New No-Cost App “WayTaskers” from Mustafa Mun is an Open Local…

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Waytaskers accessible now for Android

(PRWEB) Feb 20, 2015

Businesses and people who possibly have a use to offer, or who need some additional assistance from someone in their internal area, can now conduct to Google Play and download a innovative new app WayTaskers from developer Mustafa Mun.

Available during no-cost, WayTaskers is an open internal marketplace that lets anyone buy or sell tasks – or even find a proxy stretchable workforce — in a matter of minutes, and during a good price. Here’s how a app works:

  • Users start by logging into a app by their mobile device, or around a web height located during http://www.waytaskers.com.
  • Next, users select a difficulty that fits possibly what they wish to sell, or wish to buy. Categories include: housework, delivery, mechanism help, bureau administration,

cleaning, shopping, seat assembly, and several more. There’s also an all purpose “other” category.

  • After that, users who need some assistance crop accessible tasks to see what’s accessible in their internal area. When they find a solution, they make a bid and contest with other users to get a best price.
  • Alternatively, users who have a use to offer post their charge by essay a discerning description, along with a location, a elite fee, and a elite routine of remuneration (cash on smoothness or PayPal). They can also supplement an discretionary print and deadline, if applicable.
  • When a charge is finished, remuneration is finished and a charge is closed.
  • To hang up, users yield accurate reviews of their experience, in sequence to assistance other members of a WayTaskers community.

Every new user receives 5 giveaway credits, with any credit permitting a user to post an particular task. Further credits can simply be purchased if compulsory during a cost of $1 per credit / charge and secure remuneration is finished around PayPal.

Waytaskers aim is to promote a introduction of dual nominal businesses and a marketplace is offering to end-users for free, with no elect of any kind practical to a cost of a task. Businesses or people can exclusively determine their possess cost and remuneration can be finished between a parties around any concluded method, cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Furthermore, distinct some open marketplace apps that are formidable to navigate and take substantial time to figure out, WayTaskers is designed with a simple, discerning interface and a clear, step-by-step sorceress that walks users by a offered or shopping routine (depending on their requirements). Users can also fast emanate their personal profile, send and accept messages, entice friends, and set adult alerts.

“WayTaskers is totally reinventing how people get all kinds of tasks done, or find stretchable work opportunities right in their possess neighbourhoods,” commented Mustafa Mun. “And only as importantly, a app has been designed to be easy-to-use. That way, everybody can join a WayTaskers village and suffer a benefits!”

WayTaskers, a innovative new no-cost app that is an open internal marketplace for outsourcing tasks and anticipating solutions during a good price, is accessible now from Google Play during https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waytaskershl=en.

Additional app information, including screenshots and web login, is accessible at: http://www.waytaskers.com.

For all other information including media inquiries, hit Mark Johnson on interest of Mustafa Mun during +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

About Mustafa Mun

Based in Mumbai, India Mustafa Mun graduated from Brunel University, London in 2010 with specialization in eCommerce.

With knowledge of operative on a vast accumulation of growth projects and applications, Mustafa has now launched his possess applications, Waytaskers and HotRider, for mobile devices.

Mustafa has some-more skeleton and is operative on some new projects that will shortly be a Micro ERP plan that shall be launched during 2015.

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