Magic Leap’s Breathtaking New Augmented Reality Demo Turns Real Life Into A Video Game

Magic Leap is explanation of a elementary theory: If we chuck adequate money, and adequate mind energy during an idea, in a end, you’ll always succeed.

The protracted existence association has — it would seem — finished only that, tweeting a initial fully-working demo of a record that overlays a practical interface over a genuine world.

To be clear, this is not CGI, this is a operative demo that a group claims they’re “playing around a bureau right now”.

magic leap

It’s satisfactory to contend that a video looks roughly too good to be true. With a ability to squeeze icons, corkscrew by mail and crack YouTube videos into practical spaces on your table it’s each bit a destiny that we illusory when both Magic Leap and Microsoft announced they would be bringing protracted existence to a masses.

What blows a mind however comes most after in a demo, where a user selects a video diversion and turns a bureau into a terrain with turrets, aliens and in-game environmental damage.

magic leap

The perfect computing energy that’s compulsory to run program and sensors like that won’t be small, however outrageous advances in a locus of protracted and practical existence have meant that headsets are apropos some-more and some-more portable.

Microsoft’s HoloLens antecedent was eccentric of any outmost energy container or estimate unit, instead a association has managed to squeeze all a sensors and estimate energy into a headset itself.


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Sadly positively zero is famous about Magic Leap, a puzzling association that cumulative what it reportedly around half a billion dollars of appropriation from Google.

All we know is that a association is formulating an protracted existence headset, that it has been in growth for only a year, and that it will — during some indicate — recover a earthy product that we can buy.

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