Maharashtra govt rethinks on Muslim quota?

LoginRegister@indiatimesLoginRegister@indiatimesMaharashtra govt might have a rethink on Muslim reservationsMUMBAI: The Maharashtra supervision seems to be reconsidering a position on reservations for Muslims. While replying during doubt hour in a legislative legislature on Tuesday, apportion for minorities growth Eknath Khadse pronounced a state supervision was committed to give minorities their usually share.

“The Congress-Nationalist Congress Party could not give reservations for minorities for 50 years while they were in power. Now, when they are in a opposition, they wish to hillside adult a emanate to attract a minority community. We are looking into a technical glitches of a reservation issue. The matter, however, is underling judice,” a apportion said.

Leader of a antithesis Dhananjay Munde, who lifted a emanate by a starred doubt and questioned a movement taken by government, asked if a supervision had betrothed to accumulate information from a advocate-general and a preference would be taken to yield reservation advantages to a Muslim community.

Sunil Tatkare, Vikram Kale, Sanjay Dutt, Sudhir Tambe, Bhai Jagtap and others had also lifted a same question.

“The supervision should have come adult with a new bidding after a aged one over on Dec 24, 2014. Why was it not issued? There was no need to take a advocate-general’s opinion to continue a 5% reservation. The high justice is above a advocate-general. Did a supervision now know this?” pronounced Munde.

Khadse forked out that given a ordinance, that was released by a prior government, had lapsed, his supervision would do whatever was needed. Khadse combined that Maratha and Muslim reservations were different. “The NCP is politicizing a issue. The Muslim village knows that when we (NCP-Congress) were in power, we had not supposing reservations,” pronounced Khadse.

“The reservations were usually for a back classes from a Muslim community. It was not on a basement of religion. This government’s mount is anti-Muslim,” pronounced Sanjay Nirupam, arch of a Congress’s Mumbai unit.

The legislature witnessed pandemonium and sloganeering as a antithesis was payable with a minister’s reply.

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