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What is a Nest Cam IQ?

As intelligent as confidence cameras have spin over a years, there’s still a feeling that they’re not utterly regulating a full energy that’s accessible to them. With a Nest Cam IQ that changes, and we have what is arguably a smartest confidence ever: it has a 4K sensor, can lane people automatically, and has face approval built in. The large doubt is, is a Nest Cam IQ value a substantial volume of money? After scarcely a week with a device, it turns out a answer is, approbation it can.

Nest Cam IQ – Design and build

As with Nest’s other products, a Cam IQ is beautifully designed and made. If you’ve seen a Nest Cam Outdoor, a IQ will be now familiar, as it uses a same conical design. we have to contend that this pattern looks as good inside a home as it does outside.

Nest Cam IQ 1

Internally, a mandate are a small different, so Nest has built an wholly new mountain that allows a 180-degree pivot and 160-degree lean yet wanting any support. And, even indicating true down, a cam IQ feels totally stable, and doubtful to disintegrate over to a doom. Impressively, we can adjust a camera by palm with no thumbscrews or other annoyances to understanding with.

Nest Cam IQ 2

A customary tripod screw is propitious to a stand, so we can wall-mount this camera if we wish to, nonetheless no mountain is supposing in a box. Nest powers a Cam IQ with a USB-C cable. The connector has been created to fit flush into a stand, giving a neat finish.

Nest Cam IQ 3

Nest Cam IQ – Features

Getting a camera operative means regulating a Nest app, that also controls your other cameras and a Nest Thermostat. we had my camera operative in a matter of minutes, with a camera hooking adult to my 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi effortlessly. Switching to AC is a good move, giving a camera distant some-more bandwidth than Nest’s prior 2.4GHz-only 802.11n cameras.

The large further to this camera is a 4K design sensor. Although a footage is usually accessible during 1080p, carrying a additional fortitude confers some benefits, and allows some intelligent new features. Foremost, a Nest Cam IQ can use a Supersight record to follow an antagonist around a room, panning a 1080p support around a 4K sensor. With 4K giving we four-times a fortitude of 1080p, we also get a four-times wizz built-in, nonetheless with digital wizz a Nest Cam IQ provides adult to 12x wizz from a bound lens.

A six-core processor means that some-more can be finished in camera. While a Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam Indoor can mark people when we pointer adult for a Nest Aware subscription, with a Nest Cam IQ, chairman showing is built-in. Subscribe to Nest Aware, and that changes to face recognition, vouchsafing a Cam IQ heed between crony or foe.

From a app, we can control when a camera can record and when it can’t. This is utterly critical with an indoor camera, as we substantially don’t wish to bug your home and record yourself walking around. Nest supports schedules, yet there’s geofencing built in so that a Cam IQ can spin on when we go out and off when we get home.

Nest Cam IQ 11

It’s a small irritating that we can’t use both during a same time; rather, we can spin both on, yet a dual options can dispute and give indeterminate results. I’d like both to play easily together, so that a camera always turns on with a report (say, recording during night), yet that a report can’t spin off your camera when you’re away; and, returning home shouldn’t spin off a camera if a report has incited it on. This is a problem common on all Nest cameras, and I’m anticipating a destiny app refurbish will repair it.

Nest Cam IQ 12

Nest Cam IQ – Performance and Nest Aware

Although a Nest Cam IQ can do some-more than a predecessors out of a box, you’re still going to wish a Nest Aware subscription if we wish to keep accessible footage and get a many modernized features. This costs £8 per month for 10-day video storage, or £24 a month for 30-day video storage, nonetheless allow for 12-months and we get it all for a cost of 10. If we have mixed cameras, get prepared to compensate more, as any additional camera costs £4 a month for 10-day story or £12 a month for 30-day history, with a same annual discounts available.

With Nest Aware enabled, a many apparent advantage is that a complement can record for adult to 24-hours a day, gripping each bit of footage. Nest’s app is incredible, vouchsafing we uniformly corkscrew by a footage. Thumbnails uncover we any areas of interest, such as rescued movement. A calendar perspective lets we fast burst to a prior day; comparison versions of a Nest app finished we corkscrew manually by all footage.

Nest Cam IQ 10

To improved control when a suit showing is triggered, we can set Activity Zones. New to a Nest App (and accessible in all cameras, not usually a IQ) is automobile doorway detection: once a camera things it’s recognized a door, it will pull an Activity Zone around it. You can manually set your possess zones, nonetheless a app still doesn’t support this underline and we have to use a web app instead.

Nest Cam IQ 8

Face approval works brilliantly. Once a new face has been recognised, we get a pop-up in a app, so that we can contend if we recognize them or not. If we do, we can supplement a name for destiny reference. As Nest use’s Google’s face showing (the same tech as in Google Photos), a showing rate is impressive. Whether we was wearing eyeglasses or not, and from many any angle, a Nest Cam IQ picked me adult correctly.

Nest Cam IQ 9

You get opposite notifications depending on possibly a camera speckled a informed chairman or not. Familiar people are named, since a warning for strangers usually tells we that an unclear chairman was spotted. Unfortunately, there’s no approach to tell a camera to usually advise we about unclear people.

Nest Cam IQ 5

Nest’s Supersight record is incredible, zooming in and tracking anyone that it spots. Cleverly, we get dual 1080p streams: a zoomed-in version, and a breathtaking shot of a whole room. It’s easy to switch between a dual views, so we remove zero by carrying Supersight incited on.

Three microphones collect adult audio clearly, adding to a recording. Via a app we can pronounce to an antagonist (or friend, for that matter), with audio clearly transmitted from a Nest Cam IQ’s integrated speaker. Using a microphone, a Nest Cam IQ can also detect a disproportion between a dog barking and chairman speaking, and advise we of a two.

Nest Cam IQ 4

Nest Cam IQ – Video Quality

Video peculiarity is exceptional. Even yet that 4K fortitude is boiled down to Full HD, downscaled high-resolution video looks improved than that shot during 1080p. On tip of that, a Nest Cam IQ has HDR built-in, pulling out all of a fact in an image. No confidence camera I’ve tested can compare a Nest Cam IQ’s design quality. With a 130-degree lens, a camera captures many an whole room, no matter where we place it. Zooming into an image, pulls out additional fact in a approach that’s not probable with opposition cameras. You’d have to get a Full HD camera with a wizz lens to come close.

Nest Cam IQ 6

Nest has used 940nm IR LEDs for a night prophesy mode. These are designed to give improved coverage, while a light is reduction manifest to a tellurian eye, so we don’t get a same red heat from this camera as with other models. I’m happy to contend that a IR LEDs work well, clean lighting adult my whole room.

Nest Cam IQ 7

You can no longer set design resolution, with a camera picking peculiarity settings automatically. However, there is a environment to collect peculiarity and bandwidth, starting during Low (around 100GB per month) and High (around 400GB per month).

Nest Cam IQ – IFTTT

Nest has an IFTTT channel for a Cam IQ. There are no actions, usually triggers (motion or audio detection). It’s a contrition that a channel hasn’t been stretched to supplement actions formed on who was detected, contend branch on a Philips Hue lights to a opposite setting, depending on who entered a room. This is something that a opposition Netatmo Welcome can do.

Should we buy a Nest Cam IQ?

In terms of pristine design quality, a Nest Cam IQ is a best confidence camera that I’ve tested. It’s also one of a easiest to configure and has a many stretchable and easy-to-use stand. Face showing is good to see here, generally given how discerning and accurate it is. And, Nest Aware is usually about a best confidence cloud subscription service, providing an free approach to corkscrew by your confidence footage.

That said, it feels as yet a Nest Cam IQ isn’t utterly as stretchable as it could be. I’d adore to see some-more control over when a camera turns on and off, and there should be an choice to usually forewarn we when unknown faces have been seen. A some-more stretchable IFTTT channel, integrating face detection, would be good to see as well. There’s no removing divided from a cost of this camera, either, nor a relations responsibility of a Nest Aware subscription.

Still, if we wish a best design peculiarity this is a camera to buy. If we don’t mind losing a face detection, a aged Nest Cam Indoor is still a good buy. Alternatively, a Netatmo Welcome has face showing and a smarter IFTTT channel, and it’s extremely cheaper.


A really sharp camera, with well-developed design peculiarity and some intelligent features, yet it and a ongoing subscription costs make this an costly choice.

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