Mission M3 Audio Review

What is a Mission M3?

With space-saving soundbars and bases hogging a home cinema limelight, a bad aged 5.1 orator complement has been rather ignored of late. But a M3 (aka M-Cubed) complement from Mission is here to remind we that we shouldn’t boot 5.1 systems totally usually since space is tight.

This package facilities 5 satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer so compress they’ll hardly make a hole in your vital room space. M3 is a inheritor to a renouned M-Cube system, that took a likewise fuss-free proceed to home cinema sound behind in 2005. At around £700 it’s not a many affordable package around, yet hopefully Mission’s sonic expertise will make it income good spent.

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Mission M3

Mission M3 – Design and Connections

The 5 satellite speakers are identical, that is good news both aesthetically and acoustically. At usually 90mm high these cute, curvy black cubes are tiny adequate to fit in a palm of your hand. There’s an unprotected BMR motorist on a front and a watchful Mission trademark on top. If black’s not your bag afterwards we competence wish to reason off for a white chronicle that launches in March.
Mission M3

Build peculiarity is of a tip order. The hermetic die-cast aluminium cabinets are reassuringly plain and weighty, that is an enlivening pointer in terms of performance. Also appreciative is a inclusion of strong steel contracting posts on a back, as opposite to cheaper springclips we infrequently find on compress speakers.
Mission M3
A list mountain is bound onto a bottom of any speaker, yet if you’d rather mountain them on a wall there are wall brackets in a box that can be slanted to a preferred angle. Extra satellites can be purchased alone for £80 any if we wish to emanate a 7.1 or Dolby Atmos system, for example.
Mission M3

The subwoofer is built to a likewise high customary from 18mm-thick MDF and a poetic black matte finish, while a white light surrounding a front M3 trademark is a grand touch. Its compress distance (276mm high by 274mm wide) creates it easy to place in a vital room, even if space is restricted. Screw-on spikes are supplied.

Mission M3

On a behind are LFE and line-level inputs, line outlay and a far-reaching operation of controls that oversee volume, crossover magnitude and phase. Mission recommends environment a orator distance to ‘small’ on your AV receiver and environment a crossover to 120Hz for a best mix with a satellites.

Mission M3 – Drivers

The M3 satellites reinstate a NXT panels used by a M-Cube complement with 3in Balanced Mode Radiator drivers. The categorical advantage is their 60-degree dispersion, ensuring that everybody in a room enjoys a same sound peculiarity no matter where they sit.

Mission M3
They can also hoop a full-range vigilance (120Hz – 20kHz), distinct a NXT drivers that had to be connected to a subwoofer in sequence to accept a filtered signal.

They also don’t have to be pointed towards a listener like required speakers and aren’t strict about where they’re placed – we can hang them opposite a wall or in a dilemma and they’ll still sound as good. In fact they indeed advantage from it, as a reflections from wall and circuitously surfaces supplement to a energy though causing colouration.

Mission M3

Meanwhile a subwoofer packs a down-firing 200mm long-throw drum driver, with a 200W Class D amplifier providing a power. Its EQ has been pointing aligned to safeguard accurate drum opening down to 30Hz.

Mission M3 – Performance

Mission’s idea with a M3 complement is to broach a bigger, louder sound than you’d design from speakers of this distance and it succeeds in fatiguing fashion.

We started by personification rough movement frisk Edge of Tomorrow and a M3 defies a contingency with a big, expanded soundstage, bags of energy and considerable drum punch.
Mission M3
As Cage is forsaken onto a beach to quarrel a Mimics, we’re bombarded by pithy explosions, corpulent appurtenance gun glow and blast quadcopter engines, all underpinned by fulsome bass. It creates a movement sound sharp-witted and involving.

Because there’s usually a unaccompanied motorist and no crossover network, these speakers are easy to drive. Indeed, they managed to fill a exam room with a receiver’s volume hardly over half way, that is conspicuous for speakers of this size.

There’s also superb formation between a sats and sub. They close together to emanate a tight, unaccompanied sound with a well-spoken change opposite a magnitude range. So when a quadcopter smashes into a ground, a total midrange and drum make a large impact. 

Mission M3

The M3’s use of matching speakers opposite a complement means there are no shifts in tinge as effects pass between channels. This tonal unity creates approximate effects some-more convincing and keeps we enthralled in a film. So as a beach conflict rages, missiles flicker opposite a room uniformly and accurately while explosions and gunfire come during we from each direction.

The tinge is easy and even-handed, refusing to aria or shrill when a going gets tough, even when we pull a volume over a gentle level. However, it seems as yet Mission were so penetrating to equivocate rudeness that it sacrificed some of a bite, that means it’s not utterly as sparkling as it could have been – a small some-more effect would have incited an considerable opening into an superb one.

There’s a healthy volume of fact too, such as a hissing and rustling as Mimics trounce about in a sand. But again we don’t consider it sparkles in a same approach as other compress systems like a Polk TL1600, that backs adult a likewise room-filling sound with larger fact clarity and precision. This teenager obstacle eventually denies a M3 tip marks, yet it doesn’t severely detract from an differently considerable performance.

Mission M3

Should we buy a Mission M3?

If you’re after a 5.1 complement that delivers a absolute sound though eating adult lots of your vital space afterwards a M3 is a superb purchase. The speakers are chic, good done and easy to install, and broach a sound that belies their petite size.

It’s not a many gorgeous performer in terms of detail, yet creates adult for it with a weighty, room-filling sound that we won’t trust is being generated by these dinky speakers – all interjection to those considerable BMR drivers and robust sub.

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Mission’s lovable orator cubes furnish a smashing room-filling sound while gripping confusion to a minimum, yet fact lacks a small flicker compared with other systems.

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