Knovio Live Re-Invents Multimedia Webcasting for Today’s Online World

Knovio Live Viewer Experience (Screen shot)

We set out to rethink each aspect of multimedia livecasting

KnowledgeVision Systems, a personality in intelligent media and online display technology, has combined absolute new multimedia livecasting facilities to a Knovio intelligent video platform. Knovio Live debuts this week during a Streaming Media East in New York City, and is accessible for squeeze and deployment today.

Knovio brings some-more than a dozen new and innovative facilities to multimedia livecasting and live online presentations during scale, as it supports new video standards delivering a abounding new knowledge to viewers on any desktop or mobile web browser. Yet Knovio hides that energy within a really elementary display control row that creates live programs discerning and easy to set adult and run.

Heading a list of breakthrough facilities is Knovio’s patent-pending NeverLate™ navigation, that offers webcast latecomers a choice to join a webcast in progress, to watch from a beginning, or to navigate to specific element they competence have missed, while all multimedia elements stay in ideal synchronization.

“We set out to rethink each aspect of multimedia livecasting,” pronounced KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich. “The outcome is a height that creates a synchronized video-and-slides knowledge remarkably easy to launch, manage, and repository for on-demand viewing.”

Watch a Knovio Live video (1:21) during

Knovio Live users can select to broach their video over possibly of a dual many strong and arguable tellurian video smoothness infrastructures in a world, Brightcove Live and Amazon Web Services MediaLive. Synchronization of slides, images, footnotes, navigation, and other interactive elements is achieved within a special chronicle of a Knovio web interface, that is used by some-more than 300,000 purebred users to emanate and conduct on-demand video content.

“The multiple of Knovio’s enterprise-grade synchronization with a proven scalability of Brightcove and Amazon’s AWS means Knovio Live can broach high-quality live practice to tens of thousands of coexisting viewers,” pronounced Kolowich. “That creates it ideal for such applicataions as tellurian association meetings, online news conferences and product launches, discussion and eventuality keynotes, quarterly or annual financier communications, and live sales training.”

Here are some of a facilities that collectively make Knovio Live unique:

– Synchronized multimedia spectator knowledge regardless of bandwidth or network latency.

– Universal harmony with desktop, laptop, and mobile browsers, with no additional program or plug-ins.

– Instant replay, pause-and-review (preserving synchronization)

– NeverLate(™) navigation: Late arrivals can join in swell or watch from a start

– Follow-along subject list and subject navigation

– Full support of PowerPoint charcterised slides

– Just-in-time and hot-swapped slides, to accommodate late changes

– Programmable (and user-controllable) real-time slip and video zoom

– Dynamic footnotes, calls to action, and downloadable handouts

– Instant accessibility of on-demand archived chronicle (at same link)

– Easy setup means you’re prepared to go in reduction than 5 minutes.

– Integration with Knovio Showcases

– Integrated registration, guestbook, guest lists to conduct access

– Deep viewer-level analytics

Knovio Live is accessible as a apart appendage choice for Knovio Corporate Edition comment holders, and is enclosed in Knovio Enterprise Edition contracts. It is also accessible as a per-event managed use offering, for those who cite assistance in webcasting singular events.

Visit for some-more information and to ask a demo.

About KnowledgeVision

KnowledgeVision is a personality in intelligent media origination and hosting technology. Its Knovio online video height is used by some-more than 300,000 people worldwide in some-more than 2,000 companies and campuses to create, host, share, organize, combine around, and magnitude online media and display content.

Founded in 2010 by a organisation of online media pioneers led by ZDNet Founder Michael Kolowich, KnowledgeVision is corroborated by GrandBanks Capital, Rand Capital, and a organisation of particular investors who trust in a company’s goal to move smarter video calm to each business, organization, and educational institution.

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