MediaMaestro Cognitive Security Solution Links Hostile Behaviors To…

A predictive cognitive resolution for confidence camera networks to stop apprehension before it happens

MediaMaestro Cognitive Security Solution Control Screen

Augmenting a confidence analyst’s perspective of a universe with synthetic comprehension will stop hardened-criminals and terrorists before they strike

As a law coercion charge for physique cameras goes into effect, US law coercion officers will constraint over 5 million hours of physique camera video any day. For an effective analysis, video needs to be total with other video or existent data, though due to a large computing energy compulsory to differentiate by petabytes of video, that is scarcely impossible. There are many initiatives operative on cyber confidence solutions, facial and other approval systems, suit detection, etc…but a problem of creation clarity from large amounts of video information, joined with other information sources, is not simple. It will need a breakthrough technology.

MediaMaestro is a predictive cognitive confidence resolution that leverages continual monitoring of large information sets generated from camera networks to brand difficulty before events unfold. A breakthrough indeed. The system’s suit and activity showing underline with behavioral-pattern analysis, identifies transformation anomalies unchanging with intensity hazard activity.

“For occurrence prevention, confidence cameras are usually as good as your ability to demeanour during a video in time to do something,” says Gary Olson, CTO, during GTOP Group. “Prevention requires being wakeful that there is a problem and bringing a right information to a right person, quick enough, to react. That’s what we do.”

The patent-pending record uncovers questionable behaviors regulating a cognitive technique to pull connectors between information extracted from video and function patterns. Once a function settlement has been identified a program searches for ancillary information opposite open source or private information streams for justification to possibly uphold or change a conclusion. The finish outcome is a singular shade resolution that enhances a confidence professional’s crime fighting decisions.

MediaMaestro’s extraordinary record represents a twenty-five year investigate bid lead by a US government. Recently, GTOP’s cognitive collection were examined by The Cognitive Systems Alliance. CSA is a new accreditation classification led by a legislature of cognitive systems scientists and blurb business leaders. The proceed to function modeling, encoding workflow, cognitive processes, and talent perceived a Gold Level III Certified rating, a top mark.

Security professionals need a destiny response to threats during dangerous times and they contingency have collection to fast substantiate and countenance information from manifold streams. MediaMaestro’s video monitoring and inquisitive capability provides a new approach to automate and speed adult formidable tasks during a inquisitive process. Augmenting a confidence analyst’s perspective of a universe with synthetic comprehension will stop hardened-criminals and terrorists before they strike.

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