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Learning.com distinguished Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 by noticing digital education teachers opposite a nation in a special competition that respected educators who learn technology. School administrators were speedy to commission a clergyman superhero during their schools who goes above and over to supply their students with digital education skills indispensable for success on online assessments, in college, and in their destiny careers.

Nominees enclosed classroom teachers, record specialists, media specialists and propagandize librarians. Heartfelt entries were created and submitted online by principals who praised their nominees’ efforts and famous a contributions they have done to a students during their schools. Comments from a winning entries enclosed clergyman achievements in integrating digital education in a classroom such as “uses a accumulation of tech collection and programs,” “embraced digital education this year with passion,” and “because of him a students are means to use technology.”

The winning educators will accept a free, one-year classroom subscription to EasyTech, Learning.com’s award-winning digital education curriculum for grades K-8. Their giveaway entrance starts Jul 1, 2018.

Congratulations goes out to these winners:

  •     Jessica Alonzo, Amerigo A. Anastasia, New Jersey
  •     Michael Brennan, Bordentown Regional High School, New Jersey
  •     Kelsie Chrisco, Cunningham Elementary, California
  •     Jessica Clifford, Visitation Catholic School, Illinois
  •     Ligia Comanescu, Logos Christian Academy, Illinois
  •     Jennifer Daniels, Willard School, Maine
  •     Stephanie Droddy, Huebner Elementary, Texas
  •     Glory Fox, St. Christopher, New York
  •     Sophie Gousset, Austin International School, Texas
  •     Josh Grosskreutz, Manvel Public School, North Dakota
  •     Gloria Harris, O’Bannon Elementary, Mississippi
  •     Kathy Hayes, Whitehall Elementary, Pennsylvania
  •     Judith Hill, Perkins Bass, Illinois
  •     Nickie Irby, N. H. Pilate Middle School, Mississippi
  •     Monica Moore, Gunstream Elementary School, Texas
  •     Teresa Pritchard, West Feliciana Middle School, Louisiana
  •     Alexandria Saclarides, John F. Kennedy Middle School, Tennessee
  •     Niki Sarver, Wadsworth Elementary, Indiana
  •     Lesa Searles, Service Valley Charter Academy, Kansas
  •     Dr. Molly Smith, Saint Joseph School, Pennsylvania
  •     David Staal, Lake Michigan Academy, Michigan
  •     Heather Vick, Casady School, Oklahoma
  •     Kristina Waara, Arvoon Township Elementary, Michigan
  •     Kimberly Zavala, Kingwood Middle, Texas

WHEN:        Winners comparison Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WHY:        In jubilee of Teacher Appreciation Week, a Learning.com clergyman superhero competition gave propagandize administrators an event to commend a clergyman superheroes during their possess schools who they see operative to assistance ready students for success in a increasingly digital world. Providing a winning teachers with a giveaway subscription to EasyTech is Learning.com’s approach of demonstrating a appreciation for a dedication, resources and creativity it takes to broach peculiarity digital education instruction to students.

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