Netflix 4K Ultra HD Review

What is Netflix Ultra HD 4K?

Netflix’s Ultra HD use is
currently a customarily widely accessible source of reward 4K/UHD calm in
the UK – Amazon’s Ultra HD calm is US-only for now. You can track
down a few other 4K pieces and bobs on a Internet if we know what
you’re doing, yet notwithstanding a torrent of 4K screens now attack our
shores 4K calm continues to loiter behind. So in short, Netflix Ultra HD
4K is now a unequivocally large understanding for a subsequent era of television.

after primarily creation a UHD calm accessible during no additional charge,
Netflix has recently introduced a apart UHD pricing tier. It’s a
pretty large step-up by Netflix’s customarily unequivocally assertive standards,
taking a rate from £5.99 a month to £8.99 a month – a 50 per cent

Is it value spending some-more to get 4K Netflix now? Read on to find out.

What do we need to get Netflix 4K?


looking during how Netflix’s 4K feeds figure adult peculiarity and calm wise,
let’s demeanour during what we need to suffer them. First, it’s endorsed that
have a broadband tie with during slightest 15Mb of speed. Netflix
recommends aloft speeds given that some services delayed down during
periods of high contention, yet if you’ve got a quick 15Mb we should
get to see Netflix’s 4K streams regulating during their best.

Strangely, we saw Netflix 4K streams apparently regulating on a hardly 8Mbps feed during a
new Panasonic TV event, yet this was too passing a glance to
confirm that such speeds will consistently broach a 3,840 x 2,160 streamed
image. And even if they can, a design peculiarity you’d get during such a
data rate will positively be compromised by a additional compression
required to fist 4K by such a slight pipe.

good as a unequivocally quick broadband connection, we will also need not customarily a
4K-capable TV, yet a 4K TV means to decode Netflix’s HEVC H.265 delivery
system. Such decoding capabilities are distant from concept in the
current 4K TV marketplace alas, so we need to be clever that set we buy
if Netflix 4K is of any seductiveness to you. Which it substantially will be given
a miss of other 4K calm options around right now.

Sets we’ve tested that do support Netflix’s 4K streams are: a Sony 65X9005B, a Sony 55X8505, a Sony 65S9005B, a Samsung UE65HU8500, a Samsung UE55HU8200, a Samsung UE48HU7500, a Samsung UE55HU8500, a Samsung UE65HU7500, a Samsung UE55HU7500, a Panasonic 55AX902, a LG 65UB980V, a LG 55UB950V, and, following a new firmware update, a Panasonic 58AX802 and 50AX802.

What do we get for your money?

4K content, Netflix has attempted to make this easier to swallow by also
doubling a array of screens we can tide Netflix on simultaneously
to 4 from a dual we get during a £5.99 level. But a cost hike
still seems flattering pointy given that Netflix’s prevalent success so distant has
been built on charity aggressively affordable and candid ‘one
cost gets all’ subscription deals.

It should be combined here,
though, that if we managed to record onto your Netflix comment with a 4K
TV before Aug 12th 2014 we will not have to start profitable a new 4K
surcharge until during slightest Aug 2016. This should be a box even if
you didn’t indeed play a 4K tide before Aug 12th.

But the
the critical doubt is what 4K calm do we get? The answer? Not as
many as we’d like. While it seems a bit cross to blubber about a only
calm provider that’s now got any arrange of 4K act together in
the UK, it has to be pronounced that Netflix hasn’t combined scarcely as many 4K
content as we would have favourite to a servers given rising a first
4K streams in April.

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Netflix willingly provides a ‘themed’
section clinging to a UHD content, yet tracking this down reveals that
there are customarily 6 local 4K shows. Two of these – Breaking Bad and
House Of Cards – are during slightest high-profile shows containing multiple
series of 4K episodes. The remaining four, though, are usually single
nature videos from Louie Scwartzberg’s Moving Art plan to ‘help
people tumble in adore with inlet again’.

Featuring a brew of video
and time-lapse photography, a 4 25-minute Moving Art documentaries
concentration on Oceans, Deserts, Forests and Flowers. American Netflix
subscribers can also watch The Blacklist in 4K, and a tiny preference of
Sony films, yet we’re still watchful for a initial streamable 4K
Hollywood movie.

It’s a rather deflating start, then, so we can customarily wish that a peculiarity of these 4K streams creates adult for a tiny selection.

Netflix UHD/4K: Picture Quality

Despite being tiny so far,
Netflix’s 4K charity provides a flattering revelation design of a current
state of 4K play – both a good and a bad. We tested Netflix
4K for this examination on an 85-inch 4K TV, so there unequivocally was no hiding
place for any flaws in a 4K streams.

The good, though a
shade of doubt, is House of Cards. Both array of this show, from the
first part to a last, demeanour mostly gorgeous. Detail levels are
immense, for instance, clearly outstripping Netflix’s HD streams. This
is generally apparent with extraneous or splendid shots, and a opening
credits method looks so mouth-wateringly fantastic we competence well
find yourself rewinding it a few times usually to see it again.

hair, wardrobe and other pivotal tools of a design are also full of
HD-beating textures, and a clarity of abyss in large-scale shots across
Washington is sensational.

Colours demeanour fantastically natural
too, interjection to a correctness of mix a additional fortitude can deliver
and what’s clearly some glorious 4K mastering from a digitally shot 5K
source by a show’s creators.

House of Cards’ images aren’t
perfect, though. Dark interiors tend to demeanour softer than a splendid exteriors,
with some-more possibility of manifest application artefacting (blocks and stripes)
over credentials areas. Also, a design seems to alleviate adult a little
during camera pans or when there’s a lot of suit in a frame. But
considering a track it’s holding to get into your vital room, it
does a remarkably good pursuit of creation we happy we invested in a 4K TV.

on to Breaking Bad, initial impressions aren’t indeed that great. The
picture looks considerably rougher and reduction discriminating than House of Cards,
with some-more application artefacts, a reduction nuanced, infrequently rather
over-saturated looking colour palette, and a reduced clarity of detail.

though, a serve we pierce by Breaking Bad’s 5 seasons, the
better a design peculiarity starts to look, so that by a final integrate of
seasons we feel many some-more like you’re examination a local 4K experience.

reason for this, we imagine, is that distinct House of Cards – which, as
noted earlier, was shot regulating Red 5K digital cameras – Breaking Bad was
filmed on 35mm celluloid, a element that can come in opposite quality
grades and that can also reduce over time. So it could be that as the
uncover became successful a aloft class of film was used for a later
series, or it could be that a comparison series’ batch had degraded by the
time they got spin to scanning it for a new 4K masters, and they
didn’t have a time or income to do a remastering compulsory to correct
a ‘errors’.

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Another emanate that could be in play here is that
shooting on 35mm film tends to broach a naturally grainier finish –
something that makers of dirty shows and films like Breaking Bad often
like on an artistic level. Which is fine, of course, solely that the
more ‘noise’ there is in a source a harder it is for compression
engines like a one used by Netflix to restrict an design for digital
distribution though formulating application artefacts.

One further
factor could be that Breaking Bad tends to use brighter photography than
House Of Cards, and it’s easier for application systems to handle
darker content. But maybe that one’s a bit of a widen unless all
Netflix’s other home-grown shows spin out to be filmed in particularly
low light conditions!

Overall, Breaking Bad is still improved to watch in 4K than HD – a dirty look
is some-more effective than it is with HD notwithstanding a occasional problems it
causes a application engine, and there is palpably some-more fact to be
seen. But a proof of 4K’s attracts isn’t as ‘in your face’ and
instantly considerable as House Of Cards.

Strangely a least
impressive of Netflix 4K’s UK things is a element we competence have
expected to demeanour a best: a Moving Art inlet documentaries. All four
demeanour many softer and reduction minute than a dual TV series, all four
suffer with distant some-more apparent application artefacts, and all 4 exhibit
colour clarification distant brief of a spin we’ve come to design of good
4K, heading to a detriment of fortitude in unequivocally jam-packed areas of a image
like trees, pastures and skies.

There even seem to be some
colour errors during times – trailing tones and bizarre off-key ‘haloes’. At
times cinema demeanour some-more like a 1970s lay com or a low quality
NTSC-to-PAL transcode than a primitive 4K image. Weird.

Netflix 4K Ultra HD: Sound Quality

We had no complaints with
a Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes of a dual TV series. They sound as clear
and energetic as a soundtracks that accompany their HD versions, showing
that a information final of 4K video haven’t compulsory anything nasty to be
finished to a audio tracks.

The 4 inlet documentaries aren’t
really value mentioning here, as they’re fundamentally usually good gentle
music personification over a unsatisfactory visuals.

emanate we beheld while contrast a Netflix 4K feeds on a Samsung
85-inch TV, though, is that there were during times some flattering significant
audio sync problems, heading to people’s lips relocating out of time with
the difference they’re ostensible to be speaking.

At a time of writing
Samsung tells us it’s operative to repair this emanate within a TV,
suggesting that it believes it’s an emanate with a possess HEVC decoders
rather than Netflix’s streams. But if you’ve gifted identical issues
with Sony, LG or Panasonic Netflix-capable TVs feel giveaway to let us know
in a comments section.

Netflix 4K Ultra HD: Streaming Performance

We were tender with a fortitude of a 4K streams. We
didn’t notice any conspicuous reductions in a streaming peculiarity caused
by intensity bottlenecks during Netflix’s server end. Admittedly, the
broadband tie we were regulating had copiousness of headroom above a 15Mb
smallest Netflix reckons we need for a peculiarity 4K experience, yet it’s
still calming to see that clearly a customarily information streaming cause to
worry about is a speed and, potentially, row rates of your own
broadband connection.

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Should we allow to Netflix’s 4K Ultra HD service?

now Netflix arguably doesn’t have adequate 4K calm accessible to UK
subscribers to clear a additional £3 a month it’s seeking over and above
its HD subscription. Certainly it doesn’t make as many clarity here right
now as it does in a US where there’s considerably some-more calm for the
same reward subscription.

With this in mind we competence be advised
to wait and see what Amazon’s 4K Ultra HD streaming use has to
offer when that goes live here. The Amazon 4K use usually launched in
the US offers decent amounts of content, so hopefully we’ll get something
similar over here during some point.

a other hand, with precisely 0 other local 4K calm around at
the time of writing, anyone who’s splurged on a 4K TV might good find the
lure of House Of Cards and Breaking Bad in 4K overwhelming for £3 a
month – generally if they haven’t watched possibly array during all before.
After all, £3 a month still works out approach cheaper over, say, a year than
shopping any array of any uncover on Blu-ray – and Blu-ray isn’t even

Plus, of course, nonetheless it’s holding longer to arrive than
hoped there will be some-more 4K calm entrance to Netflix’s use in the
coming weeks and months, and any film or TV uncover that drops will
enhance a service’s value.


Netflix’s 4K
service in a stream form is a ideal microcosm of all that’s
good and bad about 4K right now. Content levels are thin, in keeping
with a ubiquitous 4K drought. When a use looks a best – with
House Of Cards – it provides a tasty sign of usually how many of a
difference 4K can make to design quality. Yet during a misfortune Netflix’s 4K
calm also reminds us of a innumerable hurdles concerned in preserving
4K peculiarity all a approach from camera lens by to a TV in your
living room.

short, today’s Netflix 4K Ultra HD use is some-more ‘one to watch’ than
an essential purchase. Though carrying pronounced that such is a adore for all
(well, most) things 4K that it wouldn’t in law take many some-more House Of
Cards-quality calm during all to arrive on a Netflix height to get
us reaching for a credit cards faster than we can contend “4K rocks”.

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