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PARENT’S CHOICE AWARDS SAYS: This thoughtful, easy-to-use, well-designed app belongs in each pre-reader’s iPad library!

Camas, WA (PRWEB) Feb 23, 2015

Reader Bee and a Story Tree usually perceived one of 5 mobile app “Gold Level” awards from Parents’ Choice Award, a bullion customary of girl education-oriented parental and caregiver guidance. While Parent’s Choice awarded 14 Gold Level awards this year, usually 5 were for children as immature as a 3-6 year aged Reader Bee aim audience, a over-flooded though overwhelmingly unsuccessful—yet critical—early tyro market. In delivering a award, Parent’s Choice said, “Reader Bee and a Story Tree packs an extraordinary punch for a little $1.99 cost tag.” – See some-more at: http://www.parents-choice.org/product.cfm?product_id=33279StepNum=1award=aw#sthash.3fxzEMTi.dpuf.

For a initial time, Reader Bee and a Story Tree uses multi-sensory knowledge to bond sounds to letters to difference to stories in fun ways that captivate children during their possess turn of healthy training while digest them unconstrained “a-ha” moments as they fast grasp a connectivity of a denunciation and, hence, review funner and faster©. Phonics decoding—being a basis of word building—allows children, when fast grasped, to review three-letter daisy difference (CVC words). As a fun activity game, it compellingly captivates a children though a upfront coming of an exercise.

Developed by Learning Circle Kids LLC, a app uses a Apple iPad 08 handling complement to spur a letters around Wizdings,© giving them celebrity to raise a knowledge of tracing and relating behind letters for activating cranial engine ability activity centers. Until now there has never been a ability to confederate a feeling components of learning: sound, sight, engine ability activity and touch—all vicious to cementing marker and bargain of a symbols, their place in difference and their meaning. Reader Bee is not singular in regulating those though is believed to be first-ever in wrapping them into one training experience. The child’s knowledge is palpably physical, feeling and emotional. The laughs are shrill and amatory as kids correlate with a app as if it were alive and a friend.

Parents’ Choice went on to say, “In further to a children’s activities, there is a good created and user-friendly territory dedicated to providing relatives with credentials on a growth of a app, instructions on a use, suggestions for additional activities and more.” – See some-more at: http://www.parents-choice.org/product.cfm?product_id=33279StepNum=1award=aw#sthash.3fxzEMTi.dpuf.

But an combined advantage of Reader Bee and a Story Tree is minimal required parental slip since it is an easy-to-use game. Children enthusiastically welcome it fast and continuously. As Parents’ Choice noted, children welcome it for “30 to 40 mins during a time,” that is scarcely prolonged for a 3-6 year aged in education—deriving from a pristine funner and faster© diversion existence of a app. For some-more on Reader Bee and a Story Tree, see: http://www.readerbee.com/Home.

About Reader Bee and a Story Tree and a developer, Learning Circle Kids LLC: Learning Circle Kids LLC is a group of 8 including 3 developers, an illustrator, an animator, an interface designer, a Ph.D. preparation dignitary and a founder/creator story writer. For more, see: http://www.readerbee.com/team#.

Parents’ Choice Award is an endowment presented by a non-profit Parents’ Choice Foundation for “the really best products for children of opposite ages and backgrounds, and of sundry ability and seductiveness levels.” It is deliberate a attention homogeneous to an Academy Award—determined by a cabinet of librarians, educators, parents, children, scientists and behaving artists. “Gold level” is a top of 5 endowment levels for a new product. Criteria for judgments embody a top prolongation standards, concept tellurian values and a unique, particular peculiarity that pushes a product a nick above others. For more, see: http://www.parents-choice.org/.


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