LexisNexis State Net Launches Major Upgrades, Celebrates 50 Years of…

LexisNexis Legal Professional® announced poignant upgrades to a State Net® platform, that a world’s heading companies, associations and law firms rest on to monitor, approve with, and respond to legislation and regulation. State Net provides unmatched content, speed, and analytics, assisting supervision affairs and correspondence professionals act fast and confidently. With today’s proclamation of search, content, design, and methodical improvements, State Net extends a care in legislative and regulatory tracking and engagement.

“Government affairs and correspondence work has never been some-more complex. Professionals contingency fast make clarity of large amounts of information entrance from legislatures and agencies,” pronounced Daniel Lewis, clamp boss of product during LexisNexis Legal Professional. “The immeasurable infancy of legislation and law takes place during a state, county and city level, that requires bargain and monitoring thousands of jurisdictions. This year State Net celebrates a fiftieth anniversary, and we’ve poured those years of knowledge into modernized new program that provides deeper insights, faster results, some-more content, and cutting-edge analytics.”

State Net’s poignant upgrades include:

  • A faster cloud-based infrastructure that supports modernized analytics and serves some-more calm from some-more sources.
  • A new hunt engine that gives present entrance to a unmatched collection of legislative and regulatory content, with rarely applicable results.
  • Unique and exclusive Momentum Analytics, that helps professionals concentration their time by identifying bills that are relocating fast or solemnly by a legislative process.
  • A one-stop dashboard that enables professionals to lane all a legislation that matters to them in one place, simply saying changes, amendments, and notes.
  • Monitoring supervision activity for hundreds of a largest cities and counties.

These upgrades enhance on State Net’s devoted collection for tracking legislation and regulation, receiving timely alerts of pivotal events, and pity comprehension between colleagues and organizations.

“For 50 years, State Net has been a devoted resource, bringing pivotal insights to business, correspondence and supervision affairs leaders to make sensitive decisions,” pronounced Lewis. “With today’s fast elaborating legal, legislative and regulatory landscape, assisting a business lane and respond to issues has never been some-more important. That’s because we’re stability to deposit in a State Net height with innovative technology, good use and unmatched imagination to assistance organizations attend in supervision and approve with a law.”

About LexisNexis Legal Professional

LexisNexis Legal Professional is a heading tellurian provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that assistance business boost productivity, urge decision-making and outcomes, and allege a order of law around a world. LexisNexis Legal Professional, that serves business in some-more than 130 countries with 10,000 employees worldwide, is partial of RELX, a tellurian provider of information-based analytics and preference collection for veteran and business customers.

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