MiiPC PC Review

What is a ZeroDesktop MiiPC?

This is one of a initial desktops we’ve seen that runs Android, and it’s also one of a usually machines we’ve seen – of any form cause – to put a large importance on parental controls. It’s a complement designed to be a able family media appurtenance as good as a child’s initial computer, and a limit cost of $149 – around £89 – keeps it resolutely in a bill ballpark.

It uses ZeroDesktop’s bespoke program that grants children their
own accounts and relatives copiousness of control: it’s probable to monitor
usage, shorten gameplay and even record accounts out from other Android
and iOS devices. The MiiPC emerged from a successful Kickstarter
project: ZeroDesktop asked for $50,000 behind in early 2013, and raised

ZeroDesktop MiiPC: Design Build Quality

The MiiPC is a small, attractive appurtenance that’ll be during home around a house: it’s little adequate to lay underneath a TV, stylish adequate to be during home in a kids’ room, and little adequate to be used in a kitchen or bureau yet interfering.

It’s done wholly from plastic. The matte tip has a shoal pointed territory and a dividing line down a middle, and a bottom mirrors this shape, with a further of a intense immature light that illuminates when a complement is incited on.

The tip has a touch-sensitive energy symbol turns a complement on if it’s hold down for 3 seconds, and a front has a MiiPC trademark and an SD label slot. The behind has 3 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI output, a Gigabit Ethernet hollow and a singular audio jack – it’s not accurately superfluous with ports.

The MiiPC weighs only 771g, that creates it easy to rope it in a bag. Its build peculiarity isn’t a compare for steel machines, though, so we’d positively hang it keep it protected.

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ZeroDesktop MiiPC: Setup Software

The MiiPC is designed to be easy to use, so we’re gratified with a elementary set-up. Android immediately recognized a keyboard and mouse, and a complement snapped true to 1080p with no scaling issues – a large buttons will be apparent to a many beginner of users and, while there are options for adjusting a screen’s position, we didn’t need them.

There are evident denunciation options, and it’s easy adequate to supplement accounts. You’re stirred to setup Wi-Fi and a date and time, too, nonetheless this routine dumped us out of ZeroDesktop’s sorceress and into Android’s settings – if you’re unknown with Android we might have problem removing behind again.

The MiiPC works with customary Android, yet it’s designed to use ZeroDesktop’s possess layout. It’s not many opposite from normal Android, yet it allows a MiiPC to work with ZeroDesktop’s considerable parental control tools.

These options are a many extensive we’ve seen, and they work on a MiiPC itself and other Android and iOS devices, with apps accessible in any OS’s store. Parents emanate director accounts on a MiiPC, and can afterwards conduct their children’s accounts from elsewhere.

The Monitor displays who’s regulating a complement and what apps they’re running, and it allows relatives to tighten apps or even record a user off. The Apps menu lists what’s on a device and can be used to customise what apps users can entrance – and how prolonged they’re authorised to run them. Reports can be generated for any user, too.

The other pivotal app is Cannonball, that optimises Android games to be used with controllers – including a glorious Xbox 360 pad. It’s a good idea, and games tweaked for this use worked moothly. In other areas, though, it’s sorely deficient. Some genres are congested with games and others, like a shooter category, have a small handful.

We struggled to find games we’d listened of – once we’d got over Cordy, Jetpack Joyride and Hill Climb Racing we were out of luck. The rest of Cannonball’s library consists of games that tackle predicted mechanics, or taunt lawyers with blatant rip-offs of other titles or franchises. It’s a contemptible sight.

Elsewhere, there’s a decent record browser, a media server apparatus and ZeroDesktop’s possess browser, that has required functionality and also includes Flash support.

The Mii uses Android 4.2.2. That’s Jelly Bean, and it’s out of date, so it means this appurtenance is blank out on countless features. Android 4.3 introduced improved OpenGL support, some-more languages, improved DRM APIs, user form options and record complement improvements, all of that are under-the-hood changes that could impact on a MiiPC’s opening in a large way.

Android 4.4 introduced identical improvements that this appurtenance only can’t use, from wireless copy and a new interface to opening optimisations privately for low-spec devices.

There’s another large downside to a MiiPC, and that’s a deficiency of Google Play. ZeroDesktop has commissioned a 1Mobile Market as an alternative, and it’s surprisingly packed: apps like Facebook, Dropbox and YouTube were easy to find, and we fast dialled adult Evernote, Spotify, Skype and eBay.

Most of a large names are there, yet we couldn’t find Minecraft and contrast apparatus Geekbench – so beware that, as good as 1Mobile Market might be, it’s no surrogate for a central Google store.

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