Lakeland My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker Review

What is a Lakeland My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker?

The Lakeland Compact Bread Maker is an affordable tiny breadmaker that creates tiny loaves. It’s therefore good matched to a tiny kitchen and singles or couples who don’t eat many bread – a family would explode some-more than one of a 320g loaves in a singular sitting.

It’s small, white and plastic. It looks neat though inexpensive in comparison to high-end immaculate steel models. While it usually creates one distance of loaf, it has a important 11 programs for breads, cakes and doughs.

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Lakeland Compact Bread Maker

Lakeland My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker – Design

The Lakeland is small, white and plastic. Its footprint is smaller than a piece of A4 and it’s shorter than many breadmakers, too. Unusually, it usually offers a singular distance of loaf. Most breadmakers offer 3 fritter sizes, trimming from 500g to 1kg, so a Lakeland’s charity can usually be described as “extra small” by comparison. It’s smaller than many tiny loaves you’d get from a baker’s.

The controls are straightforward. There’s no fritter distance to select, so we simply collect from a 11 programs – for breads, cakes and doughs, though not jams – and select light, middle or dim crust. You can also check a start time of a programs, so that your fritter is prepared in adult to 13 hours’ time.

There are no imagination facilities such as a seed dispenser. And even a elementary facilities are a bit unsatisfactory – for example, a brief appetite cable. This is one apparatus that needs to be nearby a socket, that boundary your options in a tiny kitchen.

Lakeland Compact Bread Maker

Lakeland My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker – What’s it like to use?

The Lakeland’s controls are agreeably simple. There are usually 11 programs to select from and a singular fritter size, so it’s easy to use it on autopilot though losing lane of a quantities of any ingredient. We tested it regulating a usually wholemeal recipe from a enclosed book, that disappointingly uses usually 50% wholemeal flour and 50% white. The module took 3 hours and 40 mins for a really tiny 320g loaf. There was no rest time; it started kneading true divided – this wasn’t too loud.

Lakeland Compact Bread Maker

The ensuing fritter of bread was small, as expected, unenlightened and sticky with a unsound crumb. It was unenlightened adequate that a kneading blade got stranded in a fritter on a really initial use and indispensable retrieving – it comes with a apparatus for this. The bread done for juicy toast, and we got 12 skinny slices from a loaf. Slices were a distance you’d design from a sandwich loaf, though somewhat shorter.

Lakeland Compact Bread Maker

We also remarkable that a Lakeland isn’t as appetite fit as some breadmakers. It’s rated during regulating 530W of power, nonetheless we’ve tested breadmakers that make 1kg loaves – triple a distance – regulating reduction than 500W of power. (A kWh of electricity costs around 10p, so we competence spend 15p in electricity baking a fritter with possibly machine. So a incomparable fritter represents improved value.)

Should we buy a Lakeland My Kitchen Compact Bread Maker?

Maybe. If we have a tiny kitchen, we always buy tiny loaves during a bakers and you’re on a bill afterwards a Lakeland turns out good, tiny loaves. But for a same cost we could get a Russell Hobbs 18036 or for a small bit some-more income a Kenwood BM260 – they offer some-more programs and a operation of fritter sizes. Buy one of those and we can always select to bake a bigger fritter if you’re awaiting guests.

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Live alone? The Lakeland Compact Bread Maker is an affordable tiny breadmaker that creates tiny loaves.

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