Kittrell Paycard Launches On-Demand Pay Feature to Improve Worksite…


InstantWage is a absolute apparatus to urge a long-term financial wellness of cardholders while during a same time assisting a staffing clients boost worksite capability and worker retention.

Kittrell Paycard, a heading provider of prepaid payroll cards to a staffing industry, announced it has total a new on-demand compensate underline to a payroll cards called InstantWage™. InstantWage allows cardholders to entrance their warranted though delinquent salary during any time instead of carrying to wait for payday.

“At Kittrell Paycard we are committed to providing a clients and their employees with a best probable resolution so we are always looking for ways to raise a product,” pronounced Mary Kittrell-Kinkaid, CEO, Kittrell Paycard. “InstantWage is a absolute apparatus to urge a long-term financial wellness of cardholders while during a same time assisting a staffing clients boost worksite capability and worker retention.”

Until now, employees who were brief on money would be forced to assign a credit card, overdraft their bank comment (if they have one) or spin to pricey payday loans. In 2015, consumers spent $141 billion in fees and seductiveness on these forms of financial services according to investigate from a Center for Financial Services Innovation.

This financial quandary is not only a problem for employees. Employers are also pang from a costs compared with worker financial stress. Employees that are disturbed about their finances are reduction productive, call out ill some-more mostly and are some-more expected to demeanour for another job.

To entrance InstantWage an worker contingency have a Kittrell Paycard. There is no cost** to a employer or time-consuming record formation indispensable to offer InstantWage to a employees. There is also no impact on a business’s money upsurge or normal payroll process. Once an employer is sealed up, all of their employees with warranted though delinquent salary are eligible. For a tiny transaction price of $5, employees can get immediate* entrance to as most as half of their warranted net wages.

The Kittrell Paycard and InstantWage are powered by Cardplatforms and a exclusive digital payments platform, Blu Box™.

About Kittrell Paycard

Kittrell Paycard is a heading payroll label provider to a staffing industry. Founded in 2005 by staffing attention maestro Mary Kittrell-Kinkaid, Kittrell Paycard distributes payroll label programs designed privately to accommodate a singular needs of staffing agencies and their proxy employees. Learn some-more during

About Cardplatforms

Cardplatforms® delivers impactful remuneration solutions to underserved populations and markets, where normal financial services have unsuccessful to yield affordable and available options. Leveraging a singular mix of attention imagination and exclusive technology, we pattern and rise white-label remuneration solutions for payroll, corporate expenses, incentives, supervision benefits, authorised settlements and word claims that are privately tailored to a needs a partners and their consumers. Our knowledge navigating an ever-changing payments landscape, total with a control supposing by a Blu Box™ record platform, allows us to entirely customize programs and get them launched faster. Learn some-more during

*Website or network tie issues might check InstantWage funding.

**InstantWage provides employers with a supports for worker InstantWage payments. All InstantWage supports and fees pass by a employer’s InstantWage Master Funding Account, so there is no net cost to a employer.

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