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NewNet Communication Technologies announced a successful hearing of a new secure remuneration ride and appropriation solution,Secure Transaction Cloud (STC), on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure with CloudHSM in Singapore. The hearing successfully tested exchange for sell payments, internet payments and mobile payments with Smart POS/mPOS/POS terminals, web remuneration clients, and POI devices.

NewNet´s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) provides acquirers, processors, and remuneration services providers with a scalable transaction ride and routing complement that enables quick transaction estimate of credit label authorization. The virtualized capabilities concede STC to support a far-reaching operation of remuneration forms including all forms of eCommerce and mCommerce payments together with internet/mobile POS/POI remuneration exchange with PCI customary agreeable confidence utilizing HSMs. STC serves a multi-billion dollar electronic payments market.

“The successful hearing of a Secure Transaction Cloud provides acquirers, processors, remuneration services providers and other remuneration ecosystem entities in Singapore to quietly devise emigration to a private or open cloud infrastructure,” pronounced Devarajan Puthupparambil, Head of NewNet’s Secure Transactions Division. “We are vehement to have a new cloud remuneration focus successfully tested in Singapore with Neubits, and demeanour brazen to some-more successes here and in other countries.”

“We are unapproachable to partner NewNet for a execution of a successful hearing of Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) in Singapore,” pronounced Albert Png, Managing Director of Neubits.

“NewNet’s new virtualized remuneration focus for a cloud – STC, will positively advantage a remuneration industry. We demeanour brazen to some-more partnership with NewNet in a future.”

Available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, NewNet’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) supports usages in public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure with modernized information security, point-to-point encryption, and tokenization.

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About NewNet Communication Technologies

NewNet Communication Technologies is a heading provider of innovative communication and remuneration solutions. NewNet’s tellurian patron bottom includes subsequent era mobile and bound line networks, secure transaction transport, enabling tellurian telecom operators, acquirers, processors, financial institutions and enterprises to fast rise and muster slicing corner income generating applications that broach feature-rich, value combined services. NewNet Secure Transactions (NST) BU offers secure Payment transaction routing, switching, ride solutions. NewNet’s remuneration systems powers over 25% of all tellurian remuneration label and digital transactions, worldwide. NST’s latest resolution of Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) offers virtualized secure remuneration applications for transaction ride in cloud with specific Virtual Network Functions for Security, Transaction protocols, P2PE, Tokenization, Host Interfaces, Load Balancing etc. for a far-reaching operation of remuneration forms including Internet payments, mobile payments, POS/mPOS formed exchange and accumulation of eCommerce, mCommerce payments with PCI agreeable HSMs. More information is accessible during

About Neubits

Neubits Pte Ltd is a heading ICT solutions provider charity a extensive operation of products, solutions and services in confidence and network infrastructure. Neubits serves a vast patron bottom in a marketplace sectors of craving (including banks and financial institutions), supervision and transport, and use providers. Keeping itself sideways of a latest technological advancement, Neubits is staid to yield a tellurian marketplace with a vital and inventive solutions and peculiarity services to support a digital mutation of a customers.

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