Metrasens Wins Prestigious Queen’s Award For Enterprise For Second…

“Our singular record provides capabilities normal confidence systems cannot, and is creation a discernible disproportion in some-more than 40 countries worldwide.”

Metrasens, a heading provider of modernized captivating showing technologies, was celebrated currently as a leader of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018 in a difficulty of Innovation. The association warranted a eminence for a ground-breaking work in modernized screening capabilities designed to raise reserve and confidence around a world. This is a second uninterrupted year Metrasens has perceived a Queen’s Award. In 2017, a organization was famous in a difficulty of International Trade.

Metrasens has commissioned a slicing corner ferromagnetic showing systems (FMDS) widely around a world. Its innovative proceed combines modernized captivating showing record with product pattern that is customised for a specific needs of several patron groups and applications.

Metrasens’ solutions are used in hospitals to safeguard studious reserve in MRI suites; are deployed in prisons to detect dangerous prohibited and smuggled dungeon phones; and are increasingly implemented in secure supervision and blurb comforts to yield earthy information security. The company’s many new creation is a screening element that can be used during a accumulation of venues – such as sports arenas, vast scale events like concerts and during corporate campuses – to detect threats involving weapons of mass casualty, but disrupting a upsurge of people.

“Our singular record provides capabilities normal confidence systems cannot, and is creation a discernible disproportion in some-more than 40 countries worldwide,” settled Metrasens CEO, Dr. Simon Goodyear “We are constantly looking during new and innovative ways to muster a core technology, with an unique concentration on creation people safer by cutting-edge screening methods. To be famous with a Queen’s Award in a difficulty of Innovation is a covenant to a rare advancements achieved by a group of physicists and engineers. It is also a ideal element to a approval we perceived from a Queen’s Awards final year in a International Trade difficulty for a successful business growth.”

The Queen’s Awards have been famous as a UK’s many prestigious business accolades given they were determined some-more than 50 years ago.

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About Metrasens

Metrasens is a world’s heading provider of modernized captivating showing technologies.

With a record centre and production trickery in a UK, a North American sales and patron use heart in Chicago and a tellurian network of distributors, a company’s innovative products are designed to residence deficiencies in required screening methods and make a universe safer and some-more secure. Metrasens’ goal is to take cutting-edge scholarship from a laboratory and use it to emanate revolutionary, award-winning products that accommodate a graphic and different confidence needs of a customers. Metrasens’ core technologies have a far-reaching operation of real-world applications, embodied by solutions that are easy to adopt and elementary to use.

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