LG 23MP68VQ Monitor

What is a LG 23MP68VQ?

The LG 23MP68VQ is a 23-inch guard that costs usually £130 yet has some accessible facilities that make it a good deal. These embody an IPS row with Full HD resolution, a 75Hz modernise rate, and FreeSync. This should make it an ideal bill all-rounder that provides a good altogether picture peculiarity we pattern from IPS while also creation for a somewhat improved gaming knowledge than you’ll get with a standard 60Hz bill IPS display.

Of course, with such a low cost there are compromises, so we skip out on a height-adjustable mount and extras like a USB heart – yet for many these will be sacrifices good value making.

LG 23MP68VQ – Design and Features

Given a low price, you’d be forgiven for meditative a 23MP68VQ would have a sincerely paltry design. However, it indeed looks rather good. This is especially down to it regulating one of a new character of LCD panels – LG creates all IPS panels, so it’s during an advantage here – where a display’s bezel is half dim next a front aspect of a LCD panel’s front mirror of plastic. This creates it demeanour distant slimmer and sleeker than normal displays, where a bezel stands unapproachable of a panel.

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Along with this, a guard is sincerely slim altogether and a winding mount finishes a demeanour off nicely. The whole thing is silken black plastic, so it does uncover dirt and scratches utterly readily, yet this is standard of screens during this price.

As for build quality, a row is as groundless as many monitors, of any price. However, a mount is extremely weak. The base, that includes a ancillary steel plate, screws onto a stand’s branch resolutely enough, yet afterwards a row simply clips onto a branch around a cosmetic coupling. It’ll be excellent if we don’t abuse it, yet you’ll need to be a small clever when adjusting it and picking it up.

What’s more, that cosmetic branch is extremely some-more rootless than a stout stands we get on some-more costly displays. It’s all ideally excusable things deliberation a monitor’s price, yet it’s something to be wakeful of if you’re a complicated receptionist – a shade will teeter if you’re hammering divided during your keyboard too hard.


The other emanate with a mount is some-more to be expected, that is that it offers really small in a approach of adjustment. You can’t change a tallness or focus a panel, while rotating a arrangement left to right will usually drag a mount along with it. The usually thing we do get is a operation of -2°/15° of tilt, that during slightest means we can get a best observation angle, even if we still have to derrick your neck downwards to see a display.

As for connectivity, it’s again sincerely basic, and surprisingly backwards-looking. You get bequest DVI and VGA connections, yet there’s no DisplayPort and usually one HDMI. That creates it good for businesses looking to ascent their screens for use with comparison computers, yet for many home buyers it means we won’t have a easy choice of being means to block in both your PC and a games console or TV box.


Also blank is a USB hub, while a energy supply is an outmost one, so you’ll have to cope with carrying a corpulent adapter plug. Again, it’s all standard of a bill guard yet something to be wakeful of.

LG 23MP68VQ – Setup and On-screen Menu

The LG 23MP68VQ arrives in 3 parts, yet it’s easy to put together, with a mount requiring a screwdriver to be trustworthy to a bottom and a row writing into place on a stand. You need a screwdriver again to unclip it.

What positively helps setup is usually how light a arrangement is. At usually 3.1kg it’s easy to lift one-handed from a box, as compared to most incomparable displays that can be a bit of a onslaught to manhandle on your own.

Once physically set adult there’s blessedly small need to burst into a on-screen menus, as picture peculiarity is mostly really good true out of a box. However, we will wish to switch a Black Level environment from High to Low. Set to High, a black spin looks grey, ensuing in a contrariety of usually 297:1 – it’s a really bizarre choice to have a guard boat with such a mode incited on.

Otherwise a menu complement is easy to navigate. A small joystick symbol on a underside of a bezel controls everything, creation it easy to pierce up, down, left and right though a need to fail around for other buttons. The menus are also logically laid out and discerning to respond.


You get a integrate of useful additional modes, too. A Colour Weakness mode aims to assistance those with red/green colour blindness improved heed between those colours, while a Black Stabiliser mode creates it easy to fast adjust a screen’s gamma spin so that dim areas in games are brightened. The latter creates it easier to see enemies stealing in a dim – yet we could also usually spin adult a black spin to High for a same effect.

There’s also AMD FreeSync, that works with AMD Radeon graphics cards to extent support ripping when your graphics card’s outlay doesn’t compare a monitor. You’ll need to spin this mode on around a guard to afterwards clear a Freesync choice in a AMD driver, yet there’s no waste to doing so and it’s good value doing. Once done, tear- and stutter-free gaming is yours.

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