LG GMM916NSHV Review

What is a LG GMM916NSHV?

The commanding LG GMM916NSHV is a overwhelming 4-door fridge freezer with immeasurable chilling and solidified ability done even some-more useful by a engorgement of innovative storage solutions. A lift symbol operated door-in-door underline gives present entrance to frequently used apparatus in a fridge and inside offers sloping baskets, lift out salsa carriers, folding shelves and accessible additional space pockets. The LG’s freezer is no reduction well-appointed with easy-pull drawers and shelves, along with a dedicated stay-fresh storage box and 6 sweeping doorway pockets.

This indication uses LG’s top-spec linear compressor engine with a 10-year guarantee, offers mixed LED lights in both compartments and is finish with hold supportive digital controls on a sensuous immaculate steel front. To offer maximize storage ability there is no on-board ice/water dispenser (which mostly robs fridge or freezer space) creation this LG ideal for a biggest of families or a many brave of cooks.

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LG GMM916NSHV – Design

At over 90cm far-reaching and 180cm high with 4 doors, a LG GMM916NSHV will be a focal indicate of your kitchen. The excellent immaculate steel finish was unequivocally good during facing finger prints and a touch-sensitive control row is finished in steel-colour to match. Touch a row and a row indicators light adult in transparent blue and spin off automatically when we have finished adjusting a controls.

The handles are inset in a bottom of a tip doors and tip of a reduce doors, finished in resisting black and charity a immeasurable area to grab. The tip right palm doorway to a fridge sports an surprising button, discretely finished in chrome. Press this and an outdoor doorway pops open to exhibit an array of doorway pockets, tractable pockets and shelves.


For furnish like milk, juice, butter and other frequently used items, this allows discerning entrance to your bland furnish though vouchsafing too many cold atmosphere out of a categorical fridge compartment. The ability of these doorway pockets are tighten to a tiny fridge in their possess right, so there is copiousness of space for a far-reaching accumulation of cold goods.

The copiousness of space thesis continues on a inside with a 4 categorical doors opening to exhibit whopping fridge and freezer compartments. Each offers a immeasurable array of transparent cosmetic bins, drawers and containers along with both firm and folding potion shelves.

The additional space pockets that lay in a bottom of a fridge (below a doorway pockets when closed) are a talent thought and we found these pockets became a go-to space for spreads, eggs and bacon. This purify looking interior is bright with LED lighting to a sides and overhead, a liughtness of that would not flaw a football stadium.

Side LED lighting is also deployed in a freezer compartment, that offers a best storage options that we have seen in any indication we have tested to date. Designed some-more like a fridge, a judgment is all about palliate of entrance by a operation of drawers, shelves, doorway bins and a dedicated enclosure with sealing lid for solidified sharp or disorderly apparatus with ease. The freezer outfitting is finish with a freestanding turn and offer ice maker.

For palliate of transformation a whole appurtenance is on easy-glide casters and can be sealed into position with a dump down feet. If we like to get behind your fridge to open purify this is a good feature. If we gave a apart measure for ‘design’, a LG would frisk home with a gentle 10/10 in this respect.


LG GMM916NSHV – Storage

It competence indeed be easier to contend what we can’t fit in it! With a 400-litre fridge space and 200-litre freezer, a LG GMM916NSHV is scrupulously immeasurable in comprehensive capacity. Yet a genuine beauty is a approach LG has maximised each block in. of a space in both a fridge and a freezer compartments.

In a tip section, a huge doorway pockets have been designed to take all your bottles, jars and cans and there is a dedicated salsa carrier. This pulls out totally so we can take your condiments and salsas true to a worktop or even a cooking table. The right palm has a preference of a possess pockets and entrance to some of a apparatus stored from a outdoor door.

There is so many transparent transparent cosmetic we indeed have to start stuffing it adult to see where we can put some-more stuff. The left doorway offers dual immeasurable normal doorway pockets and an innovative tilt-out uninformed food basket with vented bottom tray and steam control, ideal for all those half-chopped vegetables.


There is a full-width bound shelf over a dual immeasurable ability salad crispers in front of that are a aforementioned additional space compartments with shifting potion lids. The 4 remaining shelves are bound during a behind and cantilevered, creation them unequivocally easy to lean and pierce position. One of these folds behind on itself for storing taller bottles should we unequivocally not have adequate room for bottles in a doors pockets!

The multi atmosphere upsurge cooling vents and replaceable atmosphere filter take adult a small bit of space in a fridge though guarantee even, odour expelling cooling via a compartment.

Down in a freezer, a title 200 litres of storage is bolstered with a good brew of drawers, trays and shelves and 6 immeasurable ability doorway pockets. These are distant incomparable than a common ‘small items’ doorway pockets and offer available storage and easy entrance to frequently used apparatus though have to rummage.

This indication also comes with a cosmetic enclosure with sealing lid to store a far-reaching accumulation of solidified products though inspiring other food in a compartment. The turn and offer ice builder binds a good integrate of trays value of cubes.

LG GMM916NSHV – Noise

Linear compressor motors are inherently still and we had to put a ear opposite a GMM916NSHV usually to check it was operative to start with. During a day a exam trickery has an ambient sound around 40dB, identical to many domestic kitchens, and a LG did not register on a equipment. Waiting until a passed of night we hardly purebred some-more than a ambient 38dB credentials noise.

Interestingly, a LG’s compressor cycle is about an hour prolonged however a cooling proviso – a bit where a compressor is using and creation a sound – is hardly 15 mins in each hour. When a compressor is not using for a other 45 mins per hour, a LG is totally silent.


LG GMM916NSHV – Performance

Loading adult a LG to 0.5kg of furnish per 10 litres of fridge space and 1kg of solidified food per 10 litres of freezer space took a immeasurable Tesco’s emporium in a possess right and we’re not wholly assured what we are going to do with so many peas.

In a freezer, we also placed 2 litres of room heat H2O to copy fresh-to-frozen cooling. With heat probes in a pivotal places, we set a freezer to -18 degrees C and a fridge to 4 degrees C, and ran a LG over dual days. During that time we non-stop a doors around 6 times per day, mostly observant things like “wow, that is a lot of peas”.

The LG’s linear compressor engine and air-circulation cooling is unequivocally fit during fast dropping a temperatures in both a fridge and a freezer. This had a unequivocally certain impact in a fresh-to-frozen test, a GMM916NSHV solidified a two-litre room heat representation to -18 degrees C in a unequivocally quick 14 hours. This remained positively spot-on -18 degrees C for a rest of a two-day test. The tip dual shelves in a freezer averaged -17 degrees C over a exam and bounced between -15 degrees and -19 degrees over a hour prolonged compressor cycle. The reduce drawers averaged -18 degrees +/- usually one degree. Perfect.

In a three-hour destroy exam all freezer spaces showed a solid arise in heat of +8 degrees on a tip levels of a freezer, +7 on a reduce and + 6 in a solidified food sample. This would make LG’s explain of a 12-hour appetite destroy insurgency usually about on a extent of a food defrosting (going above 0 degrees) and we would advise 10 hours would be a safer gamble for assent of mind.

In a fridge a brief compressor cycle and air-flow cooling demonstrated utterly a ‘peaky’ temperature, nonetheless a normal heat on each shelf or drawer was good confirmed and unchanging via a test. The tip shelf averaged 5.5 degrees +/- 1 grade and a midst shelf was during 4 degrees C, also +/- usually one degree. The salad drawer confirmed a nearby ideal 4 degrees C during all times with unequivocally small movement indeed. A text result.

LG GMM916NSHV – Running Costs

With ‘only’ an A+ appetite rating and 455kWh per year remarkable on a appetite tag we would pattern a LG GMM916NSHV to cost around £70 a year to run. However, try as we competence by creation certain a exam room was during 18-19 degrees C and that we were opening doors frequently as partial of a new pea-based diet, we could not get a LG to use some-more than 1.1kwh per day – or usually 401.5kWh per year.

That would move a estimated using costs down to around £60 per annum during an normal appetite cost of 15p/kWh. Hot kitchens and some-more visit opening would boost this of course, though given a perfect ability and flexibility of this LG, that is a unequivocally good outcome indeed. 


Should we buy a LG GMM916NSHV?

You will need a immeasurable kitchen and low pockets to accommodate a GMM916NSHV and a miss of an ice/water dispenser might put some off. However, if we are looking for limit fridge and freezer space, few models can contest with a LG’s immeasurable ability and impossibly storage versatility.

It is liberally sparse with good pattern touches and innovative features, too, and a commanding looks inside and out make for a initial category pattern matter in a kitchen. Its superb opening and impressively low using cost usually strengthen a feeling this is LG during a tip of a game.

The usually choice we would suggest looking during is a Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase. It too has a intelligent “door in a door” design, though has a built-in H2O dispenser as well. And if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, conduct to a round-up of a best American-style fridge freezers.

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An superb four-door fridge freezer that will pleasure a many dedicated foodies.

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