MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Red Edition Laptop Review

What is a MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Red Edition?

MSI has finished large inroads into a gaming laptop market, though a distinguished position also means a new models arrive with a large weight of expectation.

Its latest model, a GS70, boasts one of Nvidia’s latest mobile chipsets. The GeForce GTX 970M is a second-best GPU from a immature team’s new range, and it’s a challenging foe for roughly all rivals.

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MSI GS70 2QE 19

MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Red Edition – Design and Build Quality

The high-end GPU isn’t a initial thing to attract attention. That honour goes to a splendid red steel used to form a GS70’s extraneous – a colour that stands out opposite a matte black competition.

MSI leaves a brushed steel mostly composed – a new gaming laptop trend we’re gratified to see. There are standing lights, orator grilles and a energy button, though nothing of a stupid vents, pointed steel or event that used to be a norm.

MSI hasn’t usually constructed a bold-looking appurtenance with a GS70 – it’s skinny and light, too. The categorical physique is usually 21mm thick, with a integrate of millimetres combined for rubber feet, and it weighs 2.66kg. It’s a thinnest and lightest 17in gaming cover we’ve ever reviewed. The prior title-holder, Gigabyte’s Aorus X7 V2, was 24mm thick and weighed 3kg.

The GS70 even gets within touching stretch of 15.6-inch machines. Gigabyte’s P35X weighed usually 300g reduction and had a 22mm-thick body, and MSI’s possess GS60 snuck underneath 2kg in a 20mm frame.

The 17-inch erratic and skinny framework could lead to bad build quality, though MSI has finished a decent job. The underside is sturdy, and difficulty spots are minor: there was a small bit of transformation when a pushed above a keyboard, and a tad possibly side of a trackpad. The shade is stronger, with no pointer of desktop exaggeration when we pressured a rear.

The high-class, resplendent finish on this appurtenance means we’d still use a sleeve when travelling, though we’re assured a GS70 can withstand a rigours of unchanging travel. The slim, intelligent pattern does have one obstacle – interior entrance isn’t possible. We private a twenty screws that secure a GS70’s base, though we weren’t means to examine a bottom off though risking damage.

MSI GS70 2QE 6

Ports spawn a slim chassis. There are 4 USB 3.0 connectors, an SDXC label reader and 3 audio jacks. The full-size HDMI outlay sits alongside dual mini-DisplayPort connectors – that means a GS70 can expostulate 3 screens. Internal connectivity is extensive – Killer Ethernet and dual-band 802.11ac wireless.

MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Red Edition – Screen and Sound Quality

The GS70 doesn’t have a touchscreen, though it does have a 1920 x 1080 fortitude and a matte finish. There isn’t any faffing with a incomparable resolutions we’ve seen on machines like P35X, and a matte covering means splendid lights won’t infer an issue.

The GS70’s totalled liughtness turn of 307 nits ensures it’s off to a good start – there’s some-more than adequate punch to move games to life – and it’s softened by a 0.29 nit black turn and a 1,059:1 contrast. The latter total assistance a GS70 broach deeper blacks and punchier colours than any competitor.

Those colours might be vivid, though they’re not accurate. The normal Delta E of 7.79 is a lowest of any appurtenance we’ve mentioned here, and a colour heat sits during 7670K. That’s softened than some machines, though cooler than we’d like.

The latter formula aren’t ideal, though a MSI’s shade is still good. Its contrariety and black turn give it some-more punch than any of a rivals, and a fortitude is essential rather than show-off.

MSI GS70 2QE 7

Dynaudio’s speakers siphon out good volume, and peculiarity is reasonable. The mid-range is meaty, and drum is punchy – during default settings a usually censure concerns a high-end, that is a tad tinny and loud. Hi-hats and other lighter sounds tend to browbeat a range.

Sound Blaster’s Cinema 2 program is installed, and we softened a auditory landscape by branch a drum adult a small – it brought a tad some-more change to a range.

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