MSI 890FX-GD70 Review

We’ve already taken a demeanour during AMD’s new, high-end 890FX chipset with a ASRock 890FX Deluxe3, that offering an disdainful 4 USB 3.0 ports. Let’s see what MSI creates of it with a latest and biggest GD70-series gaming-oriented AM3 motherboard, a 890FX-GD70 (not to be confused with MSI’s cheaper 790FX-GD70).

So what’s special about this GD70? On a hardware side, SATA 6Gb/s is natively upheld by AMD’s many new SB850 chipset, twin USB 3.0 ports are supposing pleasantness of a common NEC controller, and earthy power, reset and ClearCMOS buttons are zero out of a typical during a high end. A few reduction common facilities are a powered eSATA/USB combi port, a earthy overclocking dial and Green Power button, and no fewer than 5 PCI Express x16 slots. It also sports twin Gigabit Ethernet ports, that are apropos utterly singular these days.

We found a prior MSI motherboard we reviewed, a GD65, to be one of a some-more visually appealing play around, and we’re blissful to see a association hasn’t damaged this pattern truth with a GD70. It still sports a same good multiple of black PCB, black and blue slots and china heatsink cooling, now with combined lead blue highlighting. Only a white SATA 6Gb/s ports spoil a outcome a tad – certainly they could have been finished in black?

MSI’s ‘flat heatpipe’ pacifist cooling looks really considerable indeed – there’s as most steel on this motherboard as on any we’ve seen, yet a 890FX (and a reduce finish GX, for that matter) do seem to need utterly a bit of cooling. MSI does use a preference of “military category components” for continuation and stability, though don’t design ruggedness on a turn with a Asus Sabertooth 55i TUF.

While not too bad, a 890FX-GD70’s enclosed gold is rather sub-par for a high-end product. Essentially it hasn’t altered most given final year’s GD65: one CrossFire bridge, twin four-pin molex to SATA energy adapters, 4 true SATA cables and an EIDE cable, with some accessible pin header adapters and a two-port USB 2.0 joint thrown in for good measure. One hapless likeness with a ASRock 890FX Deluxe3 is that a information cables do not in any approach compare a board. These ones are red, that clashes roughly as badly as ASRock’s orange ones did with that board’s mostly allied colouring.

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