   

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The bottom is also lonesome in discriminating immaculate steel and is really stable. It also supports 360 grade connection of a Kenwood Turin so we can position a kettle in a approach that suits we best.

It should be remarkable that all steel kettles tend to get really prohibited on a aspect so some caring should be taken to equivocate touching a aspect once a Turin has boiled.

Kenwood Turin SJM550: Performance

The 1.5 litre ability is adequate for 5 mugs of tea, that should be adequate for many households. It’s discerning to boil too. One litre of H2O is prepared in 2 mins and 12 seconds creation a Kenwood Turin on of a fastest kettles we’ve tested. 

It also manages to keep a H2O during 90 degrees Celsius when left for 30 seconds and poured into a mug. That’s a ideal heat for a black tea elite in a UK and is aloft than many other kettles tested. 

That speed and heat comes during a price, however. The Turin is noisier than many kettles. Oddly a sound is during a commencement of a boil rather than during a finish as you’d expect. It usually lasts for a initial 30 seconds and is not too many of bother unless you’re perplexing to listen to a radio or TV or are on a phone.

Kenwood Turin SJM550 Kettle: Verdict

The Kenwood Turin SJM550 is both a good looking and well-built kettle and while it doesn’t come inexpensive it should final a really prolonged time. It’s noisier than other kettles though that is equivalent by a ability to grasp a quick boil and aloft than normal H2O temperature.

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