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What is a Netatmo Healthy Home Coach?

Monitoring your home’s atmosphere peculiarity is large news during a moment, with a raft of products all rising during a same time. The cheapest product is a Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, that keeps a cost down by regulating fewer sensors. In turn, this might impact a usefulness.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach – Design and build

Netatmo is good famous for a high-quality designs, and a Healthy Home Coach looks gorgeous. It’s usually accessible in rose gold, though that’s excellent with me, as this cylinder looks and feels fantastic. While other home monitors are designed to mix into a background, this is a product that you’ll many expected be happy to have out on display.

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Netatmo Healthy Home Coach 3

A singular LED lights a executive cover when we strike a symbol on a front. The light colour changes depending on how good a atmosphere peculiarity in your home is: light blue means all Healthy, relocating by orange and red to uncover we when conditions have incited Unhealthy. A singular Healthy Home Coach is designed to guard a singular room, nonetheless we can buy mixed units and guard them all from within a same app.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach – Features

Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach has several sensors to detect a peculiarity of your home environment. Humidity helps we see a relations atmosphere moisture, as bedrooms that are dual wet can multiply germ and mould; bedrooms that aren’t wet adequate can means respirating problems and tingling skin. Hand-in-hand with this is a feverishness sensor so that we can keep a room during a right ambient level. This is quite vicious if we have a baby, as they can’t umpire physique heat.

A sound scale is something that we haven’t seen on an atmosphere guard before. Netatmo says that it’s a useful metric, quite in monitoring nap quality. For example, by checking a chronological information during night, we can see if there are unchanging shrill noises that could be unfortunate we and your family. Air peculiarity simply measures a Co2 levels of a room. Higher concentrations of CO2 can make it harder to concentrate.

That’s it, sensor-wise, from Netatmo. It’s a genuine contrition that a Healthy Home Coach can’t magnitude some of a some-more damaging elements, such as particulate matter (small pieces of dirt that can dig a lungs) or VOCs (volatile organic compounds, that are poisonous chemicals mostly found in cleaning products). These dual options are some of a many vicious for measuring what’s indeed going on in your home.

As a LED on a front of a Healthy Home Coach doesn’t tell we what’s going on, minute information can be monitored from a neat app. The home shade shows, during a glance, if your room is Healthy or Unhealthy.

Under that elementary overview we get readings for any of a 4 measurements that a Healthy Home Coach monitors. Each tells we descriptively if a reading is good or not; drumming any reading brings adult some-more minute information. The accurate information differs depending on a reading. If we get a bad one, such as a room that’s too hot, a information box shows some tips on what we should do to fight a reading.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach 6

Healthy Home Coach can work in 3 modes: Whole Family, Baby, and Asthmatic. Each mode sets opposite thresholds for dimensions warnings. For example, a Baby mode is some-more supportive to heat; a Asthmatic mode is some-more supportive to humidity. Unfortunately, a tips don’t change to fit a mode, such as giving specific recommendation on how to keep a baby cool. Testing a Healthy Home Coach in Baby mode gave recommendation on wearing “appropriate clothing”.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach 7

All information is kept for 24 hours, so we can step behind in time to see what a measurements were like in a past. Other intelligent home monitors keep information for a longer period, assisting we build a improved design of your home’s health.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach – Performance

The Healthy Home Coach responds fast to changes in your air, though a problem is that many of a readings are rather obvious. If a room is too prohibited or too cold, for example, it’s easy to tell. And it’s easy to buy a inexpensive device that can magnitude both steam and temperature, supposing we don’t caring about carrying a information in an app.

Without particulate matter or VOC sensors, a Healthy Home Coach doesn’t respond to other factors, such as cleaning sprays putting damaging chemicals into a air. Without these sensors, it’s tough to take stairs to unequivocally purify adult each aspect of your home’s air.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach – Apple Home

Netatmo supports Apple Home with a Healthy Home Coach. Once combined into your system, we can ask Siri elementary questions, such as “What is a steam in this room?” Current Apple Home restrictions means that usually a CO2 sensor can be used in automations. Even then, we can’t set a threshold, and Apple Home can usually trigger an automation when high levels of CO dioxide are detected. It’s a small unsatisfactory that a complement isn’t some-more flexible.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Sadly, there’s no IFTTT channel to give we some-more control over other devices. Given that other Netatmo products have an IFTTT channel, this is firm to be combined in a nearby future, though for now a Healthy Home Coach is reduction stretchable than a competition.

Should we buy a Netatmo Healthy Home Coach?

As neat as a Netatmo Healthy Home Coach and a app are, it doesn’t magnitude adequate things for a liking, and a measurements it does take are a small some-more obvious. The some-more costly Foobot has a wider operation of sensors and a improved IFTTT channel.


A elementary home monitor, though it doesn’t quite tell we anything that isn’t apparent or that can’t be finished cheaper.

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