Marantz SR6011 Audio

What is a Marantz SR6011?

Marantz is obliged for some of a classiest AV receivers on a marketplace (as reliable by a examination of a slimline NR1607) and a SR6011 looks to defend a glorious reputation. This 9.2-channel powerhouse nestles between a range-topping SR7011 and entry-level SR5011 in a “full-size” receiver range, sitting in a honeyed mark for features, cost and performance.

A grand competence not be your thought of affordable, though when we import adult a array of facilities on house – joined with Marantz’s pattern prowess, both inside and out – you’ll realize that you’re removing copiousness for your money.

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Marantz SR6011 – Design and Connections

One thing we can always count on with Marantz receivers is a discriminating nonetheless strong design, and a SR6011 doesn’t disappoint. The big, commanding bodywork is a distant cry from a kind NR1607, though a sexy styling should safeguard seamless vital room integration.

Marantz SR6011

Key to a allure are a winding matte panels on a fascia, that side a executive control panel. It’s a pointed touch, though adequate to heed it from black box rivals. The centre territory has a poetic brushed finish, with vast volume and submit preference dials bridging a grooves between panels. Marantz sent me a black version, that goes good with other black kit; a choice china chronicle is distant some-more attractive, however.

Another standout underline is a porthole arrangement arrangement a tide submit and volume level. This pared-down quarrel looks good and doesn’t torpedo we with information, though it’s a empathize a surrounding ring doesn’t light adult like it does on a SR7011. If we wish a some-more endless display, you’ll need to call adult a on-screen menus.

Marantz SR6011

The whole section oozes luxury, from a smooth-turning dials to a thick strap during a bottom that hides an array of buttons and sockets.

Here you’ll find a initial of 8 HDMI inputs, that accepts 4K/60p and HDCP 2.2, alongside composite/stereo audio input, a USB pier for iPods and USB sticks, an outlay for headphones and a pier for a calibration microphone. A quarrel of buttons provides control over sound modes, radio presets and more. The step-up SR7011 also includes a full-size LED arrangement underneath this flap.

Marantz SR6011

Owners of big, formidable systems will acquire a endless back socketry. Seven some-more HDMI 2 inputs and twin outputs (one of that sends an eccentric vigilance to a second zone) are a headliners, all of that support 4K/60p, HDR and HDCP 2.2. Owners of UHD Blu-ray decks are in protected hands.

And with 4 digital audio inputs (two optical, twin coaxial), 7.1-channel analogue inputs, 13.2 pre-outs, twin subwoofer outputs and loads of analogue AV ports, we won’t be stranded for places to force your cables. You’ll also find Ethernet, RS-232, remote control, trigger and IR ports for tradition formation use, and terminals for a radio and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antennas.

Eleven pairs of contracting posts run a whole breadth of a back panel. These can be indifferent for use in a accumulation of scenarios, including 9.1 systems, 7.1.2 Atmos setups, bi-amping and pushing a span of speakers in a second zone. And interjection to a 11.2-channel processing, we can offshoot adult an outmost amplifier to a SR6011’s pre-outs and enhance a complement to 7.1.4. The turn of coherence on offer here is mind-boggling.

Marantz SR6011 – Features

The SR6011 is a nine-channel receiver – a step adult from a seven-channel predecessor, a SR6010. Marantz claims a appetite outlay of 185W per channel, nonetheless such total should always be taken with a dash of salt.

It supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X 11.1, that emanate “3D” sound from required Dolby or DTS content, and even stereo music. If we wish Auro-3D, you’ll need to step adult to a SR7011.

Marantz SR6011

There’s built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a latter permitting we to tide song around AirPlay, Spotify Connect, DLNA and internet radio. It happily plays hi-res files, with support for FLAC and WAV adult to 192kHz/24-bit, ALAC adult to 96kHz/24-bit and DSD5.6.

The usually thing blank is HEOS multiroom support, that is again indifferent for a SR7011. That means we can’t send song from a SR6011 to other Denon and Marantz speakers around your home, or entrance song streaming services such as Tidal, Deezer, Napster and SoundCloud. That’s a small unsatisfactory if you’re spending a grand on a new amp, quite when we cruise how entire multiroom functionality has become.

However, there’s tons of other things to get your teeth into; a primer runs to 312 pages. The SR6011 is approved by a Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), with a apartment of collection permitting a veteran technician to regulate a pattern and store a settings in Day and Night presets. The SR6011 can modify SD and HD sources to 4K resolution.

It also supports Crestron Connected and Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Detection Protocol) for discerning and easy formation with home automation equipment.

Marantz SR6011 – Setup and Operation

The SR6011 is a complex, multifaceted machine, though Marantz has done setup easy for a first-timer. Rig adult a SR6011 to your TV and a glorious Setup Assistant guides we by each step of a process, regulating transparent descriptions and ominous graphics. It tackles orator wiring, connectors and network setup, before delving into a Audyssey MultEQ XT32 auto-calibration system.

Marantz SR6011

Using a microphone and card tripod placed in adult to 8 positions, MultEQ measures a acoustic characteristics of your room regulating a array of exam tones, afterwards sets a best orator distances, levels, polarity and subwoofer crossover values. It’s remarkably easy to perform and doesn’t take as prolonged as we competence expect.

Marantz SR6011

Meanwhile, Audyssey Dynamic EQ works alongside MultEQ to say a best tonal balance; Dynamic Volume prevents remarkable jumps in loudness; Sub EQ HT aids formation in twin subwoofer setups; and Low Frequency Containment prevents a amp’s low drum from removing on your neighbours’ nerves.

For those who wish to take calibration to a subsequent level, a new Audyssey App offers even some-more control. It replaces Audyssey Pro, that is found on comparison AV models around RS-232 and can usually be used by a purebred Audyssey Pro installer. The new app wasn’t accessible during a time of testing, though is due for recover in “early 2017″ with a €19.99 cost tag.

Marantz SR6011

Operating a SR6011 is surprisingly elementary for such a formidable machine. With their warm, hairy graphics and uncluttered layouts, a on-screen menus are accessible and welcoming, while a setup menu presents a far-reaching array of options in a proceed that won’t shock a uninitiated.

The Online Music menu plonks 3 icons over a black background, permitting we to entrance favourites, internet radio and network media servers. When exploring NAS drives or USB sticks, a elementary blueprint and discerning response times make it a string to find a song you’re after. Liberal use of cover art and metadata keeps we adult to speed during playback.

Marantz SR6011

The remote competence be on a vast side, though it’s peaceful to reason and a buttons are within easy strech of a thumb. It’s uncluttered and good labelled, with a essential instruction and volume keys given due prominence. It isn’t backlit like a SR7011’s remote, though many of a buttons willingly heat in a dark, while a brushed finish with china trim boost a coffee list appeal.

A bank of inputs during a tip creates it easy to burst between sources, while a 4 Smart Select keys store an input, volume turn and sound mode in a memory, providing discerning entrance to elite settings.

Marantz SR6011

Too old-school? Try a recently overhauled AVR Remote app, that turns your phone or inscription into a remote control. Its slick, worldly menus are dressed in shades of grey, with shifting sidebars providing entrance to sources and setup options. It’s easy to configure a amp’s volume, sound modes and speakers.

Marantz SR6011

The new landscape-orientated inscription app is quite impressive, as we can crop your song library and perspective a “now playing” shade all on a same page. You can even build playlists on a fly by boring and dropping files into a queue.

Marantz SR6011 – Performance

Let a SR6011 lax with a operation of cinema and Marantz’s considerable sonic extraction shines through. It combines wall-shaking appetite with a silky, minute top-end and a rich, transparent mid-range.

I start with The Force Awakens’ DTS HD Master Audio track, and a SR6011 stirs a emotions with a absolute delivery of John Williams’ iconic theme. After conflict a opening gash with punch and precision, a Marantz follows it adult with a palatable arrangement of strings, cut-glass trumpets and abounding bass.Marantz SR6011

Cut to Rey and Finn escaped Tie Fighters on Jakku, and a amp isn’t perplexed by a flurry of explosions, blasters and dialogue. It marks a office with pointing and clarity, giving we a transparent clarity of where each sound is entrance from. The Millennium Falcon’s resounding thrusters pierce fast and uniformly opposite a atmospheric soundstage.

The Marantz bolsters each pile-up and blast with tight, pithy bass, though doesn’t let it suppress a pointy rattle of colliding steel or a perplexing sparkle of descending debris. It strikes a ideal change opposite a frequencies, bringing a good clarity of cohesion.

Its impression is well-spoken and refined, though there’s some-more than adequate conflict to keep dullness during bay. When lightsabers clash, we can feel a appetite crackling from a speakers, though there’s no rudeness to relieve a impact.

Switch to Dawn of a Planet of a Apes and a SR6011 displays glorious refinement and discernment as a apes petiole a flock of deer. The hissing sleet is ethereal and layered, and there’s a plain wooden whack as a apes’ feet launch from tree branches. It’s definitely captivating.

The stage is extended by a SR6011’s Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X processing, that supplement a transparent clarity of betterment as a apes span a trees.

Marantz SR6011

But for a full 3D audio knowledge try a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X-encoded disc, both of that a Marantz delivers with aplomb. Star Trek Beyond gives a SR6011 copiousness of tallness calm to get a teeth into, like a overflow of bees that Krall sends to conflict a Enterprise.

As they slice a boat to shreds, a spiral of drifting objects swirls beyond and their accurate transformation allows we to keep your orientation amid a chaos. It’s immersive and enthralling, done all a some-more convincing by a SR6011’s pin-sharp fact and attack.

The SR6011’s multi-directional talents are endorsed by a observation of a DTS:X-encoded Crimson Peak front – a lofty soundstage clearly communicates a scale and loftiness of a creaking manor, while a groaning pipes and resounding voices clearly emanating from each channel will shock a bejesus out of you.

A common cause opposite all of these exam platters is a SR6011’s glorious discourse reproduction. Voices are flushed with physique and nuance, creation them easy to distinguish, either it’s Caesar’s plain-spoken bellow or Tom Hiddleston’s silky tones.

With so many song sources during a disposal, a SR6011 will have all genres, tempos and resolutions thrown a way. But thankfully, it handles all with an positive hand, from low-bit-rate MP3s adult to hi-res FLAC files.

Stripped down to two-channel with Pure Direct mode engaged, a 320kbps MP3 of Gregory Porter’s “Insanity” is rendered with smashing brilliance and fluidity.

The behatted jazzman’s outspoken tones are formally peaceful and chocolaty, though a Marantz also coaxes out a peaceful scale that competence go blank by a reduction judicious amp. There’s copiousness of fact elsewhere, from a simmering hi-hats to a heading corner of a pale trumpet.

Switch to a hi-res chronicle of Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself To Dance” and a Marantz goes in with deep, punchy drums, intelligible guitar riffs and stimulating percussion.

It doesn’t matter either we play song around Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, CD or USB, a SR6011’s detailed, rhythmical proceed creates anything sound good.

Marantz SR6011

Should we buy a Marantz SR6011?

Anyone with a grand to dash on an AV receiver would be a dope not to give a SR6011 a whirl. Much like a some-more affordable stablemate a Denon AVR-X1300W, a Marantz delivers an pornographic volume of facilities for a income and a polished, absolute opening that will pleasure song and film lovers alike.

It also boasts a grand pattern and a foolproof handling system, either you’re regulating a pointy smartphone app or a old-school remote and on-screen menus.

The usually fly in a salve is a miss of HEOS multiroom support, that prevents we from joining a SR6011 with other Denon and Marantz speakers. Is that adequate to repudiate this glorious receiver a recommendation? No, though if multiroom capabilities are essential afterwards we competence wish to save your pennies and step adult to a SR7011


A multi-talented AV receiver that offers glorious facilities and opening for a money, nonetheless multiroom fans should demeanour elsewhere.

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