LG G Flex 2 Phone Review

LG G Flex 2 – First Impressions

CES 2015 has seen LG flex a mobile muscles, returning to a winding smartphone competition with a LG G Flex 2. A smartphone powerhouse with an innovative twist, a G Flex 2 is a estimable alleviation on 2013’s LG G Flex. It pairs Qualcomm’s latest 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor with a Full HD display, a 13-megapixel, OIS-enhanced camera and, of course, a curved, stretchable design.
Has LG finally finished winding phones useful, or is this array of reward components usually a approach to sweeten a novelty? we went hands-on to find out.

Watch a LG G Flex 2 hands-on video

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LG G Flex 2 – Design

As considerable as a G Flex 2 competence be underneath a hood, this handset is about usually one thing – a innovative winding physique and stretchable design.

Compared with a clunky and corpulent strange G Flex, a second-generation indication is something of a revelation. Having forsaken from a 6-inch to a 5.5-inch screen, things are now some-more manageable. Add to this slimmer bezels, a some-more streamlined physique and a reworked figure and LG is on to a winner.

LG G Flex 2

Sadly, however, a curving certification haven’t been improved. The phone still facilities a 700mm-radius bend and can usually be flexed adequate – when underneath vast amounts of vigour – to corner towards being flat.

Although LG hasn’t beckoned in a destiny with softened bendability, what a association has finished is package a strange judgment adult in device that would finally be probable to live with.

Despite a cosmetic form – compulsory for a stretchable exploits – a G Flex 2 looks great. The phone facilities neat lines, twin colour schemes – Platinum Silver and Red Flamenco – and, like a LG G3 before it, wears a cosmetic build in a quite high-end fashion.

It’s not usually visually that a G Flex 2 has been improved, either. Shrinking it down to smaller than a strange G Flex has finished it a distant some-more beguiling phone to hold. we found a handset to be reduction massive and some-more ergonomic than a predecessor.

It’s not all fever and lollipops, though. The handset’s corners are too angular, causing a tiny annoy when held. What’s more, a shimmer cosmetic finish is disposed to attracting fingerprints. It also gives a handset a somewhat sleazy feel.

The G Flex 2 weighs in during usually 152g and is between 7.1 and 9.5mm thick, depending on where along a bend we measure. Like a strange G Flex, it facilities LG’s now heading rear-mounted volume and energy keys.

Another pattern bonus bestowed on a G Flex 2 is a self-healing rear. Whether technical magic or chemical genius, a phone’s cosmetic behind possesses, like a predecessor, a ability to ‘heal’ scratches. This record has been enhanced, however, with reported recovering times slashed from 3 mins to 10 seconds.

As we competence expect, LG wasn’t penetrating for us to take a keys and coins to a behind of a latest product samples. As such, serve contrariety in a arriving LG G Flex 2 examination is compulsory before we can attest for these abilities.

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LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2 – Screen

Design innovations aside, a G Flex 2’s P-OLED shade is a visually considerable charity in a possess right. While a cosmetic substrate helps give a device a headline-grabbing curves, a use of an OLED row ensures low blacks and frail colours are achieved.

Although a equally sized LG G3 facilities a 2560 x 1440-pixel QHD panel, a G Flex’s some-more normal 1080p fortitude is still ideally ample. Text is pointy and a 403ppi picture firmness ensures images are formally detailed.

Watching a Interstellar trailer during 1080p, calm was pointy and detailed, movement liquid and engaging. Colours were colourful and full of pop, while blacks were impeccably dark.

LG G Flex 2

Contrary to what LG would have we believe, however, we didn’t find a screen’s curves finished video calm any some-more immersive or enjoyable.

While a bend doesn’t crush images, conjunction does it offer most of a visible benefit. The same row on a traditional, prosaic handset would offer an equally appreciative experience.

During a brief time with a device, we faced no issues with a reactions and response rates of a screen’s reason elements. All gestures were rubbed with suitable palliate and aplomb, with all from elementary swipes to pinch-to-zoom and multi-finger commands attack their preferred formula in a timely, fuss-free manner.

Overall, a G Flex 2’s shade is a vital alleviation over a honestly apocalyptic 720p row mercilessly stretched over a 6-inch form of a predecessor. It doesn’t set a device detached from a flagship masses such as a Samsung Galaxy S5 or a HTC One M8, however.

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LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2 – Features

What does set a G Flex 2 detached from a stream stand of flagship phones, however, is a processor during a handset’s core.

The initial consumer-available smartphone to competition Qualcomm’s energetically awaited Snapdragon 810 chipset, a G Flex 2 packs all a estimate energy it could ever need interjection to a 2.0GHz, octa-core offering. Pair this with 3GB of RAM and a phone is backing adult alongside a likes of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a Nexus 6 during a pointy finish of a smartphone specs race.

Given my singular time with a handset, we have as nonetheless been means to truly pull this CPU to a limits. Although app launches were formally discerning and we gifted no loiter or stuttering in a handset’s performance, serve contrariety is compulsory before we can entirely sing a praises of a handset’s power.

It’s not usually a phone’s estimate speeds that demeanour set to impress, either. The G Flex 2 has been bestowed with Cat 6 LTE connectivity options. This means fanciful download speeds of adult to 300Mbps will be accessible on concordant networks.

Completing a phone’s specs piece is a sizeable 3000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery. Promising some-more than a day’s use on a singular charge, this energy container also advantages from discerning assign credentials. LG has claimed a phone will be means to grasp a 50 per cent assign after usually 40 mins connected to a mains. We will exam this explain entirely in a full G Flex 2 review, entrance soon.

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LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2 – Camera

2015 looks set to be a year when smartphone cameras strike new heights and, on paper during least, LG has got a year off to a crash with a 13-megapixel charity bestowed on a G Flex 2.

The same camera section as that found on a flagship G3, a 13-megapixel sensor is extended by optical-image-stabilised and technology, LG’s high-speed laser focussing and twin LED flashes. Given a regard we heaped on a G3’s camera, we approached a G Flex 2’s camera that high expectations.

Early exam shots, however, have left me somewhat underwhelmed. Shooting in admittedly distant from ideal lighting conditions, colours were dour and cleared out, focussing was somewhat off and altogether formula did tiny to pull on from a masses.

I contingency highlight however, that a representation handset used was a pre-production indication and a time with a device was limited. Further contrariety with a final prolongation section is compulsory before we can pass full settlement on a G Flex 2’s camera

LG G Flex 2

Sadly, things aren’t looking adult around front either, and selfie lovers could be confronting disappointment. While many heading phones are now relocating to 5-, 8- or even 13-megapixel delegate snappers, a G Flex 2 has persevered with a squalid 2.1-megapixel offering.

The result, as we competence expect, is soft, flat, grainy images that miss clarification and detail.

That’s not to contend a phone’s front-facing camera isn’t yet a merits, however. In contrast, we found a camera advantages from one of a best camera facilities on a marketplace – Gesture Shot.

LG’s Gesture Shot mode was introduced on a LG G3 and it creates a acquire lapse here. Ridding we of a need to fail your phone in an try to strike a shiver symbol while holding a selfie, we can instead simply reason adult your giveaway palm – palm open – and tighten your fist. This starts a three-second shiver countdown to let we fine-tune your framing and get a ideal self-centredness shot.

In rehearse we found this underline to be liquid and flawless. What’s more, obscure a handset from a standard selfie poise – adult and divided from a physique – to your eye line kicks a accelerometer into rigging and automatically opens adult a gallery.

This elementary and effective underline is an superb concentration and is certain to have a lot of fans.

The common collection of additional camera facilities are also in tow. Panorama and dual-camera sharpened modes line adult alongside 4K and slow-motion video recording credentials. Again some-more time and a broader operation of contrariety conditions is compulsory before we can pass settlement on these abilities.

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LG G Flex 2 – Software

The camera isn’t where a phone’s program delights end, either. Running Android 5.0 Lollipop approach from a box, a LG G Flex 2’s user interface will be informed to anyone proficient with a LG G3, a Phone of a Year in a TrustedReviews Awards 2014. The company’s easily skinned UI still lacks excellence yet is a clever and fast take on Google’s widespread OS.

Pleasingly, LG hasn’t congested a G Flex 2 with all demeanour of nonessential program additions, usually for a consequence of bringing something new to a table. Instead, a few new introductions are small, elementary additions focussed on being practical, not voluptuous or buzzword-focussed filler.

While a G3’s Smart Keyboard has been serve refined, LG’s now iconic Knock On and Knock Code close shade options have been combined to with Glance View.

Cutting a need to arise a full screen, a swipe-down gesticulate can be finished during a tip of a shade to exhibit a time, date and any accessible presentation options. This dissimilar underline should offer tiny battery assets and act as a discerning entrance indicate to pivotal info.

I did, however, find Glance View to be somewhat temperamental, despite on a pre-production device.

It looks like this interface is going to be miserly on a storage space, though. A discerning demeanour in a settings menu showed that this app-bereft phone had reduction than 22GB of a strange 32GB storage ability accessible for consumers.

Fortunately a now prevalent microSD enlargement options are accessible on a G Flex 2, with LG claiming a device can support enlargement adult to a fanciful 2TB – presumption such high-capacity cards were accessible to consumers.

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LG G Flex 2 – Early Verdict

The LG G Flex 2 is an undoubted step adult from a prototype in each aspect yet one. Sadly this unprogressed member is pivotal to a phone’s being – a curved, stretchable screen. Yes, this handset has finished two-year-old record docile and appealing for a initial time, yet during a cost of innovation.

With a mass of Snapdragon 810 handsets on a way, a G Flex 2’s considerable specs piece simply isn’t adequate to clear a combined responsibility of a curves. Especially as these curves still offer few discernable benefits.

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