LG’s Watch Urbane LTE Is A Smartwatch That’s Also A Phone

LG has denounced a 4G-enabled smartwatch that allows we to use all a facilities of a smartphone though indeed wanting one to function.

Unlike a Asus ZenWatch, or a LG Watch Urbane, a Urbane LTE does not run Android Wear, instead it facilities LG’s possess wearable handling system.

Along with 4G, a Urbane LTE comes with NFC permitting for mobile payments though a smartphone. It’ll also use a LTE connectivity to yield Push-To-Talk ‘Walkie-Talkie’ communication between dual Urbane LTE watches.

lg watch amiable lte

Similar in pattern to a G Watch R, a Urbane LTE has been designed not to reinstate a smartphone, though simply to use a LTE connectivity to boost a functionality of a smartwatch.

This includes voice translation, creation and receiving phone calls as good as featuring a panic symbol that can call a pre-determined puncture series if we get into trouble.

Urbane LTE is also a extensive aptness and sports tracker, with dedicated apps for running, golf and more. Despite a increasing effort LG claims it’ll still duty as an always-on watch, with a association suggesting days of standby time.

lg watch amiable lte

It’s also been given a waterproofing diagnosis and while it’s not entirely waterproof it’ll tarry a shower, complicated sleet and even a occasional dump in a puddle.


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Juno Cho, boss and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said: “This smartwatch breaks new belligerent with a world’s initial LTE connectivity and a real-watch styling of a high-end complicated classical watch. It embodies a philosophy,innovation for a improved life.”

There’s no word on pricing or a recover date though with a Apple Watch approaching and a operation of new smartwatches approaching from rivals it’s expected to be earlier rather than later.

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