Medpricer Expands the GPO-Agnostic Platform to New and Existing…

Medpricer, one of a nation’s heading technology-based solutions to optimize medical provider assets opposite purchased services contracts, currently announced that it has stretched a GPO-agnostic height to new and existent customers. The company, owned by Premier Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC), continues to surpass a expansion goals, carrying sealed mixed new agreements this year and augmenting a sum agreement value.

New payer acquisition

Most recently, a organisation welcomed a West seashore not-for-profit informal medical center, a Southern training complement and cancer diagnosis center, an East Coast university medical network and a Midwest health complement to a patron roster.

“While a attention continues to change a concentration to GPO-agnostic record solutions, a user bottom has usually grown,” pronounced Medpricer’s Chief Customer Officer Mickey Meehan. “We work with a nation’s heading medical organizations to know a industry’s constraints and furnish sparkling new solutions that give sourcing professionals some-more control over their data, capability and agreement outcomes.”

Expanding agreement value

Multiple customers, regardless of GPO affiliation, have renewed or stretched their partnerships with Medpricer to embody subscriptions to a industry’s heading purchased services analytics and sourcing program to addition a sourcing teams’ needs. With Medpricer’s sourcing services, a organisation of experts work together with sourcing teams to investigate purchased services sourcing information and establish optimal assets strategies by category.

Amplified patron success

Medpricer’s customized, data-driven proceed provides a business with a rival corner to make sound business decisions quickly. New and existent business commend that a company’s data, sourcing speed, and industry-rich analytics sets Medpricer solutions detached from a rest of a industry. In a final 6 months, an Arizona-based health complement identified $2.6 million assets regulating Medpricer’s cognitive analytics software. Another southwest informal medical core confronting a 30 percent cost boost negotiated 10 percent assets on linen services with Medpricer’s Precision Benchmark Report. Additionally, a Michigan-based health complement instituted 6 RFPs within 20 days of onboarding.

Accelerated expansion plan

Medpricer continues to be good positioned to expostulate serve expansion following a acquisition. In October, Premier, Inc. acquired a organization, by a vital understanding that fuels Medpricer’s blurb strech and product expansion capabilities.

“We hear it again and again from a customers; Medpricer’s marketplace comprehension joined with speed to assets is a gamechanger. Their faith in us is because Q3 of a 2019 calendar year was a miracle for a association and technology. As a product expansion and creation usually continues, we’re on lane to surpass a goals for both this entertain and a residue of a year,” pronounced Medpricer CEO Chris Gormley. “We’ve listened to a customers’ needs and have been means to tailor a solutions to those, ensuring we offer a many strong services.”

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About Medpricer, a Premier company

Medpricer is a Premier association (NASDAQ: PINC) that moves assets strategies brazen with scalable purchased services solutions that urge sourcing potency and financial health. Its industry-leading software, mSource®, is a usually all-in-one agreement management, negotiation, and analytics height that enables organizations to tailor agreement terms to fit their singular needs – not those of a group. Medpricer enables organizations to rivet with their purchasing data, learn from marketplace intelligence, combine stakeholders, and pierce contracts by a tube – faster. No catches, no dark admin fees. Discover estimable assets and broach outcomes that invariably urge a peculiarity of studious care. To learn how other heading medical providers are transforming their assets strategy, call (888) 453-4554 or revisit

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