Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer

What is a Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer?

Conceived as a mount mixer for fresh cooks, a Total Control aims to take a guesswork out of baking.

Its Smart Response Technology delivers in dual ways, with 6 preset speed and postponement programmes for standard tasks – such as cake batter, bread mix and defeat – and on primer settings by feeding energy gradually before building to your selected speed. Three tools, a apparatus splashguard and a play cover keep disaster to a minimum, while elementary recipe ideas are enclosed to get baking newbies started.

Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer – Design and Features

The pattern of a Total Control matches a proceed to conquering elementary techniques. Fuss-free, with no ungainly niches to clean down, it’s plain though practical.

Every underline is geared towards being easy to use, from a mains switch during a side that prevents incidentally it branch on, to a clearly noted head-release lever. Its control dial follows suit, with 6 labelled speeds and 0 and pulse, and a start and postponement symbol (although it usually pauses programmes).

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Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer 5

Above, 3 buttons any offer as dual programmes: “Cake” for creation beat or buttercream with a beater; “Egg” for whites or double cream with a whisk; and “Bread” as white or granary with a mix hook.

A play cover with an opening for adding reduction pushes onto a mixer conduct before wise any tool. Unlike a common pull and turn suit for stand-mixer tools, any screws into a mixer with a apart splashguard above.

Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer – What’s it like to use?

Setting adult a Total Control was primarily a small fiddly. The play cover had to be trustworthy first, and nonetheless it had rubber equipment to keep it in place, it had a bent to tumble off when a mixer conduct was raised.

The collection were also tricky; a apparatus splashguard fits above a collection and got in a approach when we were screwing in a tangible tools. However, after a bit of practice, swapping collection became easier.

Morphy Richards 400015

Morphy Richards 400015

We started by creation gingerbread regulating primer blending and a beater. Adding flour, spices and butter to a bowl, we started blending on speed 1 before lifting it to 2 once a butter started to be worked in to a dry ingredients.

The play cover came in accessible to keep a flour from blasting out of a bowl, and, once a reduction had reached a breadcrumb consistency, a cover’s opening was useful for adding sugarine gradually.

A few lumps of butter that hadn’t been total remained, so some finishing by palm was required. Adding an egg and syrup, we incited a appurtenance adult to 4 to stimulate a reduction together into biscuit dough. This took a small while, though even with a unbending reduction during a high speed a apparatus stayed fast on a worktop.

Morphy Richards 400015

Attaching a hook, we used it to make bread dough. The bowl’s inexhaustible distance was useful here given it has a ability for dual or 3 sizeable loaves.

Adding all a reduction to a bowl, we used primer blending to mix them initially, before switching to a involuntary Bread no 1 programme.

Selecting a programme was easy – a symbol illuminated up, afterwards we incited a control dial to 1. This kneaded a mix for 10 mins on a low speed, creation it a distant easier routine than doing it by hand.

Once a programme had finished, a appurtenance stopped by itself. The mix was beautifully effervescent and consistent, and rose good when baked.

Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer 3

We finished by defeat 3 egg whites on a involuntary Egg no 1 programme regulating a whisk. This programme ran for only over 4 mins during a high speed.

Although a whites were tawny once a programme was complete, they weren’t utterly unbending adequate to use for meringue; when a play was tipped, a reduction slid to one side rather than staying rigid. Another notation of primer blending was compulsory for them to strech a firmer consistency.

None of a attachments, play cover, splashguard or play are dishwasher-safe, so they all indispensable to be spotless by hand. For a many partial this was straightforward, nonetheless some biscuit mix was formidable to remove from a crevices of a beater.

Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer

Should we buy a Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer?

Beginner bakers will conclude what a preset programmes offer – generally labour-saving settings such as a one for creation bread dough. However, this mixer isn’t for penetrating cooks who might find a series of actions indispensable for swapping collection and settings slows them down.

Also station opposite this mixer is a incomparable size, that creates it massive to store, and a fact that it can’t be spotless in a dishwasher.

However, if you’re after a elementary mixer that’s able of completing many jobs but wanting an gifted eye examination over it, afterwards a Morphy Richards 400015 Total Control Stand Mixer is a good fit. And it won’t mangle a bank, either.


Taking adult baking as a hobby and on a budget? This is an ideal place to start.

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