New CompuCram Offers Adaptive Learning Technology

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Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) Feb 27, 2015

The new CompuCram Exam Prep System is now available, incorporating a new and singular training methodology, manageable pattern and a insubordinate Readiness Indicator to safeguard that students pass their examination a initial time. Developed after endless marketplace research, a new CompuCram is accessible for a genuine estate, appraisal, insurance, home investigation and debt lending industries.

The CompuCram growth group designed a new complement to prove a market’s need for a some-more extensive examination credentials resolution that integrates all of a required training resources on one platform. Students indicated that an all-in-one resolution with larger coherence was vicious to flitting a examination a initial time and starting their new careers faster.

“The adaptive training record guides a tyro any step of a way, formed initial on their pre-assessment examination and afterwards a work they finish during any session,” says Jerry Weissberg, boss of a Hondros Family of Companies. “The CompuCram complement also is really flexible, permitting a tyro to navigate by their choice of opposite credentials options, such as Study Vocabulary, Practice Testing and Simulated Exams.”

The newly expelled CompuCram includes a Readiness Indicator, that marks a student’s swell and ceaselessly analyzes information generated from wording tools, use tests and unnatural exams. Through a CompuCram dashboard interface, a tyro is given a genuine time image of their willingness to take a examination and concentration areas for continued study.

“CompuCram facilities a many stream and applicable examination prep questions on a marketplace today,” says Weissberg. “We have partnered with attention experts opposite a nation to rise a extensive set of energetic use tests that many accurately simulate a calm of a tangible exam.”

About CompuCram

CompuCram was grown by Hondros Learning, a heading provider of educational products and services for a Real Estate, Appraisal, Home Inspection, Financial Services, Insurance, and Mortgage Lending industries. Utilizing concentration groups, tyro comments, and feedback from partner schools, a CompuCram group is constantly essay to allege a examination prep attention by charity an extended product line focused on adult tyro needs and upheld by heading record and consultant content. CompuCram products give operative professionals a collection they need to pass chartering exams a initial time. The association has a proven lane record of assisting some-more than 300,000 students grasp their educational and career goals.

About Hondros Family of Companies

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Hondros Family of Companies continues to be a inhabitant personality in education, genuine estate and business given being determined in 1981. The association is dedicated to support a same peculiarity and high standards currently that students, business partners and business have famous for decades. The Hondros Family of Companies includes Hondros College of Business, Arizona School of Real Estate Business, Fast Fingerprints, and Hondros Learning. For some-more information, revisit http://www.hondros.com or call 1.888.HONDROS.


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