New Study Reveals 32 Percent of Consumers Use Augmented Reality

ARtillry Intelligence, in partnership with Thrive Analytics, currently expelled a new Intelligence Briefing: Mobile AR Usage Consumer Attitudes. Working closely with Thrive Analytics’ Virtual Reality Monitor™ (N=2,198), ARtillry authored consult questions and a account news to inspect a findings.

Highlights embody a fact that roughly a third (32 percent) of consumers have used mobile protracted existence (AR) apps. More importantly, they’re regulating it often: some-more than half of respondents use mobile AR during slightest weekly. This is revelation denote of mobile AR’s potential, given that active use is a pivotal mobile app success factor.

Moreover, compensation levels are high. 73 percent of mobile AR users reported possibly high or really high compensation with mobile AR experiences. However non-users sing a opposite tune, saying high disinterest, confusion, and low luck of adopting. This biggest reason reported for non-use was “just not interested.”

“AR’s visually-immersive knowledge is a double-edged sword: It produces rarely abdominal and acceptable user responses… though we have to see it to trust it,” pronounced ARtillry Chief Analyst Mike Boland. “This creates a selling and logistical plea since a knowledge can’t be prisoner in images or video. AR apps that enclose amicable facilities can accelerate that marketplace preparation and adoption by viral expansion and network effect.”

The tip mobile AR app difficulty used currently is gaming, followed by social. These categories are driven by renouned AR apps and features, such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat’s AR lenses. Both categories will continue to lead mobile AR according to ARtillry Intelligence, driven by apps like Pokemon-Go builder Niantic’s stirring Harry Potter, Wizards Unite AR game.

Virtual Reality Monitor relates Thrive Analytics’ astuteness and verified practices in consult research. The AR consult in this this call (Wave II) enclosed a representation of 2,198 U.S. adults. Thrive and ARtillry will continue to investigate a AR VR marketplace opportunities by a lens of consumer sentiments.

“AR and VR are in a initial stages of adoption,” pronounced Jason Peaslee, Managing Partner of Thrive Analytics. “There are still many record challenges, though we consider AR VR have a ability to significantly change a approach people work, connect, and learn. We are vehement about a prospects and will continue to enlarge a services in this space.”

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