Morphy Richards Breeze 300254 Review

What is a Morphy Richards Breeze 300254?

The Breeze 300254 is an affordable steam iron that offers good value for money. It’s not a many absolute iron we’ve tested yet it matches a opening of some manacles that cost twice as much.

It’s light and it looks flattering good in matt black. But there are a few pattern niggles, for instance there’s no shave for gripping a energy cord neat and a strap for a H2O hole falls open when you’re ironing. Still a good buy if you’re on a bill though.

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Morphy Richards Breeze 300254 – Design and Features

Morphy Richards has a whole array of manacles called Breeze. This sold 300254 indication is an surprising all-black design. Not only black yet matt black, a physique and a soleplate alike. The outcome is like Disaster Area’s spaceship in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy: so black that no light is reflected from it whatsoever. In a sea of white irons, it looks officious weird, in a good way.

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Just a controls are visible, then. A elementary red dial on a physique to set a temperature, a span of grey buttons underneath your ride to trigger H2O mist and 120g/min steam shot, and a grey ride pull that we pull to a right to control a consistent steam of adult to 45g/min. This pull also doubles as a trigger for a anti-calc system: feverishness a iron, unplug it and afterwards pull a pull it all a approach to a right (over a sink) to flush out any limescale deposits.

Features embody an auto-off duty that turns off a energy after 1 notation left still horizontally or 8 mins when left still vertically.
Build peculiarity feels inexpensive and plasticky… yet afterwards this is an affordable iron and we get what we compensate for in terms of materials.

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Morphy Richards Breeze 300254 – What’s it like to use?Filling a Morphy Richards is fine. It has a medium-sized fill wish that works with a granted jug or underneath a tap. But a strap covering a fill hole doesn’t shave into place, that is intensely irritating as we iron. In speculation it shouldn’t tumble open as that would meant tipping a iron back. In use it happens all a time if you’re ironing in a rush, we put a iron plumb on a heel yet tip it behind somewhat in a routine and unexpected a flap’s depressed open.

Steam energy is modest. It gets a pursuit done, yet we find yourself carrying to pass a iron over a double several times when an iron with some-more absolute steam would have nailed it in one.

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The 120g/min steam shot doesn’t seem remarkably powerful… until we cruise that this is a bill iron, during that indicate it becomes impressive. We’ve seen manacles during twice a cost furnish reduction steam. Steaming vertically, we found we could furnish 11 good pumps of steam before it started gasping. And a 45g/min consistent steam was impressive, it only kept on coming.

The steam stops automatically, true away, when we mount a iron plumb on a heel. The iron also boasts an auto-off duty that is effective yet too slow: it’s good that it beeps to warning we when it turns off, yet 1 notation is too prolonged to leave an iron on your garments if we get distracted.

We also found that light fabrics clung a soleplate too most as we carried a iron from a board.

Finally, there’s nowhere to hang a energy cord – if we try jacket it turn a bottom of a iron it only falls off – and there’s no shave to reason a cord to itself.

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Should we buy a Morphy Richards Breeze 300254?

If you’re on a budget, yes. It’s by no means a best steam iron we’ve tested. But it’s a best in terms of value for money. It matches a opening of some manacles that cost twice as much. So if you’re counting a pennies, or if we don’t do a lot of ironing, it’s a good buy. If we wish something pricier yet most some-more absolute to tackle an ironing towering afterwards demeanour during a Bosch TDA7060GB or a Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9640.

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Impressive opening for a cost with only a few niggles; if we wish a bill steam iron, gamble on black.

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