Kindle Paperwhite (2015) Gadget Review

What is a Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015)?

Amazon’s latest refurbish to a mid-range e-reader, a Paperwhite, doesn’t make any thespian changes to a altogether look. But, a one thing that has been softened has finished this an even some-more estimable purchase.

Taking cues from a distant pricier Kindle Voyage, a updated Paperwhite now has a high-resolution 300ppi (pixels per inch) arrangement that matches a bigger brother, a Kindle Voyage. Yet it still manages to keep to a £109.99 cost point, creation this utterly a tantalising prospect.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015) – Screen

Let’s start with that screen. At 300ppi, it’s a poignant step adult from a prior Paperwhite and a 212ppi screen. It’s still monochrome of course, so if you’ve come here looking for something that’ll hoop all sorts of media you’d be improved off looking during Tesco’s Hudl 2 or one of Amazon’s possess Fire tablets.

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The Kindle Paperwhite is all about reading, so carrying a good arrangement that’s easy on a eyes is a many critical partial of a package. Just like a prior model, a shade is still 6-inches and it’s still backlit.

While it has hereditary a aloft pixel firmness from a Kindle Voyage, it hasn’t got a distant higher automatically tranquil liughtness and uniformly distributed backlight. This isn’t that many of an emanate – Amazon is never going to move all of a top-end facilities down to a mid-rage – nonetheless we will still get a somewhat brighter light towards a reduce partial of a screen.

But, they pivotal here is a resolution. At 300ppi it’s adult there with many mid-range smartphones and tablets on a marketplace and it’s a large burst from a prior Paperwhite. The disproportion is same to relocating from SD to HD. Text looks crisper and some-more like you’re reading difference printed on paper. The new Paperwhite also has entrance to Amazon’s mint Bookerly font, that improves impression spacing with hyphenation, justification and ligatures.

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You’ll see even some-more of an alleviation with night time reading and this is where e-readers unequivocally uncover their prevalence over tablets. The peaceful backlight doesn’t means any eye strain, even when you’re regulating one of a reduce liughtness settings, and it is even serviceable in approach sunlight. If you’ve ever attempted sitting in a park during a summer with a tablet, you’ll know it frequency turns out well.

The Paperwhite still falls behind a Voyage when it comes to altogether shade quality, though. While it’s usually as sharp, there’s a tiny reduction contrariety with a cheaper indication and a arrangement isn’t flush. But, altogether this is a illusory arrangement that severely improves over a prior model.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015) – Design

Amazon clearly feels it is on to a leader with a Paperwhite design, given it has hardly altered a plans given a first-generation chronicle in 2012.

It’s still finished of matte, soft-touch cosmetic that has copiousness of reason and it’s slight adequate to reason in one palm comfortably. . There’s still a sincerely corpulent bezel surrounding a display, and while this would mostly be a disastrous on tablets, it’s indeed some-more of a certain with inclination like this as it give your fingers somewhere to rest.

The 2015 Kindle Paperwhite unequivocally is a pleasure to reason and it’s light adequate – during usually 205g for a Wifi chronicle and 217g if we wish 3G – to reason for extended durations of time though it feeling like it’s weighing your arm down.

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If there’s one thing we feel a Paperwhite could do with, it’s some page branch buttons. While a Voyage benefited from a nifty new PagePress haptic feedback complement that we desired so much, a Paperwhite requires all navigation to be finished around a touchscreen.

Now, a touchscreen is glorious – it’s sensitive, manageable and we never found ourselves regularly drumming it though any response – nonetheless it still doesn’t duty utterly as good as dedicated buttons.

Other things to consider

While we’ve got into a stroke of charging a phones each night and a tablets each integrate of days, e-readers have famously totalled their battery life in terms of months rather than days. You can happily leave it a few weeks, come behind to it and your battery will be flattering many a same.

Amazon claims you’ll get 6 weeks value of use before we even need to consider about reaching for a charger. While this competence be down from a 8 weeks it claimed for a prior model, it’s still copiousness and adequate for even a many courageous of traveller. We’ve used a Kindle Paperwhite solidly for 2 weeks – that’s thirty mins and in a morning, afternoon and dusk – and a battery looks to be three-quarters full.

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Our categorical emanate with a Paperwhite, and all Kindles for that matter, is their finish faith on Amazon’s possess services. Amazon’s book ecosystem competence be excellent, nonetheless we’d still like to be means to chuck a possess ePub files though carrying to faff around with apps like Calibre to grasp this.

This is another bizarre one – there’s still no support for audio with these devices. While Kindles used to container audio jacks and some good exegesis facilities that’d spin your book into an audio version, these facilities were discharged some years ago. With Amazon owning Audible and a association charity reduced labelled audiobooks when we buy certain Kindle titles, it seems peculiar not to let us switch between listening and reading on a same device. Yes, it is many easier to usually lift out your phone and open adult a Audible app, nonetheless there times when it would be good to now go from a page you’re reading to plugging in your headphones and continuing. It’s tiny niggle, nonetheless value mentioning.

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As with a infancy of Amazon’s Kindle and Fire line-up, there are central cases available. These are labelled during £29.99/$39.99 for a unchanging leather chronicle and £44.99/$69.99 for a ‘premium’ leather one. We’re not large fans of these cases – we many elite a origami character that was offering alongside a Voyage. They’re a tad bulky, unequivocally tough to take off and supplement an nonessential volume of bulk. The Paperwhite is a durable enough, so we’d contend a box is distant from a necessity.

Should we buy a Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

If you’ve nonetheless to get yourself an e-reader, or are usually looking to ascent from an comparison model, a latest Paperwhite is a good choice. In fact, we’d substantially go as distant as observant it’s a best all-round e-reader on a market.

Yes, it doesn’t have utterly a perfect volume of imagination extras that you’d find on a Kindle Voyage, or a waterproofing of a Kobo Aura H20, nonetheless it does all so good and during a cost that can’t be sniffed at.

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The shade is great, it’s gentle to use for extended durations of time and a Amazon ecosystem is a best around. If usually it was usually a tiny bit reduction restrictive.


The best all-round e-reader on a market, with an overwhelming shade and a cost that won’t mangle a bank.

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