Miele Complete C3 Celebration Electro Ecoline Plus Vacuum Cleaners Review

What is a Miele Complete C3 Celebration Electro EcoLine Plus?

This is one of Miele’s flagship appetite fit cylinder opening cleaners. It’s also a initial Miele cleaner to grasp a 4A EU rating – that is A for energy, empty dust, runner and tough building cleaning. It has an 800W engine and has an electrically powered Turbobrush – other Miele cleaner’s we’ve reviewed have atmosphere powered brushes.

The C3 Celebration aims to offer a best of both honest and cylinder cleaners interjection to a ElectroPlus head, that is indeed incomparable than a floorheads on many honest cleaners. It’s also ideal for allergy sufferers interjection to a 11-stage mud filtration complement that gives a opening it’s a rating for empty dust. The C3 Celebration isn’t though some issues, however, that usually goes to infer a EU ratings don’t tell a full story.

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The vast ElectroPlus conduct has a motorized conduct that’s good on low raise carpets

Miele Complete C3 Celebration Electro EcoLine Plus – Accessories

The favourite of this Miele cylinder cleaner package is a huge ElectroPlus conduct with a mains powered brush. It’s big, absolute and offers six-step tallness composition for several runner piles – a many we have seen on a cyclinder floorhead.

Unlike brush bars powered by a airflow, this powered turbobrush bar spins with a unchanging (and many fit for cleaning) speed and does not delayed down even in a deepest raise carpets. The brush bar itself is designed to concurrently kick and brush your runner for a low clean, while withdrawal it looking combed and refreshed.

On a downside, energy to a ElectroPlus conduct is run around a lax wire that contingency be trustworthy to a cleaner and runs down a slim tube trustworthy by clips. This is an scarcely awkward resolution for Miele and also means swapping between a powered floorhead and a normal tough building one or other collection is a finish faff. We also consternation why, deliberation there is energy to a ElectroPlus floorhead, it doesn’t have a light – a underline we’ve seen, and liked, on opposition cleaners.

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There are copiousness of collection to select from, too. In further to a upholstery brush, powdering brush and defect collection stored underneath a lid, we also get a dedicated lightweight tough building conduct with unbending nylon bristles and a customary floorhead with a switch to modify between runner and tough building use. Given a reduce energy of Miele’s EcoLine models, we were unhappy to see that a company’s glorious AirTeQ head, designed for usually such machines, was not included.

The newly designed and utterly corpulent EcoComfort hoop is home to a possess discerning powdering brush, that can be pulled brazen into transformation when a tubes are removed. Like many Miele models we have tested a wire length is usually normal during 7.5m, though a good hose and high-quality steel telescopic tubes recompense and give a C3 Celebration an plenty 11-metre cleaning radius.

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Miele Complete C3 Celebration Electro EcoLine Plus – Carpet Cleaning

Putting a C3 Celebration together for use with a ElectroPlus conduct is distant from quick, nonetheless all a tools and clips do feel plain and done to last. Once setup, a categorical hoop now feels most like wielding an honest cleaner despite though a transformation coherence as we are still trustworthy to a cleaner on a floor.

Power adult and a C3 Celebration does a really good sense of a good honest cleaner as a categorical building cleaning opening is outstanding. Our carpets, from a brief loop-pile nylon bureau tiles to a fluffy bedroom carpet, were spotless unusually good with a singular pass on full energy and a conduct never once stranded down by suction or slowed a spinning brush bar. The altogether sound is a small aloft with a powerhead regulating during 79dB compared to 77dB though – though both total are reduction than a Eco label’s 81dB.

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On longer pile, a revolution of a brush bar tends to wish to expostulate a conduct brazen creation it really easy to lift brazen though a small heavier to lift back. We found adjusting a tallness environment a small aloft discontinued this effect, though neat a runner less.

While a simple cleaning is really good, a ElectroPlus conduct did not purify as effectively adult to a corner as we competence have hoped, with some powder excess still manifest after a skirting-scraping pass. Also, bear in mind, this is not a cleaner set adult for a comparison or some-more thin user since manoeuvring a intensely vast ElectroPlus conduct is utterly a earthy operation and a strip-down and re-build compulsory to barter between heads need some strength on a clips.

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Miele Complete C3 Celebration Electro EcoLine Plus – Hard Floor Cleaning

Using a dedicated and lightweight tough building conduct is like dancing with a angel by comparison and a conduct glided around a dry parquet building like it was on ice. The hose public is still utterly pithy and chunky, though a categorical section follows we with extremely some-more palliate than it does on carpet.

Cleaning formula on tough floors were glorious with a teenager premonition that a prosaic front to a nylon bristles did tend to lift incomparable mud and courage in front of a conduct rather than concede it to pass underneath to be sucked in. Stepped bristles in a front brush would have helped, and a bizarre repudiation deliberation a other floorhead granted has usually such a design. Still, there is no faulting a altogether outcome on tough floor, that was faultless.

Final discuss contingency go to a powdering brush built into a handle. We primarily suspicion this a bit of gimmick, though unchanging use meant it came into play all a time when regulating a non-powered heads. You simply unclip a tube, lift a brush brazen and pounce on mud and cobwebs with gusto. Sadly it doesn’t work as good when all a wire is trustworthy for a powerhead, as a wire itself restricts a strech and transformation of a hoop when away from a tubes.

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