NASA Deploys VSee Telemedicine and Secure Video Chat on the…

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International Space Station

International Space Station by NASA

Then VSee came along with a new proceed to doing challenged networks such as those we understanding with during ISS operations.

Sunnyvale, California (PRWEB) Mar 14, 2015

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration] (NASA) has strictly comparison VSee to yield secure video conferencing on house a International Space Station (ISS). VSee will concede astronauts on a ISS to video discuss with their doctors and family, combine with other scientists, and do open overdo with propagandize children. Astronauts will use VSee on both laptops and iPads.

“This is both a outrageous event and a good respect for VSee,” pronounced Dr. Milton Chen, CEO of VSee. “I am really beholden for a event to offer NASA and to work with their team.” Most video conferencing systems are complex. In contrast, VSee creates video partnership simple.

Initially, a Johnson Space Center (JSC) Mission Control Research organisation prototyped VSee for goal control. Then NASA Space Medicine organisation explored regulating VSee for space telemedicine projects. VSee was also partial of a NASA Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Community Desktop Videoconferencing antecedent program.

The ISS has been in circuit around a earth given 1998. It is approximately 240 miles above a earth’s surface, orbiting in a trail that covers 90 percent of a world’s population. The space hire travels during a speed of 17,500 miles per hour and covers a homogeneous stretch to a Moon and behind in one day.


“Before VSee, NASA had been regulating a same video conferencing record formed on a early era of hardware-based solutions to control a two-way video conferences with ISS crewmembers given a early ISS and Shuttle missions.” pronounced Byron Smith, Senior Medical IS Engineer during Wyle.

“As a rest of a human industries began to make use of a newer era of software-based Internet Protocol (IP) video conferencing technologies, NASA had to continue to use a comparison era of record because, trust it or not, it was still a usually resolution that could sufficient hoop some of a singular hurdles of space to belligerent communications,” he added.

Smith explained that a comparatively prolonged round-trip satellite communication latencies in further to a unchanging detriment of communications caused many of a newer era of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) video conferencing technologies to work feeble and in many instances even fail. “Then VSee came along with a new proceed to doing challenged networks such as those we understanding with during ISS operations.”

Early ISS missions compulsory specialized audio and video codecs, and recording hardware in sequence to overpass a bequest moody video conferencing complement with a newer group ground-based video conferencing systems. This compulsory increasing organisation and support costs to maintain. Moving to a newer IP-based video conferencing system, such as VSee, now allows NASA to use reduce cost, customary COTS Personal Computer (PC) hardware to support their ISS associated video conferences.

In addition, since VSee uses customary IP networks, it also allows NASA to take advantage of tighter systems formation and harmony when interfacing with their bequest and other newer craving group video conferencing systems permitting a use of other mobile inclination by remote support organisation and organisation families anywhere in a world. NASA might eventually proviso out their comparison ISS associated audio/video codecs and recording hardware altogether.

Smith noted,”Now, not usually does VSee yield an extended deputy for a stream capability to support secure, two-way, private medical consultations and family conferences with a ISS crewmembers, though it also provides a poignant boost in a ability to support some of a other telemedicine and scholarship objectives such as remote clinical guidance, device monitoring and control, and just-in-time training and stretch learning.”


VSee is a largest video telemedicine platform, mixing HIPAA secure video chat, EMR shade share, and medical device streaming. VSee has a elementary OneClick video watchful room; modernized facilities embody scheduling, call routing/triage, online payment, and ePrescribe. VSee also has ready-to-go telemedicine kits and carts with plug-and-play medical peripherals for present mobile hospital setup anywhere. See VSee telemedicine for refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan. VSee investors embody Salesforce.com. VSee has been used by Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, a stone rope Linkin Park, as good as President Obama’s confidence organisation during his Inauguration.

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