Kobelli Jewelry Launches GlobalShopex International Checkout and…

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Miami, Fl (PRWEB) Feb 28, 2015

Los Angeles formed Kobelli Jewelry announces a enlargement internationally with a partnership with general e-commerce personality GlobalShopex to sell their singular solid valuables products globally. Founded in a 1980s, Kobelli valuables has been carried during national retailers such as Macys, Robins Brothers, and Baxter Jewelers. With a origination of their online store, they wanted to pass assets directly on to their business both within a United States and internationally. GlobalShopex’s general shipping resolution enables Kobelli a cost effective logistics and remuneration estimate resolution to offer their products approach to consumers during a tellurian level.

GlobalShopex creates it easy for US merchants to enter a universe of cranky limit commerce by holding on full risk of rascal and chargebacks, doing all etiquette paperwork, avocation and taxation calculation and providing patron use support in a accumulation of languages. “We are really happy to be partnering with GlobalShopex to give a general business a better, some-more extensive checkout knowledge on Kobelli.com. The best partial is, business will have a transparent bargain of a avocation and taxes that tend to deter many intensity customers. With patron support in several languages, we are vehement to urge patron certainty in selling with Kobelli!”said Eyal Brikman, Director of Ecommerce.

“We are vehement to partner with a Kobelli code and yield them a resolution for their business during a tellurian level. We demeanour brazen to assisting them grow their code and e-commerce business abroad while providing rival shipping rates with a localized checkout experience,” pronounced Colleen Petschulat, VP of Business Development.

About Kobelli

Based in Los Angeles, Kobelli designs some of a many pretentious and singular solid valuables products in a world. With over 30 years’ knowledge as a manufacturer and importer of diamonds and solid encrusted jewelry, Kobelli creations operation from a classical beauty of a 3 mill ring to a many perplexing of one-of-a-kind designs, incorporating healthy imagination core and accent diamonds, several made side diamonds and truly conspicuous craftsmanship. For some-more information go to: http://kobelli.com/

About GlobalShopex

GlobalShopex is a heading provider of general e-commerce solutions for US-based online sell operators, providing cost effective solutions for retailers to enter a business to consumer (B2C) general e-commerce market. GlobalShopex’s integrations concede general business to seamlessly checkout on a merchant’s websites and boat worldwide. GlobalShopex handles a general checkout, takes on 100% risk of rascal and chargebacks, provides a sum landed cost in internal currency, general remuneration processing, patron use in mixed languages, and general shipping on interest of a sell clients. For some-more information go to: http://www.globalshopex.com.

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