Manfrotto PIXI Mini

What is Manfrotto PIXI Mini?

The PIXI is a latest mini tripod to be launched by Manfrotto. Acting as a deputy for a Manfrotto MTT2-P02, it’s designed as a lightweight, unstable support for a vast accumulation of inclination trimming from CSCs (Compact System Cameras), Bridge Cameras, a iPhone (with a KLYP peripheral) and entrance turn DSLR’s.

The PIXI is designed essentially for CSC’s and during this duty it excels, charity a tiny nonetheless superb physique (weighing usually 0.23 kg) consisting of immaculate steel giving a reward finish, while not sacrificing stability. The PIXI includes a customary 1/4 in. screw connection upheld atop a rubber round and steel pivot ball.

The cosmetic legs extend to one position during a length of 13.5 cm and have smaller rubberised pads to safeguard limit grip. Manfrotto also explain that a PIXI can be used for video work, “close a legs to use it as a gentle reason to constraint good videos…” The reason itself is rarely gentle to hold, generally when regulating a lightweight cameras trustworthy to it, however when we start to insert heavier cameras such as a Sony Cybershot DSC-RX1 or even a Canon 100D, a reason becomes distant some-more unsustainable for prolonged shoots.


The round is operated regulating a tiny push-button mechanism, permitting a user to stagger a camera 360° and provides a 35° lean range, that is distant some-more singular than a predecessor. Once a conduct is in a preferred position a symbol can fast be expelled to close a conduct into position.

Nonetheless, a symbol is rarely unbending to work creation a changing of a head’s lean and revolution a clunky affair, though does safeguard that camera stays bound and is incompetent to pierce while in use and might turn a smoother knowledge after unchanging operation. This ungraceful opening however creates it rarely unsuited for video use, creation pans, tilts and other shots rarely bulky and inconsistent. Although when attaching a heavier camera such as a 100D a round is means to pivot with larger ease.

The PIXI costs £25 – putting it within a same operation as a versatile and renouned Joby Gorilla Pod as good as a prototype (MTT2-P02). When we cruise a foregoer offers a some-more polished transformation and is built to a identical standard, we’d be tempted to demeanour during a Manfrotto MTT2-P02 instead.


In end afterwards a PIXI is rarely singular in facilities and fails to secure any widespread characteristics among a competitors, with no control over a narrowing of a round and limited doing facilities definition it doesn’t aver a squeeze over a MTT2-P02. But a PIXI is a plain and stylish product, with a neat pattern that will yield suitable reason on many surfaces, along with it being really elementary to use, we can really cruise slipping a PIXI behind into your slot after a days shooting.

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