KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

What is a KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender?

For an apparatus to broadcast itself a “most absolute home blender on a market”, you’d wish that it could behind adult that assertion. And so a Artisan Power Plus Blender does.

Housed inside a silken die-cast steel bottom is a strong 3.5 HP motor. This powers 11 non-static speeds and beat and boost functions, mobilising a 3mm-thick law blade to melt fruit, vegetables, solidified fruit, nuts, grains, ice and more, with a energetic spiral to pull reduction down.

Three preset programmes take a guesswork out of time and speed combinations for smoothies, juices and soups, while a self-cleaning duty means there’s no tasteful palm soaking required.

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender – Design and Features

Built to coordinate with other appliances in a Artisan range, a Power Plus has some recognizable pattern details, such as a retro curves of a bottom and a contingent of colours: Candy Apple, Cast Iron Black and Medallion Silver.

Its controls are likewise ergonomic and good labelled. However, it’s a jug that takes this blender to a new turn of functionality. It nestles into a removable blender jar pad, while a jug itself is double-walled so that it can feverishness soup to a piping prohibited feverishness though a extraneous apropos comfortable to a touch.

A sturdy, soft-touch hoop creates it easy to lift a jug off (it drops onto a bottom rather than rambling in) and a tight-fitting push-on lid keeps a essence resolutely inside.

There are other courteous pattern features, too, such as a energy switch during a back to forestall it being incidentally incited on, a detachable energy cable, and lift handles so a complicated bottom can be picked adult though incident.

Two crack switches on a front start and stop a speed or programmes, and give a high or low beat of speed, while a adjacent control dial twists to name a programme or speed.

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender – What is it like to use?

Given that a Power Plus has been positioned as a blender for a health-conscious, some recipes with a instructions would be appropriate. Unfortunately, there aren’t any. However, there is a transparent beam to what sequence to supplement reduction and suggested equipment to make/blend regulating any programme, such as particle toppings on beat and butters regulating a non-static speed.

I started by regulating a soup programme to mix and feverishness a precooked unfeeling and batch mixture, cooled to room temperature. Once a blender was switched on, a standing indicator light pulsed to uncover it was prepared for use.

However, selecting a soup programme with a dial didn’t start it – a start/stop switch was still required. This two-step routine presumably exists for reserve reasons.

The soup programme began solemnly to primarily clout a vegetables though shortly ramped adult to an impressively quick speed. At tip speed, it was as shrill as it was powerful.

The programme took around 5 minutes, a final partial of that slowed down to concede a essence to settle and revoke froth. The jug was cold to a touch, nonetheless inside, a soup was prohibited and steaming. Even better, a coherence was noticeably well-spoken and silky, with no snippet of a vegetables or a sinewy consistency.

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

Next, we attempted out a smoothie programme, creation a fruit and unfeeling smoothie with ice. It started during a low speed before surpassing to a aloft one.

We layered a reduction into a jug: glass first, afterwards fruit, afterwards vegetables, finishing with ice. We kept a breach accessible in box any ice or plain equipment indispensable relocating around, though a programme blended good though it. It took reduction than a notation to revoke a essence to a consistently phony smoothie.

There were no traces of ice or plain ingredients, and a programme was reduction loud than a soup version.

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

I finished with a extract programme. This uses several variations of speed to shell whole fruit and vegetables to liquid, before finishing with a low speed to revoke froth. The programme took only over a notation to extract a 4 oranges, with durations where it was loud with quieter intervals.

The outcome was well-blended orange extract – however, it was really thick and pulpy; some-more smoothie than juice. Once it had settled, a essence during a bottom seemed some-more juice-like though we found a best formula were achieved on straining a mixture.

The beat functions valid handy, nonetheless a top-most turn was utterly noisy, as was blitzing on anything aloft than speed 7.

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender

As a Power Plus has a cleaning setting, we used this to get absolved of any traces of food. Filling a jug with comfortable H2O and soaking adult liquid, we started a self-cleaning programme. Helpfully, this is during a conflicting finish of a dial to a rest of a programmes, so that it isn’t incidentally selected.

The programme uses pulses of high speed to drive a fatty H2O to a tip of a jug; it took around 30 seconds. Once it had finished, a H2O was sloping divided and a jug rinsed. There were traces of food remaining in a crevices of a lid, though this was simply rinsed away. All a tools are dishwasher safe.

Should we buy a Artisan Power Plus Blender?

There’s no doubt that this blender can whizz by anything we put in it, creation it ideal for penetrating cooks and healthy-eating lovers.

The trade-off is a sound that this produces – it might not be a best fit for early morning or late-evening blending.

Noise and cost aside, it’s impossibly user-friendly and it’s substantially a best blender that income can buy. If lumps are non-negotiable, it’s time to ascent to this pro-style well-spoken operator.

KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender


It will dazzle we with a fibre of a smoothies, nonetheless we wish it came with a set of earplugs.

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