Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop Steam Cleaners Review

What is a Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop?

The Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop is a bill steam mop with no frills. It’s agreeably lightweight and affordable, and it does an OK pursuit of cleaning, though a good news stops there. It’s hardly reduction bid than regulating a mop and bucket and there are some-more affordable steam cleaners that offer distant improved features.

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Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop – Design and Features

The “Electronic” in a name might confuse: after all, electricity is used to boil H2O in all steam cleaners. But a word is there for a reason: to compute it from Lakeland’s prior model, that compulsory we to laboriously siphon a cleaner’s hoop in and out to siphon steam to a mop head. That wasn’t most fun.

This newer indication is an alleviation then, and it retains a original’s categorical virtue: it’s really lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. As good as adding a steam siphon it has an surprising “back saver” folding hoop that lets we angle a cleaner down low to get underneath furniture.

There are no tools, though it comes with 3 machine-washable microfibre cleaning pads – these are prosaic and some-more simply done than some, though they do a job. It also comes with a runner glider connection to put on a bottom for cleaning rugs and carpets.

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Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop – What’s it like to use?

Setup is simple. Unscrew a top on a H2O tank and fill regulating a granted jug and afterwards switch a steam generator on. Unusually, a on symbol is on a physique of a cleaner and a symbol found on a hoop is separate to steam: instead it lets we overlay a hoop to get underneath low furniture. This looks neat though also seems a bit gimmicky – we’ve never found other cleaners to be a large problem in this respect.

Steam is prepared within half a notation though it’s not terribly powerful. It does an OK pursuit of lifting dirt from tough floors though it’s ineffectual on carpets. Also, a cleaner, finish with pad, sits on a runner glider though doesn’t indeed shave into it. This means whenever we lift a cleaner to pierce it elsewhere we leave a runner glider behind. This tiny thing is a consistent distrurbance as we clean.

Almost as irritating is a fact that a cleaner doesn’t close in a straight position if, for example, we wish to leave it for a notation when a doorbell goes. It seems to change in a right place for a second… and afterwards topples a notation your behind is turned.

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Should we buy a Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop?

No. It is affordable (sometimes really affordable – during a time of writing, it was ignored to reduction than £50) and cleans floors adequately. But typical mops do a improved job, and by a time we have set it up, this usually creates cleaning a bit reduction bid than mopping. If we wish an effective steam cleaner on a budget, demeanour during a Polti Vaporetto GO instead.


The Lakeland Electronic Steam Mop is lightweight and affordable though low on energy and features; you’re improved off with a mop and bucket.

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