Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12 AMD and Nvidia Multi-GPU Configurations

A Microsoft technical support staff member, settled that DirectX 12 will support “multi-GPU configurations between Nvidia and AMD.” This is formed on a screenshot published over at  LinusTechTips. No sold mandate were specified, that would capacitate such configurations, nor any tangible advantages that would outcome from such a setup.

DirectX 12

Multi-GPU setups are used to accomplish several tasks. Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire configurations are used by gamers to get improved opening in a latest video diversion titles. Both Professionals as good as gamers use them to insert mixed displays to a singular PC. Engineers and Artists also use opposite setups as well. Even yet in some cases it is probable to use AIBs from opposite developers, in many cases such as gaming and ray-tracing, it is unfit due to several limitations.

DirectX 12


DirectX 12 will offer improved support for multi-GPU configurations than what has been probable before, yet reports advise that it could be probable to use graphics processors from opposite vendors, in ways that are not probable today, such as in digest video games. There are stream stipulations that make it unfit to use such setups today, like differences in GPU architectures, motorist limitations, as good as API limitations. DirectX 12 will discharge such obstacles and assent a use of resources of dual graphics cards during a same time.

Architectural differences make it tough to use graphics cards from opposite vendors for real-time latency-sensitive rendering, like in a box of contemporary 3D engines. Multi-GPU technologies used for real-time digest need dual GPUs to be synchronized not usually in terms of underline set, yet also in terms of opening and memory latency. All of these stipulations make it unequivocally controversial either such a record could eventually take off.

DirectX 12 yet is designed for Xbox One as well, and Microsoft has been experimenting with cloud-assisted AI and production computations for Xbox One, both of that are latency-sensitive. So it could be probable that there is already a record available, that enables behaving opposite tasks regulating opposite hardware resources but need for real-time synchronization.

The doubt stays though, either Nvidia and AMD would concede these extrinsic multi-GPU configurations or opt to retard them in their drivers. We will move we any some-more information per a subject, as good as some-more DirectX 12 news as shortly as it becomes available.


DISCLAIMER: WCCFTech cannot determine a temperament of a Microsoft deputy and flawlessness of a screenshot.

Source: LinusTechTips, KitGuru.

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