Netgear AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Review

What is a Netgear AirCard 785?

The AirCard 785 is Netgear’s latest try to interrupt a mobile hotspot marketplace that’s primarily tranquil by telecoms carriers. While ISPs supply elementary routers, third parties tend to offer some-more oppulance alternatives, and a AirCard 785 follows that trend by being a reward 4G MiFi that Netgear hopes will lure users to upgrade.

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Netgear AirCard 785 – Design and Features

MiFi inclination are distant from a many glamorous of objects, yet Netgear has positively constructed a many aesthetically appealing one we’ve seen to date.

Key to this is a use of a colour LCD screen. It isn’t quite premium, yet it provides all we need: operator, signal, battery life, connected inclination information and information usage. This is all at-a-glance information, notwithstanding being only 1.5 inches across, and Netgear has used a space well.

Where a AirCard 785 breaks from a container yet is in a form factor. Most MiFi units have a tiny footprint, yet are really thick, while Netgear has taken a conflicting track with a estimable 110 x 69mm physique that’s only 16.6mm thick. This is indeed nicer to lift around than a smaller, thicker pattern and it’s sincerely light during 127g.

Where a genuine seductiveness lies, however, is internally and here Netgear has a right ingredients. Support for 4G/LTE (cat 4) is a title aspect, providing intensity download and upload speeds of adult to 150Mbps and 50Mbps respectively. Furthermore it’s concordant with all critical bands: 800/850/900/1800/2100 and 2600MHz. Meanwhile 3G (including HSPA Plus) and 2G (including EDGE) support covers a 850/900/2100MHz and 900/1800MHz bands respectively.

This gives a AirCard 785 adequate coherence to be used roughly anywhere in a world, and it’s unbarred so can take any SIM label we buy, supposing it’s a Micro SIM.

Meanwhile when it comes to Wi-Fi a AirCard 785 might not support a oh-so-fashionable 802.11ac, yet it offers twin rope 802.11n (2.4GHz and 5GHz) that is singular in many MiFi. 5GHz is apropos vital, as 2.4GHz can onslaught to keep adult with a 100Mbps-plus speeds that 4G is starting to broach and it adds some futureproofing to a device.

Netgear also has done dual points to fit outmost antennas should we need to boost a Wi-Fi operation and speed (not to be confused with your mobile signal). It also offers WPS – too prolonged absent from many MiFi inclination – for creation fast, secure connections.

Netgear AirCard 785 4

Lastly Netgear creates some confidant battery life claims: 10 hours of active use and adult to 300 hours on standby puts this a step forward of a foe on paper. The battery is also removable, so highway warriors can buy a gangling if needed.

Omissions? There are a few. What a AirCard 785 lacks is some of a extras we mostly see on third-party MiFi units such as a TP-Link M5360. Most quite it can’t work as an outmost battery or microSD label reader, yet distinct a M5360 it receives 4G and supports WPS, that means it’s improved versed for a primary task.

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Netgear AirCard 785 – Setup

MiFi inclination have never compulsory a biggest technical believe to get adult and running, and a AirCard 785 is no different.

The behind comes off and a Micro SIM tray is located behind a battery – not quite inconvenient, given we shouldn’t be switching SIM cards too often. Once a SIM and battery are inserted, we simply foot it adult and it detects a network automatically.

Netgear AirCard 785 8

Where it could be easier is Netgear’s navigation system. Just dual buttons – noted with energy and reduction black – hoop all navigation with one cycling by options and a other selecting. This isn’t primarily discerning and it takes a bit of hearing and blunder to get used to it.

That pronounced a full browser-based UI is excellent. Found during http://netgear.aircard a elementary dashboard conveys monthly and event usage, connected inclination (and on that band), SSID and cue info all in one place along with battery and vigilance status. It’s a best we’ve seen and won’t shock even a many technophobic of users.

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