LG GBB530NSCFE fridge freezer

What is a LG GBB530NSCFE?

Tall, stylish and elegant, a LG GBB530NSCFE is over dual metres high and comes in a tip operation of cost bands for a 60cm far-reaching fridge freezer. This is a reward apparatus and packs in reward features, wealthy looks, glorious build peculiarity and a high-tech appetite saving inverter engine with a 10-year guarantee.

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Split with a showing in storage space towards a chiller cabinet, this is an apparatus that will fit a bustling family that mostly cooks from uninformed rather than solidified ingredients. It claims to be ultra-quiet, ultra fit and offers slicing corner record such as a LG Smart Diagnosis feature. In a eventuality of an operational problem we call adult LG’s use centre, reason your phone to a Smart diagnosis sensor, and wait a diagnosis of a problem. Overall, it’s a really good fridge freezer, yet identical distance and cost fridge freezers offer some-more fridge and freezer space during a same price.

LG GBB530NSCFE – How does it look?

There is zero normal looking about this fridge freezer. Its well-spoken pattern and neat immaculate steel finish are stylish and contemporary. The handles focus brazen somewhat as we lift on them, apportionment to mangle a suction sign on a door. This creates doorway opening flattering effortless, even when we have usually usually close them and they siphon sealed for a few seconds. The interior is intelligent and organic in both compartments and a whole pattern is good suspicion out and practical.

The high doorway has authorised LG to lift a normal divert bottle slot aloft adult a door, permitting space for a honestly immeasurable unfeeling drawer during a bottom. This bottom drawer is called a uninformed “0” Zone, charity non-static heat control depending on a food stored. LG recommends -1 degrees for beef adult to 2 degrees for vegetables. The LG’s second drawer is a Moist Balance Crisper drawer, ideal for storing fruit and veggies as it reduces dampness in a drawer that could differently make your lettuces go floppy.

Of note, all of a fridge and freezer heat controls are on a ‘roof’ of a fridge compartment, that is coming dual metres high. This means those of a plumb challenged showing will be stretching adult or grabbing a sofa to tweak their temperatures.

LG GBB530NSCFE – How most can we fit in?

With a whopping 252 litres of fridge space and 91 litres of freezer ability there is plenty space for a vast household, particularly inequitable towards chilling uninformed produce. The fridge adds one bound and 3 tractable easy-clean potion shelves to a dual sweeping drawers and 4 incomparable doorway pockets for bottles and jars etc.

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The freezer, notwithstanding removing a smaller apportionment of a accessible space, is still a large savage and has multi air-flow cooling to safeguard a quick and even solidify throughout. The 3 drawers are far-reaching and really low and can be simply pulled totally giveaway of a freezer cell if we need a some-more extensive rummage. As is common for 60cm honest fridge freezers, a bottom drawer suffers a rebate in ability to concede for a compressor on a behind nonetheless a sum ability is quoted during 91litres, that is still a lot of solidified food.


LG GBB530NSCFE – How loud is it?

As befits a reward fridge with a complicated linear compressor motor, a LG GBB530NSCFE is very, really quiet. LG’s possess novel claims 39dB of sound output, though we struggled to magnitude sounds that high during any indicate during a test.

When a compressor is using we totalled around 37dB (A-weighted to best replicate a attraction of tellurian hearing) and when a compressor is in a resting proviso a appurtenance is nearby silent. A ideal outcome and we could not wish for a quieter fridge freezer.

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LG GBB530NSCFE – How good does it perform?

The LG’s really high fridge compartment, crisper drawer and ‘0’ Zone drawer offer a accumulation of temperatures via a compartment. We set a categorical fridge to 4 degrees and a ‘0’ Zone to 1 degrees, that valid flattering most mark on.

Throughout a exam a tip shelf remained during 4.5 degrees and a center shelf 3.5 degrees both varying by usually /- 0.5 degrees throughout, that is really fast indeed. The Moist Balance Crisper drawer remained even some-more stable, gripping during around during 2.5 degrees via a exam with usually prolonged doorway and drawer openings causing brief spikes.

Similarly a ‘0’ Zone drawer put in a fast set of formula during a sincerely unchanging 0.5 degrees. The usually slight emanate here was a drop down to -2 when a compressor cycle starts, that could presumably means ice issues on really ethereal fruit. However, altogether this LG turns in a really plain and fast set of formula with good operation of temperatures for several dishes opposite a serviceable space.


In a freezer all 3 drawers averaged a rather nippy -22 degrees (set to -20), proof a efficacy of LG’s multi atmosphere upsurge cooling system. Only a tip drawer showed any poignant atmosphere heat arise by a compressor’s off-cycle. While a bottom dual drawers remained absolutely next -20 throughout, a tip pull tended to climb adult to around -16/-17 before a compressor came behind on-line to take it fast behind down to -22.

This arise would be reduced with a fuller freezer bucket than a 9kg sum for this test, so in day-to-day terms a freezer is remarkably consistent. The three-hour destroy exam did take a fee on a tip freezer drawer, rising to -6 degrees, while a reduce dual drawers were still flattering low solidified during -16 degrees. That opposite creates it a small wily to guess a food reserve time, though using on misfortune case/top shelf unfolding that would give around a 16-hour reserve extent before food on a tip shelf began to defrost. Again, a really important result.

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LG GBB530NSCFE – How most will it cost to run?

Not really most during all. Clearly a LG didn’t get a A European appetite rating by possibility since we calculate that it would use around usually 237KWh per year in normal UK domicile use, that during stream cost of electricity equates to reduction than 9p per day.

For this volume of storage and with a ability to fit orderly into a customary 60cm far-reaching opening in your kitchen, that is a winning combination. You can see a full set of formula on a LG GBB530NSCFE specs page.

Should we buy a LG GBB530NSCFE?

It’s a really proficient and fit fridge freezer, though a LG GBB530NSCFE is not a initial choice in this category. Though it performs awfully good and is easily designed, a storage space is smaller than competing models. The Samsung RL60GZEIH, for example, is another two-metre high fridge freezer though offers 32 litres some-more fridge space and 21 litres some-more freezer space. The LG uses reduction power, though a disproportion usually amounts to around £10 per year.

If you’re not too fussed about additional storage capacity, meanwhile, we’d suggest a Haier A2FE635CFJ. The Haier offers identical storage space though is 10cm shorter – so it’s easier to entrance a tip reaches – and is £100 cheaper during stream prices. We also adore a Haier’s crafty freezer drawers – that don’t have an outdoor doorway covering them – and a stylish design.

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A well fit and easily designed fridge freezer, though rivals offer some-more space during a same cost or less.

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