Magimix Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machines Review

What is a Magimix Nespresso Pixie?

For those who like a opposite demeanour for their kitchen appliances though replacing them, a Pixie Clips coffee appurtenance could be a answer. It comes with dual pairs of transmutable silken ABS side panels that simply lift on and lift off, so we can change a cultured in an instant.

There’s also a choice of 12 other phony and patterned panels during £15-£30 a span so we can change a coming as mostly as we like. Beyond a visible appeal, it’s also a plain coffee machine, brewing espressos and lungos from Nespresso capsules during a hold of a button. The Nespresso operation of 23 Grand Crus, and singular editions, gives a far-reaching choice of coffee.

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Magimix Nespresso Pixie – Design and features

The elementary figure of a Pixie Clips hasn’t altered from a predecessor, a Pixie, that was launched about 4 years ago and has remained a renouned machine. It’s easy to see because a regulation is unaltered – a Pixie Clips is neat and compress with a pattern that’s pared behind though feeling plain. The H2O tank during a behind is equally streamlined and while it’s not a largest, it packs in an plenty 800ml with a lid that can also be used as a lift hoop for easier stuffing and refitting.

A hinged, seperated season tray sits during a ideal tallness for a morning espresso though it also flips adult to make room for incomparable cups. Above this, a ribbed cosmetic front orderly disguises a inner bin, that can accommodate 9-11 used capsules, and facilities backlighting to supplement a tiny additional flicker when a Pixie Clips is switched on.

It’s somewhat heavier than some ultra-compact machines during 3kg though a 1m energy wire gives some coherence about where it can be sited on a worktop. A intelligent eco underline switches a appurtenance off after 9 mins of not being in use, nonetheless this can be extended to 30.

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Magimix Nespresso Pixie – What’s it like to use?

Changing a Pixie Clips’s side panels has to be finished when a appurtenance is cool, so it’s best to tackle this before switching on and though a H2O tank and season tray in place. There’s a shoal recess during a bottom of any to hold onto and while they’re formidable to shave and unclip during a initial few uses, attaching and stealing becomes easier with practice. This can possibly be finished manually or with a key, that is included, to assistance prize them off.

What to do with a gangling set in a meantime isn’t clear, and it’d be accessible to have a storage bag to forestall them apropos scratched in a drawer.

Besides a watchful energy button, there are usually dual buttons for drinks (espresso and lungo) and it’s prepared to make coffee in around 25 seconds from switching on. Each is pre-programmed for a set volume of coffee though these can be altered by holding down any of a buttons.

The Pixie Clips will start creation coffee true divided if a symbol is comparison during warm-up, so there’s no need to wait, and a upsurge can be stopped by dire a symbol again while it’s brewing.

Inserting a plug was elementary – a executive bar rotated behind to exhibit a capsule-shaped recess, that sealed to secure a plug by rotating a bar into a strange position.

Closed with bar down

Open with plug inserted

For any tallness of crater other than a tiny or espresso cup, a season tray indispensable to be folded up. However, a span of a season tray in a lifted position usually allows for a singular width, so vast mugs were serve divided from a declaim and usually only within reach.

The automobile switch off is frustratingly short, generally in a morning when distractions mostly take some-more than 9 minutes, so being means to extend this to 30 was a accessible function.

In tiny mop setup with season tray attached

Accommodating a large mop with a season tray removed

Magimix Nespresso Pixie – How good is a coffee?

While a Pixie Clips is cramped to dual elementary drinks, a coffee’s nothing a worse for it interjection to 19 bar of vigour producing a perfumed crema and smooth-bodied coffee. The ever-expanding preference of Grand Crus should keep any backer occupied, as a capsules operation from heated clever flavours to vanilla-infused blends as good as 4 decaffeinated options. As good as a coffee competence be, if we adore chalky drinks, it’s best bought as a gold with an Aeroccino or we competence wish to cruise a some-more costly appurtenance such as a DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima that does a divert bit itself.

Should we buy a Pixie Clips coffee machine?

Compared to other compress pod machines, a Pixie Clips is a marginally some-more costly though it’s still around a same cost as a Pixie, so a fanciful side row underline is an additional that hasn’t bumped adult a cost.

While they don’t impact a opening of a machine, a panels make owning one a bit some-more fun, and if you’re renovating your kitchen or pierce a Pixie Clips from room to room, we can be certain that it’ll always coordinate. As with any pod system, a drinks are a matter of taste, so be certain we suffer a accumulation of Grand Crus before investing.

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Choice and accumulation are a name of a diversion when it comes to a ever-changeable Pixie Clips though fortunately, good coffee hasn’t been overlooked.

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