Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review

What is a Kingston HyperX Cloud II?

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II aims to offer all a normal gamer would wish from a headset. It boasts large 53mm drivers, approximate sound processing, and a detachable microphone. It works with all of a vital gaming platforms, including PC/Mac, mobile, PS4 and Xbox One (with an adaptor). It even has a few oppulance touches, such as replaceable leatherette ear cushions, an aeroplane headphone adaptor and a lift case. And a best news? It costs customarily £74.99.
That’s generally good when we cruise how good a altogether sound peculiarity is, how good designed a several components are, and how gentle it is to use for enlarged gaming sessions. Sure, we don’t get wireless connectivity or active sound cancellation, yet those facilities are customarily customarily accessible on headsets during twice or even 3 times this price.
The Kingston HyperX Cloud II focuses on what’s critical and ditches all else. If we wish an affordable, high peculiarity gaming headset that works opposite a far-reaching operation of devices, a Kingston HyperX Cloud II should positively be tip of your list.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II – Design

Gaming headsets infrequently tend to be flattering gaudy, mostly lonesome in flashing lights, splendid colours and magnificent logos. The Kingston HyperX Cloud II, notwithstanding a over-the-top title, is indeed utterly reserved, generally in a gun steel pattern of a examination section (it’s also accessible in red). On a exterior, a brushed steel finish feels good, a black colour intrigue is muted, and a logos are comparatively subtle. It’s not as select as a dedicated unstable span of headphones, yet it’s not something you’d feel too ashamed to wear out on a street.
The interior of a headset is where it unequivocally shines, though. The ear cushioning is done of memory foam, while a default element is leatherette, that is a oppulance finish for a headset during this price. There’s also a set of velour ear cushions if we cite that finish, that again, is a monument on many headsets. Another good hold is a detachable microphone, nonetheless that does potentially make it easy to lose.
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The Kingston HyperX Cloud II doesn’t offer in-line controls, yet a USB sound label does. This section is concordant with PC and Mac, and processes a 7.1 practical approximate sound facilities of a headset. It also has a sincerely singular volume of controls on it for adjusting a volume of a speakers and a microphone, as good as enabling and disabling approximate sound.
It’s a quite intelligent pattern choice to put all of a controls on a USB sound card, rather than a headset itself. Turtle Beach in sold seems hellbent on putting as many buttons on a headsets as possible, that means there’s a lot to incidentally press when you’re customarily perplexing to adjust a headset. Kingston’s headset has no such problems, and it’s many some-more user-friendly as a result.
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On other gaming devices, we embankment a USB controller and customarily block loyal in regulating a trustworthy 3.5mm cable. On mobile and inscription we bond to a device itself, on PS4 we block into a DualShock 4, and on Xbox One, we need a a Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. Again, you’ll need to tweak some complement settings on a home consoles, yet it’s a elementary routine that’s lonesome in a headset’s manual. One thing that’s value observant is that approximate sound is customarily accessible when regulating a PC or Mac. On each other device, customarily stereo sound is available.
The Kingston HyperX Cloud II package includes a lot of extras we customarily don’t find on headsets during this price. There’s a lift case, an airline adaptor and replaceable velour ear cushions, if we imagination a change from a leatherette ones. Sure, a lift box is unequivocally customarily a bag that doesn’t offer many insurance for a headset in a finished bag, yet it’s improved than nothing.
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Kingston HyperX Cloud II – Audio Quality

Although a Kingston HyperX Cloud II customarily costs £75, you’d be tough pulpy to find a better-sounding connected headset during any price. The stereo sound is absolute and detailed, with a 53mm drivers providing copiousness of punch in a low-end, while also being lissome during a high-end. The headset is many matched to video games, yet it’s considerable in cinema and song too.
One of a pivotal facilities of a headset is a 7.1-channel practical approximate sound, that is accessible on PC and Mac by a USB sound card. The sound label takes any multi-channel source such as a diversion or a movie, and remixes it for a headset’s stereo speakers. The record appears to be Kingston’s own, rather than a big-name third celebration solution, such as a DTS Headphone:X 7.1 featuring on Turtle Beach’s latest models like a Turtle Beach Elite 800. However, Kingston’s chronicle sounds customarily as good, providing an accurate estimation of where things like bullets, footsteps and grenades are entrance from. We privately didn’t use this underline after a examination period, preferring a clarity and altogether peculiarity of a stereo output, yet a choice is there if we wish it, and it’s as good as any other approximate sound record on a market.
There’s sadly no active sound termination on this headset, nonetheless a sealed headphone pattern does meant that a lot of outmost sound is kept out. There is one benefaction to a traveller though, and that’s an in-flight headphone adaptor, that is intensely singular to find finished with a gaming headset.
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The vital underline blank from a Kingston HyperX Cloud II is audio customisation. Turtle Beach does this unequivocally well, charity a operation of genre-specific presets such as game, film and music, and even specific sound mixes for certain games. These are blank from Kingston’s headset, yet we didn’t quite skip them, as a default environment sounds so good. If we wish to tweak things, you’ll need to do it from a complement settings in whatever handling complement you’re using.
The microphone on a Kingston HyperX Cloud II is unequivocally good, with a sound label providing outmost sound termination and relate cancellation. The sound label also monitors incoming discuss volume, and automatically increases it if a diversion gets louder. Overall, a microphone isn’t high-quality adequate for recording voiceovers for your YouTube uploads, yet it’s good for multiplayer gameplay.
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Should we buy a Kingston HyperX Cloud II?

It’s formidable to come divided from a Kingston HyperX Cloud II yet feeling like you’ve missed something: it offers so many during such an appealing cost point, it seems too good to be true. Audio peculiarity is excellent, it has all a facilities many people would wish from a gaming headset, and it works with each vital gaming height out there.
What unequivocally tips it over a edge, though, are a tiny touches that evade many other headset manufacturers. The leatherette memory froth cushions are soothing and lush yet they can be transposed with velour models as well, while extras such as a lift box and airline adaptor are courteous and worthwhile, and frequency found on gaming headsets during any price.
Having a controls on a sound label rather than a headset is another acquire touch, while a resources of microphone facilities make it glorious for multiplayer communication.

If we were to demeanour for alternatives though, we’d suggest a SteelSeries Siberia V3 or even a Plantronics Rig Surround.


The Kingston HyperX Cloud II sounds great, is finished with facilities and has loads of good extras, creation it one of a best gaming headsets accessible during underneath £100.

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