Kindle (2014) Gadget Review

What is a Kindle (2014)?

For years now Amazon has offering a lower-end Kindle indication for those who don’t wish to dash out £100 or some-more on an ereader. Before, this cheaper indication left out a touchscreen, instead regulating out-of-date buttons.

However, this new indication does have a touchscreen, instead blank a front light of a Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage. Here’s a thing: we adore ereaders with front lights and we strongly advise deliberation one, generally if you’re not going to worry with paper books during all going forwards.

If £109 is usually too many for your wallet, though, this elementary Kindle still provides a good experience. And during £59 it’s a cheapest Kindle ever – as prolonged as we don’t mind saying Amazon’s Special Offer adverts (it saves we £10). 

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Kindle (2014) – Design

It’s not usually tech flashiness that’s blank from a elementary Kindle, though. It is also a satisfactory bit cheaper-feeling than prior models.

Where many prior Kindles have had soft-touch rears, this one is easier textured plastic. Should we be upgrading from an comparison Kindle, we many be primarily a bit unhappy by a low-end feel.

However, inspect a tangible build closer adult and there’s zero worrying here. There’s no undue flexing to a cosmetic and there are no far-reaching seams. It does seem built to last, even if it doesn’t telegram that to your digits too well.

Kindle (2014) 7

Its pattern works good in unsentimental terms, too. The contouring of a Kindle’s behind is comfy and it’s sincerely light during 191g. That’s a bit lighter than a 206g Paperwhite.

Switching between a elementary Kindle and a top-end Kindle Voyage, we indeed cruise some people competence cite a surer hold of a cheaper model. It has a calming chunkiness of a Kindles of old, a closest relations being a 2012 Kindle Touch.

Kindle (2014) 13

This time, though, there are no buttons during all, aside from a energy symbol on a bottom. All control is finished by a touchscreen, and as common there’s no memory label container yet a 4GB of inner memory can be accessed by a Micro USB pier on a bottom.

Contrary to what some think, we can put your possess books on a Kindle, it usually doesn’t support a renouned EPUB format. And while 4GB doesn’t sound like a lot tip someone used to mechanism or phone storage, we’ve never indispensable more: it’s adequate for thousands of books. PDFs can be many incomparable than ebooks, yet Kindles are still not ideally matched to displaying them.

Kindle (2014) 21

Kindle (2014) – Screen

Part of this reduction is down to a kind of shade Kindles use. Like each non-Fire-series Kindle, a elementary indication uses an E Ink screen, and it measures 6 inches across, usually like a Paperwhite and Voyage.

However, a arrangement is behind a other models in a few respects. The many critical is one we mentioned during a start of a review: it does not have a front light.

Other some-more costly ereaders use side-firing LEDs whose light is upheld by a ‘light guide’ pattern covering on tip of a arrangement that disperses it evenly, lighting adult a whole shade area with a soothing glow. We initial suspicion of these front lights as a approach to review in bed yet a bedside lamp, yet they’re generally used all a time today as a approach to boost a vividness and contrariety of a E Ink display.

This is what you’re blank out on in a £59 Kindle.

Kindle (2014)

Greater use of front lights also worked hand-in palm with a generational change in E Ink screens from E Ink Pearl to Carta. The Paperwhite and Voyage use Carta, that offers deeper black “ink” yet rather yellowier-looking white areas, something that is negated as shortly as a front light is switched. on The elementary Kindle uses a comparison Pearl screen, usually like a aged Kindle Touch. It still looks good, yet usually in a flattering well-lit area.

Its sharpness is not as good as a Paperwhite or Voyage either. You get 800 x 600 E Ink “pixels” here, 1024 x 758 in a Paperwhite and a flattering glorious 1430 x 1080 in a Kindle Voyage. Where a Voyage’s content is “Retina” sharp, a elementary Kindle does demeanour a small reduction smooth.

Kindle (2014) 19
Text isn’t 100 per cent sharp, yet is also not bad during all

However, if you’re on a parsimonious bill we’s advise not to get too hung adult on resolution. A low-resolution E Ink shade looks a lot nicer than a low-resolution LCD one we competence find on a inexpensive inscription or phone.

If you’re meddlesome why: E Ink uses black and white (well, white-ish) microcapsules that are lifted and lowered to form a picture we see. This leaves it yet a apparent gaps between pixels we see in low-res LCD screen, where a tools that make adult an picture are indeed pinpricks of light in a sea of black.

Kindle (2014) – Software

There are several apparent compromises in a £59 Kindle, yet aside from a front light we’re happy to live with all of them. Because underneath it’s differently intensely identical to a three-times-the-price Kindle Voyage.

They share a same software, and tangible opening is remarkably similar. As ever with an E Ink device, modernise rates are distant slower than an LCD screen, yet that usually doesn’t matter when you’re reading and it’s as easy on a eyes as a some-more costly models.

We had approaching to see some opening issues, yet there in fact are none. The elementary Kindle has a 1GHz processor usually like a Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle (2014) 9

Aside from a reduce pixel firmness creation certain tools demeanour a bit scrappier tighten up, a interface looks usually a same as it does on a pricier brothers. Amazon has done scores of small changes over a years, yet if you’ve ever used a Kindle it should seem flattering familiar.

It puts your new books right during a front of a ereader, not to discuss booting right into your book, from where we left off. While we suppose many of we competence have used an ereader before, if we haven’t they unequivocally feel like a digital book, not a bad impersonation.

You’ll get adult to 4 weeks’ daily use off a assign and a Kindle offers Wi-Fi, vouchsafing we buy books yet carrying to offshoot it adult to a PC/Mac.

Amazon has also attempted flattering tough to heighten a library and services over a final few years.

Kindle (2014) 23

First, it announced X-Ray, that provides some-more information about a characters, locations and some-more in novels we read. You can usually hunt Wikipedia for terms too, yet scrupulously X-Ray’d novels have this additional information baked in. All it takes is a integrate of on-screen presses.

Then there are FreeTime, Kindle First and Kindle Unlimited.

FreeTime is designed to assistance we motivate kids to read, and lets them lane their reading. It’s rather identical to what you’ll find in opposition Kobo readers, that have such things built into a core interface.

Kindle First is for Amazon Prime subscribers, giving them giveaway entrance to one book a month that hasn’t been published yet. The Kindle Lending Library is another Prime special, removing we loan-based entrance to over 500,000 books. However, Amazon is doing a best to make a newer Kindle Unlimited raid a bad Lending Library to death, creation lend-able books rather tough to find.

Kindle (2014) 3

We can know because Amazon would rather support a many clearer Unlimited: it’s a £7.99-a-month subscription use that gives we Netflix-like total entrance to thousands and thousands of books and audiobooks. At a time of essay there are 828,292 Unlimited publications and 7090 audiobooks that work with Amazon’s nifty Whispersync for voice feature, that lets we contend swell between content and audio versions of a book, opposite devices. It’s crafty stuff.

There’s so many on offer from Amazon that it can seem a bit treacherous to start with. That said, we can simply omit all a extras, generally if we compensate a £10 to get a Kindle yet Amazon ads. What these do is to arrangement adverts – for additional Amazon services during a contrariety – when a Kindle is in standby mode. It’s sincerely inoffensive.

Kindle (2014) 17

The tangible knowledge of reading with a Kindle is as it has been in these inclination for a good few years now. You daub during possibly side of a shade to crack over a page, and can explain or demeanour adult difference or phrases with a longer press. Even these facilities are easy to ignore: 95 per cent of a time we use a Kindle as a flattering “dumb” digital book. And that’s OK.

Kindle (2014) 11

Should we buy a Kindle?

We during Trusted are large believers in a advantages of a correct ereader over regulating an LCD (or OLED) shade device to review books. And usually like each E Ink Kindle to date, a bill £59 indication is reliable, and provides a good reading experience.

There are some apparent compromises, yet in other areas we’re blissful to contend it’s really many business as usual. Despite feeling a small cheap, it’s no inexpensive knock-off.

We would advise deliberation a front-lit indication if we can means it, though. Not usually does it meant we can review in a dark, a light of a Paperwhite and Voyage also improves a prominence and notice of contrariety in illumination too.

However, a outrageous £50 inconsistency in a cost of a elementary indication and a step-up Paperwhite means this low-end indication still positively earns a recommendation. Our tip discount hunter’s tip is to check out a Refurbished territory of a Kindle area on Amazon – refurb Paperwhites can mostly be found there for £89.

Those peaceful to trade divided a elementary core (and additional bells ’n’ whistles) of a Amazon ecosystem competence also wish to cruise a Kobo Glo, an comparison front-lit ereader that can be sound for £80 online.

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It’s not peep and it’s not fancy, yet this bottom-rung Kindle still offers a really plain reading experience.

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