Millennium Engineering and Integration Scheduled to Deliver ORS-7…

Millennium Engineering and Integration Company (Millennium) will finish development, integration, and launch estimate of dual Cubesat satellites, including moody program and belligerent support systems for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Polar Scout and Air Force ORS-7 mission.

ORS-7/Polar Scout is a set of dual satellites with a cargo that can clarity puncture beacons from boats, airplanes and other trouble emitters. Polar Scout skeleton to denote a ability to enrich or gap-fill those satellites monitoring a Arctic and other remote areas. Millennium brokered a launch around SpaceFlight Industries of Seattle, WA on a Falcon 9 Rideshare to be launched out of Vandenberg AFB early tumble fixation both units in a sun-synchronous orbit. Partnering with a USAF Space Command Rapid Capabilities Office (SpRCO), Rincon Research Corporation, Utah State’s Space Dynamics Laboratory, and Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ, Millennium led a growth and demonstrated a antecedent fast prolongation line able of scaling to incomparable quantities and incomparable satellites. These dual units are a initial operational satellites from this collaboration.

Millennium is a primary executive on a responsive-space focused agreement architected to yield responsive, integrated, and cost-effective space solutions to a U.S. Government.

Millennium is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) delivering unequaled engineering services, moody reserve software, and solutions to a supervision and blurb customers. With a unaccompanied concentration on patron satisfaction, they have determined themselves as one of a nation’s premiere multidisciplinary engineering services and resolution providers portion a U.S. Government and blurb industries. With 20+ years of stellar performance, Millennium is famous as a devoted technical and engineering advisor, systems engineering and formation (SEI) contractor, and solutions provider for business in a space, defense, cyber, intelligence, aviation, and medical markets.

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