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Luther Jackson Middle School

The inhabitant foe supports educators’ efforts to build a certain enlightenment of readers in a propagandize environment. More than 380 7th and 8th graders review over 150,000 pages for a sum of 12,591 minutes. Students competed opposite 22,000 peers from 1,210 U.S. schools to place 2nd in a nation.

Luther Jackson Middle School, in a Fairfax County, VA Public School System, has won 2nd place in a Great Reading Games, a inhabitant reading foe designed to support teachers to motivate K-12 struggling and non-readers to review 20 mins or some-more a day.

The Great Reading Games is a signature reading rendezvous foe offering by Learning Ally, an preparation record nonprofit, formed in Princeton, NJ.

The inhabitant foe aims to support a school’s efforts to build a certain enlightenment of readers in a propagandize environment. A digital leaderboard marks and highlights a array of pages students read, and how many students review in a school. Winning schools, teachers, and students accept Chromebooks, present cards, headphones and esteem packs.

Luther Jackson Middle School has a schoolwide importance on building disciplinary preparation with a staff dedicated to improving students’ reading skills. This year, some-more than 380 7th and 8th graders review over 150,000 pages for a sum of 12,591 mins in a seven-week competition. Students competed opposite 22,000 of their peers from 1,210 U.S. schools and districts to place 2nd in a nation.

Chad R. Lehman, Principal during Luther Jackson Middle School, said, “Our students and staff are intensely excited, proud, and respected to be famous by Learning Ally as a tip performer in a 2018 Great Reading Games. This is a initial year a students and staff have employed Learning Ally as a apparatus to support students who are operative to urge their preparation skills and rise a adore of reading. Learning Ally has significantly increasing a volume of time students spend reading and has led to a aloft turn of rendezvous with a curriculum. Our teachers and students brought their “A” diversion to a reading foe and won!”

Top Student Winners

Two students during Luther Jackson Middle School will accept tip honors. Qais Sakaji won 3rd place and Alexander Melgar won 6th place altogether for reading a many books. Ten some-more students were also among a tip 25 readers in Fairfax County.

Barbara A. Barnhart, a Special Education English Teacher said, “Learning Ally unequivocally resounded with Qais. He was a demure reader and passively review in class, flipping by pages, though not unequivocally enchanting with a text. He truly embraced a thought of reading for pleasure. He would supplement books frequently to his bookshelf and tell me how many pages he review per night. He was encouraged to acquire some-more points on a school’s leaderboard. His reading stamina softened as did his wording and he hasn’t stopped reading.”

Maggee Albertson, a Learning Disabilities Teacher and Sponsor of Model United Nations says, “Alex unequivocally embraced reading audiobooks from Learning Ally. After we review a novel in class, that was a initial in a series, he review a rest of a array from Learning Ally. He came to category any day and wanted to share what was function in a lives of a characters. He talks with me about what other books he competence like. He would let me know if he favourite a story. It was good to see him exploring new genres of novella and deliberating them with me.”

Luther Jackson Middle School serves some-more than 1450 students from opposite backgrounds and cultures. A infancy are second denunciation learners with some-more than 45 opposite languages oral during home. Additionally, many special preparation students are dually identified as ESOL students. Students regulating Learning Ally can simply download audiobooks directly to their tablets, computers, smartphones, Chromebooks and other inclination to review in propagandize or on a go, even but Internet access.

School Celebration – Apr 10, 2018

On Tuesday, Apr 10th during 9:00 am, Principal Lehman, along with faculty, parents, and Kim Norkin Banks, Learning Ally’s Education Manager, will respect a school’s feat and a students who done reading a priority with their rewards and prizes.

Rachel Haymond, a Fairfax County Assistive Technology Resource Teacher said, “It was overwhelming to see a witty ‘rivalry’ among students and how effective this foe is to light students who onslaught to read. we desired saying a students review daily with such vigor.”

Hundreds some-more students in a Fairfax County Public School District in Virginia use Learning Ally all year prolonged and have collectively review over 1,000,000 pages.

If your propagandize would like to attend in a Great Reading Games, call 800.221.1098, email [email protected] or revisit

About Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a heading nonprofit ed-tech classification delivering a endless training resolution for struggling readers in elementary, center and high schools. Our proven resolution includes an endless library of human-read audiobooks that students wish and need to review during home and during school, along with a apartment of teacher-focused resources that safeguard tyro success. This reading believe helps accelerate learning, enables a new turn of entrance to believe and strenuously increases tyro certainty and self-belief.

Learning Ally partners with 13,000 U.S. schools, districts and state preparation systems to commission over 300,000 students with softened comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and vicious meditative skills. For 70 years, a classification has helped to renovate a lives of struggling readers by bridging a opening between their reading capability and their educational intensity to turn confident, lifelong learners who flower in propagandize and beyond.

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