New No-Cost App “Rooftop Frenzy” from Rise Up Labs is a Martial Arts…

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Rooftop Frenzy accessible now for iPhone, iPad and Android

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) Feb 24, 2015

Gamers who are fed adult with predictable, tedious and uncreative games — of that there are distant too many to count for both iOS and Android — can now knowledge a artistic new martial humanities themed movement diversion of epic proportions by downloading Rise Up Labs’ singular new no-cost app Rooftop Frenzy.

Rooftop Frenzy, that warranted soap-box reviews during a recently-concluded Digital World 2015, has a truly artistic behind story that goes like this: A dauntless and learned Kung Fu master’s “epic hair” during his girl was a source of joy. However, with advancing age his hair began to tumble out, and revoke his complacency strand by strand. Eventually, all that he had left of those happy memories was his appreciated brush — that is, until one of a organisation of thieving ninjas pennyless into his home and refused to dump it when caught. That sprung a Kung Fu master out of retirement and into action, and it’s also where a app’s quick and fun gameplay begins.

Gamers assume a purpose of a indignant Kung Fu master who contingency easily burst from rooftop to rooftop in sequence to better a rapist ninjas regulating one of 9 signature moves (hence a app’s name “Rooftop Frenzy”). And given a bad guys are mostly carrying some flattering frightful weapons, gamers contingency safeguard that their timing, reflexes and handeye coordination are accurate and ideal – or else they’ll destroy to absolved a city of these thieving ninjas once and for all.

As they jump, roll, punch and a hang figure Kung Fu master by mad and constantly-moving side-scrolling action, Gamers are accompanied by a unusual cinema-quality soundtrack, and by ultra-realistic sound effects. They also suffer superb multi-layered landscape backgrounds that have been meticulously crafted in an oriental style, finish pink-hued cherry freshness trees and more. Gamers can also review their feats to friends and others around online actor rankings.

“Rooftop Frenzy is a multiple of all that gamers adore and want,” commented Ershadul Hoque of Rise Up Labs. “The gameplay is artistic and unique, a visuals are stunning, a movement is fast-paced, a sound is amazing, and a goal is challenging, and a fun never ends. When we supplement it all up, it’s easy to see because Rooftop Frenzy is a martial humanities themed movement diversion of epic proportions that gamers have been watchful for!”

Rooftop Frenzy is accessible now during no-cost for iPhone, iPad and iPod hold from a App Store during https://itunes.apple.com/app/rooftop-frenzy/id932737560. It is also accessible for Android inclination from Google Play during https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riseuplabs.stickman, and from a Amazon Appstore for Android during http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.riseuplabs.stickmankungfu.

Additional app information, including a video trailer, screenshots and media kit, is accessible from http://www.riseuplabs.com/products/rooftop-frenzy.

For all other information or media inquiries, hit Md. Asaduzzaman Bappy on interest of Rise Up Labs during +88-0175-974-7387 or pr(at)riseuplabs(dot)com.

Rise Up Labs

Rise Up Labs is an eccentric and fast-growing diversion studio headquartered in Dhaka, that focuses on formulating fun, high-quality, no-cost games for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Learn some-more during http://www.riseuplabs.com

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