MSI X370 SLI Plus

What is a MSI X370 SLI Plus?

The latest AMD-branded house from MSI tries to parasite each box for £130/$167. Its SLI nomination is designed to interest to gamers who wish to run some-more than one graphics card, yet it’s a Plus-branded house too – so it’ll have facilities and contrast to safeguard that it’ll feel during home in a work rig, too.

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MSI X370 SLI Plus – Design and Features

It’s easy to find gaming motherboards that are dirty with lights and absurd heatsinks, yet it’s wily to make a professional-grade motherboard mount out.

Despite that fact, MSI has finished it with a X370 SLI Plus: a black PCB and heatsinks are accented by splendid steel organised in diagonal, bony sections, with a same phony steel used to anchor a dual categorical PCI slots that assistance give this house a name.

The professional pattern gives a idea about this board’s underline set. It supports 3200MHz DDR4 memory and has trios of PCI-Express x16 and x1 sockets. Two of those PCI-Express x16 slots assistance support 3 AMD GPUs and dual Nvidia cards – wholly customary for modern, mid-range motherboards, even yet on this house it’s a title feature.


There’s a singular M.2 container – one fewer than many Intel play offer – and 6 SATA connectors.

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The MSI’s aesthetics are businesslike, and a board’s blueprint is unfussy. I’m gratified to see 6 fan headers sparse around a board, including one for H2O pumps, and a heatsinks aren’t large adequate to meddle with coolers. we would have elite colour-coding on some of a headers, though, and roughly all of them aren’t safeguarded with a cosmetic approximate – so they’re easier to break.

The lighting conditions is underwhelming too. There aren’t any LEDs on this house – usually red lights around a behind of a board. At slightest there’s a header, so lighting elsewhere on a appurtenance can be tranquil by MSI’s software.

The backplate is well-furnished with 4 USB 3 connectors and both Type-A and Type-C plugs, and there are 6 audio jacks – some-more than many motherboards. There’s also a PS/2 connector for your retro peripherals.


The whole house is underpinned with a AMD X370 chipset. I’m gratified to see this here, since it allows MSI to embody multi-graphics capability for both AMD and Nvidia – a subsequent chipset down, B350, eliminates Nvidia support.

That’s not a usually area where a chipset impresses. No other AMD Ryzen silicon has this many support for SATA and USB ports, and it has some-more PCI lanes than any other new AMD part.

MSI X370 SLI Plus – Performance

This house is designed for work and play, so we was happy that it valid to be one of a some-more unchanging offerings in benchmarks.

Its single-core focus outcome of 4509 is mid-range as distant as AMD boards, and a 23,646 outcome in a multi-tasking exam is a best we available from an Ryzen board. That bodes good for work, since it means any PC that uses this house will be means to hoop complete multi-threaded applications and high-end multi-tasking.

Its SATA storage formula of 515MB/s and 514MB/s are fine, too – a few megabytes behind a quickest boards, sure, yet some-more unchanging than most.

The MSI’s gaming outcome of 6916 is usually mid-table, yet that’s fine. It’s not delayed adequate to means problems, and it won’t be conspicuous during gameplay.

This board’s final tests, energy consumption, saw a MSI lapse to a tip of a able. Its idle energy pull of 57W is usually one Watt some-more than a many spare AMD board, and a 116W rise requirement was 3 Watts reduce than a nearest challenger.

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Should we Buy a MSI X370 SLI Plus?

The MSI isn’t a loudest or many impracticable board, and it doesn’t have high-end facilities – yet it does get a critical things right, that means it’s ideal for building all sorts of systems.

That flexibility extends to a benchmarks. It’s plain in each department, and a multi-tasking and energy expenditure total are a sold highlight.

This isn’t a house to buy if we wish to save income or build an ultra-specified machine, yet it’s ideal for a mid-range or high-end PC that’s going to be used for a far-reaching accumulation of tasks.


MSI’s house balances a good operation of facilities with unchanging and plain performance, nonetheless it’s never going to offer all that enthusiasts require. Still, if you’re after a able house with a extended operation of mainstream features, this is superb.

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