MSI Z270 SLI Plus

What is a MSI Z270 SLI Plus?

This is one of MSI’s many critical motherboards. The Z270 SLI Plus uses Intel’s best chipset, and it’s designed for all demeanour of tasks – a Plus nomination outlines this house out as a workhorse, though a SLI branding also means it should be good for gaming.

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MSI Z270 SLI Plus – Design and Features

It positively looks like it’s prepared to knuckle down to work. Its southbridge and northbridge are safeguarded by heatsinks that brew black steel with angular, splendid slashes. The splendid areas on a heatsinks are interconnected with steel around a dual primary PCI-Express slots and between a 4 memory sockets.

The professional pattern means that there aren’t any RGB LEDs on this board. That bucks a trend among other motherboards, though it suits this product – it wouldn’t demeanour right with varicoloured lights everywhere.


Instead, we get white lights around a behind of a house and an RGB light-strip header, both of that can be customised in software. There’s also a quarrel of accessible evidence LEDs on a house itself.

The MSI’s no-nonsense pattern gives approach to plain core features. It matches many other play on a marketplace by using a DDR4 during a lofty limit of 3800MHz, and a storage array includes dual M.2 sockets and 6 SATA 3 ports. I’d have favourite to see a U.2 pier or a SATA Express connector, though these are still niche offerings, generally during this finish of a market.

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The dual PCI-Express x16 sockets run during 8x speed if they’re both deployed, that is ideal for dual-graphics – that is accessible deliberation this board’s name. The MSI supports two-way Nvidia SLI and three-way AMD CrossFire, that is glorious – few people practically need some-more than dual GPUs.

Those dual slots are accompanied by a slower PCI-Express 16 container that runs during 4x speed, and there are 3 PCI-Express x1 sockets.


The backplate is well-specified, too. It’s got 4 USB 3 ports and Type-A and Type-C connectors, and it’s one of few motherboards to have 6 audio jacks.

The essential MSI doesn’t have on-board buttons or a POST display, though that’s glorious – generally when a rest of a blueprint is solid. The fan headers are good widespread around a board, and there’s plenty room around a CPU hollow and memory slots. The SATA ports are all perpendicular to a house itself, and a tip M.2 pier won’t be blocked by a graphics card. The several headers aren’t stable by cosmetic surrounds, though that’s a teenager gripe.

MSI Z270 SLI Plus – Performance

The no-nonsense MSI house valid discerning and unchanging in a focus and capability benchmarks. Its single-core Geekbench 4 outcome of 5799 is within a domain of blunder of a fastest and many costly boards, and it managed a measure of 19,934 in a multi-core exam – another plain outcome that’ll assistance hit aside work tasks.


Those good focus speeds are bolstered by a MSI’s storage results. Its CrystalDiskMark review and write speeds of 514MB/s and 500MB/s are usually a integrate of megabytes behind a best boards, that means foot times and focus loading speeds won’t humour since of this product.

The MSI’s 3D Mark outcome of 6781 is roughly 100 points behind tip gaming motherboards, that isn’t a outrageous disproportion though does uncover we can fist a small some-more opening out of your complement if we opt for pricier ‘boards.

It’s not a quite fit board, either, interjection to idle and rise energy mandate of 53W and 104W. The former figure is middling, while a latter is bad for a mid-range Intel board.

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Should we Buy a MSI Z270 SLI Plus?

The MSI drops high-end facilities and record-breaking performance, then, though it comes to a front in other areas.

It’s plain in focus benchmarks, for instance, and it has each core underline you’ll need to build a supply for work or play. The blueprint is good, too, and it abandons fan extras and stupid lights in sequence to move a cost down.

This house won’t attract too most attention, though it goes about a business with considerable ease – and a good operation of features. It’s a really good affordable mainstream option.


This house isn’t one for adorned pattern or high-end features, though it offers a plain selection and unchanging benchmarks – and that creates it ideal for a far-reaching operation of tasks. Its £136/$174 cost is flattering good, too, so it’s an glorious Intel-based choice for a mainstream build.

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